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Currently included in the Social Ms' Course Membership are six courses:

  • Social Media Growth Basics (39$)
  • The Twitter Marketing Course (59$)
  • The Content Marketing and Blogging Course (69$)
  • The Blog SEO Course (49$)
  • The Guest Blogging Course (19$)
  • Targeting a Social Media Audience Course (39$)
  • Email Marketing (69$)
  • Metrics, KPI and how to measure them (39$)

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Join the Social Ms' Course Membership for just 25$ per month!

Course: Social Media Growth Basics


You don't need to be the cool kid to build a social media audience. You don't need to be a celebrity. You don't need to be famous.

With this course, you will learn how everyone can build a social media audience, generate traffic for any website and in any niche.

This course will allow you to do all this - and more. Change your life by building a business you can be proud of.

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Social Media Growth Basics - Course Details

This course, Social Media Growth Basics, will give you step-by-step instructions that already worked for so many online entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Learn how to build a lasting social media audience of followers and fans that love what you are doing!

Generate massive targeted traffic to your blog posts, content, and products!

Generate the sales and revenues you needed!

This course includes the processes and tactics we used to grow our blog from 0 to 50k visitors per month - in just 6 months.

You get 4-week action plans for Twitter and Pinterest. You will see your audience grow after a couple of days and significant growth of your traffic after a couple of weeks.

The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for some reason the course is not what you need or were looking for, we will refund you in full.

If we cannot help you, we do not want your money!

Course: The Twitter Marketing Course


How can you use Twitter to grow your traffic, audience, influence and email list for free.

What if your blog attracted 10,000s new visitors every month? What if some of these visitors turned into new clients for your business? Bought some of your products? All without paying for advertising!

This can happen to you. Now. But you need to make it happen. In our Twitter Marketing Course, we teach you how to use Twitter for your blog and business!

Course Details - Twitter Marketing Course

We show you how to start your Twitter account and set it up to attract a targeted audience and start getting traffic to your blog.

We show you how to make your Twitter account valuable for your target audience and make people WANT to follow you.

We give you step-by-step advice you can follow for Twitter marketing success.

This is not just theory - we have used what you will learn to grow several blogs and businesses with targeted traffic from Twitter without paying for advertising.

We show you how to tweet, how to connect, and how to find and join conversations on Twitter.

We show you the tools you need to make your Twitter marketing more effective and efficient.

You will learn how to engage your Twitter audience and turn your followers into fans.

You get the proven process that multiple social media influencers and marketing experts have used to start and grow their social media fame.

The Content Marketing and Blogging Course


Stop Struggling. Add the missing elements to your content marketing!

We give you all elements of a consistent and targeted content marketing strategy.

Learn, why goals are crucial for content marketing success and find your path to success.

We help you save time and frustration and teach you how to create more and better content for your audience.

We help you to choose your distribution channels and give you a content distribution plan.

Learn to choose your metrics, learn to read the numbers, and optimize your activity.

The Blog SEO Course


If you want to go all-in and optimize your blog for more traffic from Google search there is more to learn.

We created a full BLOG SEO course for new bloggers like you. We put all our experience with on-page SEO, keyword research, link building, content creation, and so much more all into this course.

  • Learn to use your blog to drive traffic from Google search:
  • Learn about the most important Google Ranking Factors
  • Learn about on-page and off-page SEO
  • Get Link-building tactics that work

Get our proven process, best practices and step-by-step instructions!

Blog SEO is a lot easier than you thought if you know what you have to do.

Find this and more in the BLOG SEO Course!

Course: Guest Blogging


You're already working on your writing all the time. It's time to drive more traffic to your site with your blog posts!

This course will answer all your questions about guest blogging:

  • How do you find blogs you can publish on?
  • How do you find topics you can guest blog about?
  • How do you optimize your guest posts for SEO and referral traffic?
  • How do you contact other bloggers?
  • How can you use your guest posts to grow your leads and traffic?

Course Details - Guest Blogging Course

Guest blogging is the easiest and most effective traffic tactic available to bloggers and online entrepreneurs because you work with what you are already doing: You write!

We teach you how to land guest blogging opportunities even if you are a new blogger - and why you should.

You will learn how to find blogs from your niche that accept guest posts - and how to get in touch with bloggers.

You will learn how to research the perfect guest post topic - and how to create a perfect guest post that no blogger will decline to publish.

We teach you how to optimize your blog posts to get the best results from your guest blogging efforts.

Grow your audience, leads, reputation, and blog traffic through guest blogging!

What Others Are Saying About Our Work

“The Social Ms ... have shown us great possibilities of growing on Twitter and via online media. In addition, they actually respond to email reactions. Practicing what they preach gives them the credibility edge.”

- Guy Pardon, Co-Founder, Atomikos

"I can't tell you enough how FANTASTIC you both are. I'm so appreciative. I've already sent info to friends and family recommending they consult with you because I was so impressed with your tailored approach and your kindness and the completely actionable plan you gave me."

- Sabrina G., Founder

"Digital marketing has never been more important or more challenging. At The Social Ms, Susanna shows you that there are specific things you can do to get it right on Twitter. She brings a depth of experience to new light, with graceful instruction and uncompromising integrity."

- José I. Rodriguez, Communication Consultant, TedX Speaker