14 Amazing Blogs on All Things Social and Content

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We love to have you as readers! And we do try to provide you with a lot of helpful marketing advice, musings, and discussions. We firmly believe that you can learn a lot from our blog posts.

Still, from our experience, we would say: Reading one blog is not enough. While we are telling you what we know about marketing and what we have learned from our activities, you are you and your situation is probably different from ours. You will need more than one source of information to assess a broader variety of possibilities. You need to make your choice from all the options you have in the social media marketing field and be able to evaluate and choose your path to success.

Here are some of our favorite blogs we regularly read and which have given us great advice or food for thought. (The numbering does not imply any rating).

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1. Convince and Convert:

I guess it is not a secret that Jonathan and I love Jay Baer’s posts on Convince and Convert (We have cited many articles by Jay Baer in the past few months). There is a lot to learn from him, and his articles inspire a lot of thoughts. Definitely one of our favorite blogs for information on social media and content marketing.

2. {Grow}

Mark Schaefer focuses on B2B, providing his readers with a unique view and slightly “different” kind of content. {Grow} was one of the first places we found when we were looking for social media advice from the B2B angle – and we keep coming back for more.

3. Marketing Profs:

Marketing Profs provides you with a vast collection of information on all things marketing. We especially like their research around social media and content marketing, often as a joined work with content marketing institute.

4. Content Marketing Institute:

As a content marketer, I cannot compile a list of blogs any marketer should read without mentioning Content Marketing Institute. If you need advice on content generation, content distribution, optimization or marketing: Here is your place to turn to.

5. Buffer

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Buffer is a tool for scheduling social media updates. On their blog, they provide insight in how a young company like themselves built a huge presence and success with social media and content marketing. Highly recommended for young entrepreneurs.

6. Feldman Creative

Barry Feldman is on of the best storytellers I have come across so far. I love reading his posts: They are not only entertaining, but they also give great advice.

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7. Firepole Marketing

Firepole Marketing is one of our more recent discoveries. Danny Iny and his team share valuable insight on how they grew into a very successful business from scratch in a short time. Here you get especially valuable advice on how to turn your special expertise into very successful products.

8. Jeff Bullas

Our complete marketing success is started with one article by Jeff Bullas about how he grew his Twitter presence to 100.000 Followers. It is not the only valuable article on his blog. He keeps sharing great advice on how to be successful in the field of social media marketing – and where you might go wrong.

9. Philip Bloom:

If you want a special view on content marketing in the entertainment industry by someone using and living it, you might find Phillips Blog worth following. Philipp Bloom is one of Jonathan’s favorite blogs.

Here are some of our favorite blogs we regularly read and which have given us great advice on Social Media and Content Marketing10. Jon Loomer

I doubt if there is a better blog with more thoroughly researched content on all things related to Facebook marketing than Jon Loomer’s. IF you are going for Facebook marketing whether with or without paying for advertising: take a look at Jon Loomer’s blog.

11. Social Media Examiner

This is THE blog about social media marketing. They provide you with insight on tools, best practices, and tips. (Many of the well-known marketers write posts for social media examiner, it is worth it to take a closer look at their author’s blogs to discover new outlets).

12. Smart Passive Income

We discovered Pat of Smart Passive Income when we took a closer look at Affiliate marketing. Pat has turned this path into a huge success for himself and shares on his blog how he does it. If Affiliate is a thing you want to try: Take a look.

 13. Velocity

There are not only great social media marketing blogs located in the US. Velocity Partners is located in the UK. As Mark Schaefer of {grow} Velocity focuses on B2B taking you on “A joyride through the mean streets of B2B”

 14. WebInkNow

David Merman Scott writes about marketing and sales strategies with a little advertising and PR. In this mix of blogs, WebInkNow definitely fills a gap and adds a new flavor to the mix.

Final Words: 

We learned a lot from all of these blogs and even today when I know one or two things about social media and content marketing myself; these blogs still provide me with new information and food for thought.

Here is my advice to you: Keep Reading!

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