All It takes Are 90 Min: Know What To Do Next in Marketing…

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Just yesterday I had a short Skype call with a friend running a startup. We talked about her current marketing situation, current problems, identified her goals and decided on the next steps she should take. She already had a clear view what she should do but needed some expertise to get it right.

She had a lot of questions – I had the answers.

All she needed to proceed was roughly 60 minutes of my time.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the same benefit?

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I have been in the same situation a few years back. Our marketing was stuck, and we badly needed some expert advice. Knowing the right person to ask could have saved us a lot of time and money – and maybe even prevented our startup failure.

Back the we did not have a marketing expert on quick dial – so we had to take the long route and learn it all ourselves. That wasn’t ideal and we believe no one should have to do that. The answers to your marketing questions are already out there. There are experts (like ourselves) that can easily solve your problems and provide you with the knowledge you need. You just have to have the opportunity to ask your specific questions to the right expert.

We Know How To Get Your Marketing Back On Track

Over the last two days, we talked about how online marketing consulting is broken, you can read the past 2 articles here and here.

As a quick overview over what we talked about in these 2 articles, let me tell you this: Online marketing consulting is broken because it is far too often organized in projects of far a too large scope. Modern online marketing is a series of small steps, of testing assumptions, collecting data and deciding for a next step based on that data. A marketing consulting project that tries to make a plan for more than a couple of days or weeks at a time isn’t going to work in reality.

You do not need a full-blown marketing consulting project – and many young, small or freelancing businesses couldn’t afford that anyway. You also should not need to spend a lot of time to search for all the expertise you need and pile up endless theoretical knowledge on marketing.

The solution is short marketing sessions with high intensity with a marketing expert. And that is exactly what we are want to give you!

Your Marketing Expert for Hire

We already hinted that we are working on a solution – a better way to get expert marketing knowledge to you at exactly the time when you need it.

Tomorrow we are going to offer you this.

Here is the basic concept:

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Starting tomorrow, we are going to offer 90-minute consulting calls (using either Skype or a video conferencing service). You will be able to book us directly from our website and we guarantee that you will get your appointment within 7 days. These sessions will be laser focused on getting you the knowledge and ideas on how to proceed.

Why 90 minutes? Because that is all it takes to:Get expert marketing knowledge at exactly the time when you need it: Your marketing expert for hire - all it takes are 90 minutes.

  • assess your situation
  • identify goals and metrics
  • decide on next steps

We will make follow-up calls available at a reduced rate.

You do not have to hire us for days or weeks or buy a retainer but can book our expertise exactly when you need us: For instance when you are stuck and do not know how to proceed. Or when your marketing process is not working as well as you would want it to and need an expert to help you identify the best ways to optimize and scale.

We have seen in the past that in many consulting projects the most valuable time for the client is the first one or two hours. In this fairly short time, the worst pitfalls are identified, and pressing questions answered.

We are not talking about setting up a full-blown marketing strategy in 90 minutes. That would be nonsense. We are talking about the daily obstacles or drawbacks that keep you from reaching your goals. We strongly believe that you need to build some marketing expertise within your company. But we can help you learn faster and avoid the backlashes. We can help you grow, scale and move forward.

When are the 90-consulting sessions right for you?

Our 90-minute consulting calls are right for you whenever you want to consult marketing experts to determine the next steps in your marketing journey or is you have some specific questions you want to ask the experts.

Are you wondering what kind of questions we can answer and what type of help we can provide in 90 minutes? Here are some examples of 60 – 90-minute consulting calls we did in the past:

  • Analyze a Twitter account and point out why the account with several thousand followers does not get any engagement, traffic or leads. Show how the account can provide value to the target audience and generate traffic and leads.
  • Optimizing an event marketing strategy: Identify monitoring and data collection as the missing link in the marketing process. Pointing out different methods how to monitor the various channels that sell the most event tickets and how to use that data for optimization of the marketing process.
  • Identify quick wins for lead generation based on the current situation in social media
  • Identify opportunities to get more traffic to a business blog
  • Explain first steps and best practices for guest blogging to push a young business
  • Set up a basic sales funnel starting with lead generation, explain the importance of lead nurturing and how to build up anticipation before a product launch. Give hints to great apps and tools to help set up the process.
  • Give first insights into social media to a total newbie and help choose the best social networks to start branding and generating traffic based on the content situation and the niche of the business
  • Help to set up different landing pages to test user preferences for product characteristics. Help to set up a process that allows statistical assumptions on user preferences

Identify your next steps in your marketing journey, all it takes are 90 minutes

Launching tomorrow: Our offer to get your marketing back on track, together.

Starting tomorrow, we are going to offer 90-minute consulting calls, which you can book online. Here is what we offer:

  • 90-minute consulting session with both of us.
  • Easy to book, guaranteed to take place within 7 days of booking – or you get your money back
  • Strict focus of the call: Situation assessment, goals and metrics, next steps.
  • Follow up calls available at a reduced price

This way we give the most valuable part of a consulting project, condensed into a 90-minute Skype or video conference meeting.

Are you ready to kickstart your marketing in 90 minutes?

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