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Our Online Business Coaching sessions are prepared individually and specifically targeted to your needs. The goal is to deliver as much value as possible in as little time as possible.

We only take calls if we are absolutely sure we can help!

  • We tailor each call spefically to your questions and needs
  • We develop tactics and step-by-step advice to solve your current problem
  • Hundreds of bloggers and entrepreneurs have already taken our advice
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Susanna Gebauer

Susanna Gebauer Marketing Influencer

Jonathan Gebauer

Jonathan Gebauer Marketing Influencer

Why us?


We're Jonathan and Susanna - siblings, business partners, international marketing influencers. We show entrepreneurs like you how to scale their business with low-budget marketing. 

We got into this business by starting our own web business - and we learned marketing by doing it! And no, it wasn't easy for us either - but we got through it. And now it can be easy for you - because we'll show you exactly what you need to do to succeed!

Get in touch for a coaching call and learn the next step for your business - stop guessing and wasting time.  

Get in touch now, tell us what you need help with and if we can help you, we will make you an offer.

Examples of what we can do for you!

Blogger 1-to-1 Coaching 

Bloggers have chosen a hard way of life: Before reward, there comes growth. Growing your traffic, audience, and finally your bank account is a sequence of small steps, each requiring you to learn something new.  

We will make sure that you know which steps you need to take next.  

Small Businesses 1-to-1 Coaching 

Running a small business is a big task already - without doing that thing called “online marketing.” Do you really need that?  

The answer is: Yes. (If you are interested in growth for your business.) Your competitors are already doing it. 

We can help!

Unsure About Your Online Business Idea? 

Many people have a business idea in their head - it seems so easy, at the same time the risk seems so high.  

Let's discuss your business idea. We will draw comparisons to existing businesses, determine the next steps you should take, and give you an honest recommendations.  

So, if you are one of those people who continually turn an idea around in their head - we are here to help.

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