13 Twitter Automation Tools That Save You A Ton Of Time Without Sounding Like A Robot

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Social media marketing often costs a ton of time. To keep your Twitter account active, open, and responsive means that you invest a minimum of effort on a daily basis. And still, you can be successful on Twitter while you focus on your main job that most of the time is something totally different from running a Twitter account: You just need the right Twitter automation tools.

There is a ton of different Twitter automation software to help you keep your social media marketing on track – but you nThere are a ton of Twitter automation tools to help you keep your Twitter marketing on track. These 9 tools will help you save a ton of time. twitter marketing automation, twitter marketing tips, traffic from twittereed to understand what you want your accounts to do and how they look when you automate at least some of your tasks.

Social Media marketing automation can be very helpful – or rather it can be the key to success. Especially on Twitter, where it is most important to keep up consistent activity automation is almost inevitable.

Here are 13 Twitter automation tools to help you master all your Twitter tasks and free up your time for other things to do. We always recommend tweeting more and engaging more on your Twitter account and these Twitter automation tools help you get it done.

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(Some of the links in this list are affiliate links. That means we may earn a small commission if you click the link and decide to purchase a tool. This comes at no expense for you.)

1. Circleboom – Schedule various types of tweets

New types of tweets obviously ask for new scheduling tools. Twitter threads are one of the best types of tweets to grow your Twitter audience and engagement but many of the established Twitter management and scheduling tools still cannot schedule Twitter threads.

Even Twitter’s own scheduling feature cannot schedule Twitter threads.

Circleboom Publishing is my answer to the question of how to schedule a Twitter thread.

Scheduling a Twitter thread with Circleboom looks and feels a lot like creating a Twitter thread directly on Twitter. But it also gives you the opportunity to add even more tweets to your Twitter thread than Twitter allows you!

Apart from scheduling Twitter threads, you can also schedule other tweets like link tweets or tweets with images.

Circleboom also gives you the option to set up a queue of tweets that it will send to Twitter in set intervals. This way, you don’t have to worry about intervals or the times when your tweets should go out, you just add new tweets to your queue and Circleboom makes sure your tweet goes out.

Circleboom publishing is not limited to Twitter – you can also use it for other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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In addition to Circleboom Publishing, Circleboom also offers a special tool for Twitter. This can provide you with analytics like follower growth, follower characteristics, and what I like most: They provide you with an analysis of when is the best time to tweet to reach the most people from your audience.

2. Buffer – Twitter Post Scheduler

Buffer was one of the first Twitter tools I ever used – however: today, Twitter’s scheduling feature can do most of what I used Buffer for.

Buffer is a Twitter post scheduler with a very useful free account to schedule tweets. As simple as that sounds, so important this is.

To be successful on Twitter you need to tweet and be active all day long. But who can sit in front of the computer and concentrate on Twitter activity all day long? Often you only have a couple of minutes a day to handle all your social media tasks. Since you don’t want your Twitter account to be only active for a couple of minutes and otherwise be silenced, scheduling tweets is a must.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-13 um 17.34.17

Image Source: Buffer

And Buffer is the number one solution for scheduling new tweets every day. Simply put your tweets into Buffer instead of putting them directly on Twitter. Set your schedule and Buffer will send your tweets at your set times. For up to 10 tweets at a time Buffer is a great free Twitter automation software to get you started.

Extra Tip: Always make sure that your tweet includes an image. Tweets without images get far less attention on Twitter. While on Twitter you have to explicitly upload an image – Buffer can pull an image from the content you link in your tweet. This way tweeting links with an image is much easier if you tweet via Buffer than directly on Twitter.

Apart from scheduling, Buffer also offers some great analytics that will provide you with insights into which of your posts get engagement or traffic. Since Buffer offers the analytics part in a separate product, it is worth checking the 14-day trial for Buffer analytics if you are using the scheduling part.

3. SocialOomph – Twitter Post Automation

SocialOomph is another Twitter post scheduler that takes scheduling to the next level. You can set up a queue of tweets and an interval at which you want tweets to go out on your Twitter account. Now SocialOomph can use up the complete list of tweets – and then start again at the beginning of the list.

This type of recurring queue of tweets is extremely useful for bloggers and content marketers who have a huge reservoir of evergreen and relevant content which they can use in tweets for the queues.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-13 um 17.39.31

Image Source: SocialOomph

Warning: To comply with Twitter rules, you have to make sure that you are not repeating updates more often than every 48hours. That means you either need a considerable amount of different tweets or you should consider adding some other content to your Twitter account in between. Recurring queues of tweets are still great if you want to make sure to get the maximum results for your evergreen content by keeping these posts active on Twitter. If you do not have enough evergreen content to keep your Twitter account active with these alone, you can easily combine a recurring queue on SocialOomph with freshly scheduled tweets on Buffer.

Extra Tip: You can make more tweets out of your content if you create more than one tweet per post. Make sure that each tweet has a unique tweet text and use different images for each of the tweets. By creating more than one tweet per post you can easily multiply the number of tweets you have for your evergreen content and that you can use in your recurring queue with SocialOomph.

Recurring queues allow you to tweet on autopilot and focus your work time on more important tasks.

4. Tweepi – Follower Management Tool

Tweepi is a tool that allows you to find targeted people on Twitter you want to follow much easier and even makes the unfollowing process a lot easier.

If you have been active on Twitter for a while, you have probably followed a couple of accounts. After a while quite a few of these accounts that you follow have probably become inactive, some turned to spam. You want to unfollow these. Tweepi allows you to easily find inactive people and allows you to easily unfollow them directly from the Tweepi interface.

Tweepi Dashboard

There used to be a couple of tools that allowed you to find and follow people to help you grow your Twitter account. Twitter closed their API for most of these tools because too much spammy behavior was going on with the help of these tools.

Tweepi is one of the few Twitter automation tools that can still help you to find and follow targeted Twitter accounts from your niche. Tweepi lets you choose a couple of hashtags and Twitter accounts from competitors or experts from your niche to identify interested tweeps. You can now either put these tweeps on a Twitter list and follow them on Twitter or visit Twitter from the Tweepi interface and follow the tweeps there.

Extra Tip: There is more to the follow-unfollow-routine than blindly following thousands of Twitter accounts. There are rules you need to follow. And no, this is not considered spam if you do it right. And you would not be the first to start growing on Twitter with this method – a ton of social media influencers have successfully used this method before you.

Tweepi is the only tool that we know of right now that still allows you to somewhat automate the follow-unfollow routine on Twitter.marketing often costs a ton of time. To keep your Twitter account active, open and responsive means that you invest a minimum of effort on a daily basis. You need the right Twitter automation tools to optimize your Twitter activity and see major Twitter marketing success. #twitter #twittermarketing #twittertips #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips

Tweepi uses a trick to avoid Twitter API automation that other follow-unfollow tools struggled with: They do not follow any Twitter accounts. They give you suggestions for people to follow and if you decide to follow an account Tweepi opens the account on Twitter and you can follow the account directly on Twittter.

Tweepi is free to use for small Twitter accounts. Only when you already have a huge following, Tweepi gets fairly expensive.

For small Twitter accounts Tweepi’s free account should be sufficient.

5. AgoraPulse – Social Media Management Tool

If you are looking for a tool with more flexible scheduling options for Twitter than SocialOomph, AgoraPulse should be on your radar.

  • You can schedule a post for a fixed date and time.
  • You can “schedule again” the same post multiple times.
  • You can set up queues of posts that will go out once, multiple times, or forever.
  • You can create different categories of queues for your different posting needs.
  • You can also schedule content on the go via the mobile app.

AgoraPulse Social Media Management

I admit that I have never tried AgoraPulse for scheduling. We have always used our recurring queues via SocialOomph – and every time I have tried another tool for scheduling evergreen content, I was disappointed or the tool could not do what I was promised or the features had changed for the worse due to Twitter API changes.

If I needed to move our Twitter scheduling away from SocialOomph for any reason, AgoraPulse would be the first tool I would try.

6. Social Juke Box

Formerly known as Tweet Juke Box, Social Juke Box is another scheduling tool that you can use for Twitter. Instead of storing tweets in queues, you can store them in Juke Boxes. You can set a schedule or intervals at which you want the tool to post updates out of your Juke Box. Once the Juke Box has posted all updates it starts all over again. That is very similar to recurring queues on SocialOomph.

Social Juke Box

You can create a number of different Juke Boxes and post to one account from various Juke Boxes.

Here are 9 tools to help you master all your Twitter tasks and free up your time for other things to do. For more traffic, you need to tweet more and engage more on your Twitter account. These tools help you get it done. #twitter #socialmediaautomation #twittertools #socialmediatools #marketingautomation #automationtools

In addition to your own Juke Boxes, you can also get access to additional pre-filled Juke Boxes for various topics and types of posts. For instance, you can choose a Juke Box filled with quotes from your niche and mix your tweets that link to your blog posts with quotes to increase engagement.

7. Personal Auto DM – Automated Messaging

Let me guess: You either thought that automated direct messages on Twitter are spam or that they are dead.

Neither is true.

Sure there were a ton of spammy direct messages in the past – they still are. And many tools had to shut down their automatic direct message features. But there is at least one tool around that can still send automated direct messages to your new followers on Twitter.

This tool is called Personal Auto Dm.

Personal Auto DM Messaging Tool

The tool works directly with Twitter’s API and sends a personalized predefined message to all your new followers. It allows you to send up to 250 messages per day which is more than enough for the average Twitter user.

Personal Auto DM delays the direct message up to 30 minutes after someone followed you so that the message does not look instant. The tool will make sure that every Twitter account just gets ONE message.

Pricing for Personal Auto DM starts at 3.99$

8. Commun.it

Since Twitter no longer provides just a chronological feed but also gives its users top tweets and recommendations based on topics.

Commun.it Twitter Engagement

Since it gets more and more important to increase engagement on Twitter due to the changes to the Twitter feed, Commun.it may be worth taking a look.


Commun.it provides you with ideas on which tweets you could engage with, which content inspires engagement and which people are actively engaging on Twitter. That is a good start to increasing your engagement!

9. Dlvr.it – Content Curation

I already wrote about the importance of tweeting a lot and scheduling these tweets. To satisfy your need for content on Twitter while you do not have an endless reservoir of your own content, content curation is the answer.

Finding great content to share can be a lot more efficient and less time-consuming if you use the right tool. Dlvr.it is one of these tools that you can easily use to automatically tweet content for you.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-27 um 15.21.59

If you have some sources you trust, you can connect the RSS feed of that source and use Dlvr.it to automatically create a tweet when the source publishes new content. You can either directly tweet the update or send it to your Buffer and fill your schedule there.

10. Quuu – Content Curation

Another tool to help you be more efficient with your content curation is Quuu. It will help you find content based on keywords and topics. Quuu will do the job that is normally yours of reviewing the content if it is really good enough to share via your social media accounts. Similar to Dlvr.it you can have the content sent to your Buffer to fill up your Tweet schedule.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-27 um 15.06.22

11. Twitter Lists

Twitter lists may not be the most “automated” feature or tool on Twitter. But they can be extremely useful.Here are 9 tools to help you master all your Twitter tasks and free up your time and help you to drive more traffic to your blog. #twitter #twittertips #twittermarketing #twitterautomation #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #marketingautomation #socialmediaautomation

You can sort your followers into lists – small business, customers, competitors, influencers – whatever makes sense.

Now you can treat them according to their meaning to you. Monitor what the people talk about on Twitter, see what kind of content they publish, answer relevant tweets, like tweets, engage and connect.

12. TweetDeck – Twitter Client

As with Twitter lists, you could dispute me whether the Twitter client TweetDeck is an automation tool. But a lot of tasks of Twitter marketing like searching for relevant conversations, following your lists and monitoring keywords can be a nuisance.

With TweetDeck, these tasks can become fairly easy and much more efficient. Simply set up a column for each Twitter list you want to follow (it does not even have to be your own Twitter list) or keywordsyou want to monitor.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-13 um 19.06.04

Now you can have a quick overview of relevant tweets and join in whatever conversation from your niche and engage with the right people.

This way TweetDeck can also be used as a tool for content discovery and make your content curation a lot easier.

13. IFTTT – multiple Twitter automation tools in one tool

If you want other automation on Twitter, IFTTT (=If This Than That) may be the answer. You can set up almost any kind of rule for automation with IFTTT. Just keep in mind that you should not automate everything just because you can.

IFTTT allows you to set up various rules if you combine it with other Twitter automation tools.

If you need some ideas about what you can do with IFTTT on Twitter check out the Twitter applets on IFTTT.

IFTTT for Twitter

To give you an idea of how powerful IFTTT for Twitter can be, here are some ideas on how to use it:

  • Add everybody who mentions you on Twitter to a Twitter list
  • Get a notification when someone tweets
  • Tweet an update at the beginning of a month
  • Send a tweet with your newest blog post once you publish itTwitter Automation is key to getting a lot of traffic from Twitter - but you have to do it right. You can't send out promotional messages all the time. Here are 9 Twitter automation tools that save you time without letting you sound like a robot! #TwitterAutomation #TwitterTools

There is a lot more you can do with IFTTT – browse around these recipes or set up your own.

IFTTT can be used to perform Twitter automations like of Twitter retweet automation.

Note: IFTTT can automate almost anything – but social media is still about being social. Some automation is rather dangerous and can turn your accounts into robots. This could hurt your marketing results. So, whatever you do monitor your results. And never forget to add a human touch to your social activities.

Final words on Twitter automation tools

I admit I am a fan of Twitter marketing automation. Without automation and the help of Twitter automation tools, we could never have the Twitter marketing success that we have. But I strongly recommend, that you learn Twitter first and only automate what you understand how it should work – and not automate just because you can. Your results will be much better.

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There are a ton of Twitter automation tools to help you keep your Twitter marketing on track. These 9 tools will help you save a ton of time. twitter marketing automation, twitter marketing tips, traffic from twitter

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