7 Reasons Why A Focused And Narrow Target Audience Is Great For A Blog

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Recently the question came up if a narrow target audience or small niche would be at all good for a blog. And while the question is totally legitimate there is not much reason not to go for a blog for a narrow niche – as long as you have enough ideas for topics to cover on the blog, products to offer and the target audience is still large enough to provide you with enough potential customers.A large audience is not always your best bet. When it comes to blogging a focused and narrow target audience could be a good thing. Here are the advantages of a narrow blog audience. #bloggingtips #blogaudience #bloggingsuccess #targetaudience #targetgroup

To be honest, the more prominent problem for a blogger often is when the niche is not narrow enough. And here are some very good reasons why a narrow target audience might even be an awesome idea for a blog.

1. It is easy to target

A clearly defined niche can be much easier to target than a broader niche – even if it may be very narrow. The better defined your target group the easier it is to target.

There are various ways to target your audience:

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  • The content
  • Networking
  • Audience building

In a smaller niche usually, the „borders“ of your niche are much clearer defined. In a broad niche, the boundaries of the niche often get a lot more blurred. That makes targeting harder.

If your target audience is clearly defined, you will have a much easier way, to direct all your blogging, networking and social media activity straight at your target group.

Even though your overall reachable audience may not be the largest one, in most cases, a smaller but highly targeted audience will give you better results!

2. The traffic from a narrow target audience is high quality

here are some very good reasons why a narrow target audience might even be an awesome idea for a blog. #blogaudience #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #startablogNot every blog needs the big numbers. If you manage to get highly targeted traffic, the quality of this traffic will be so much better than if targeting is difficult and your audience is broader. In a highly targeted audience, the visitors to your blog will be so much more interested in what you have to offer. Even IF you get less traffic than a blog for a broader niche, that does not necessarily mean that you cannot make even more money from it – because your audience is more responsive and more willing to buy.

The success of a blog should not be measured in the absolute amount of visitors to the blog. Rather, the success of a blog depends on how well you can target and how well the content and the audience match up.

3. Matching content and audience can be easier

The topics covered on a blog should be written for the audience of the blog. A narrow niche often gives you a clearer idea of the interests of your audience. And that makes it a lot easier to choose topics to cover on your blog than for a blog where the target audience is broad or not so clearly defined. Providing very well targeted content can help with traffic, engagement – and eventually will help you make more sales.

A narrow niche also usually means that your audience is homogenous – which also makes writing directly for this audience a lot easier than creating content for diverse audiences.

4.  A narrow target audience is often highly responsive

A narrow niche and content that is targeted directly at that niche often mean that the people in that niche speak the same language. Plus, if you directly cover topics that are of high interest to your niche, the response rate often is comparably high. Everybody from your audience is interested in your topics, and everybody speaks the same language: That is the best prerequisite for engagement – and an engaged audience is often much more willing to buy whatever you have to offer.

5. It is easier to create high-quality content

If your niche is narrow, it is much easier for you to become an expert or rather a specialist for exactly that narrow niche. You can read a lot, learn what you can in exactly this niche. While a broad niche often requires you to be an „expert“ in so many different aspects that you simply cannot learn all and instead of being a specialist you turn out into a generalist. You cannot be an expert on each and every topic out there. But being an expert and running an expert blog will tremendously help with turning your blog into the goto place for information in your niche.

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If your niche is narrow and clearly defined you have a realistic chance of becoming an expert in your field.

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6. Building targeted products and monetizing the blog can be easier

In a broad niche, it is often not so easy to figure out what would be a good product to offer to your audience: A product that a large percentage of your target audience would love to have. In a narrow niche, you can simply ask your audience, or learn for yourself what is missing and provide very targeted products and solutions. Your chances will be high that the needs of your audience are homogenous and a high percentage of your audience needs your product.Sometimes a small and narrow target audience can be good for bloggers. #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #startablog #blogaudience #blogtopic

Having a very targeted niche also means that it is often easier to nail down the benefits of your product for exactly this audience. That makes it easier to catch attention and convince your audience with the right arguments.

7. Monetization value can be higher

If you found a niche and a product that is missing in that niche, the prize people from your target audience are willing to pay for a solution can be fairly high. That also means that in a narrow but targeted niche the prize you can ask for a targeted product can be comparably high. Add this to the fact that putting the benefits of your product for a narrow niche into words can be a lot easier than for a broad niche – and you sit on a treasure of value for monetizing your blog.

Final words on a narrow target audience

There are two approaches that can result in winning big time as a blogger: go broad, go big and monetize by sheer numbers. Or go narrow, target very well and win with on the spot content, on the spot products and a small but engaged, targeted audience that is willing to pay good money for highly targeted products.

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Choosing a niche for a blog is crucial. Here are some very good reasons why a narrow target audience might be an awesome idea for a blog.

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