The Traffic Generation Podcast (by The Social Ms)


Ok, now we have a podcast…

Yesterday I decided that The Social Ms need a podcast, so today I started. The Traffic Generation podcast will be a weekly podcast about traffic generation as part of online marketing – it will be released every Sunday and I will highlight my experiences around this topic for this.

For this first release of the program I will talk about

I really hope you enjoy listening to our new program!


  • iResortApp

    Helpful but the music was very distracting – very hard to hear your voice when it kicked in! Good luck with it – I think this will be a great podcast (like that it’s short and to the point!).

    • TheSocialMarketers

      Yep, listening to it again I have to agree about the music. I definitely have to be more professional about this part next time.

      Thanks for the feedback – as long as people like the content I am going to continue this and will gradually improve the production quality 🙂

      Best, Jonathan

  • Tatjana Starc

    Hello, I was just listning your podcast and like it. I agree with you that traffic generation is the most important and the first thing you need when you started. I know as I just started my first blog and stragling to get more traffic. Looking forward to next week and your new podcast.
    Best with it in the future,

    • TheSocialMarketers

      Hi Tatjana,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Just a quick update: The plan changed slightly and instead of running 1 episode per week I am now doing 2 – 3 episodes per week. That means the second episode has already been published yesterday and the 3rd one will probably be published tomorrow.

      The format will stay the same though (10 minutes per episode) – you can hear more about my reasons for this move in the second episode and read about it in todays article.

      The second episode can be found here:

      Thanks again for the note!