Why You Still Need a Blog in 2015 – The Traffic Generation Podcast (The Social Ms)

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The Traffic Generation Podcast


Today this is the second episode of our podcast – yes I know I am early on this one. I actually changed the plan and decided I will do this 2 – 3 times a week. You can still look forward to a set episode on sundays – with other episodes appearing during the week. I hope that is ok for you!

The main topic of today are the pros and cons of running or even starting a new blog in 2015. I also tell you a story about nearly starting a fight with Jay Baer and review the podcasting experience after doing the first show on Sunday.

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One brilliant article I mention is from Mark Schaefer’s blog: Why you don’t want to be Chris Brogan

It’s a highly recommended read – and make sure to also read the comments!

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