13 Creative Ideas To Repurpose Your Great Content For More Marketing Success

Creating enough content is one of the biggest challenge content marketers and bloggers face. And sometimes it feels that a post is already old right after we published it. A solution to this dilemma could be to repurpose content that you already have and turn it into new content.

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1. Turn A List Post Into A List Of Posts

Have you ever written a list of small tips on one topic that has responded well with your audience? Why not turn it into a series of posts covering one aspect on your original list at a time but in more depth? This way you will have a long list of post ideas and you can build anticipation in your posts for the next post in the list.

2. String A Couple Of Posts Together for An Ultimate Guide

We often write a couple of posts on related topics. Together they paint a thorough picture on one topic. Often we simply link from the newest post to older related ones. But you can take this one step further and take the related posts and combine them into an ultimate guide covering all aspects of one topic.

3. Turn A couple Of Posts Into a WhitePaper, eBook – Or A FreebieBildschirmfoto 2017-05-03 um 12.54.09

You can do something similar as above with related posts and create content like a whitepaper. ProBlogger did that when he published a series of blogging tips called „31 Days To Building A Better Blog.“ The post series got so much attention and positive feedback that he turned it into a book that sells on Amazon.

4. Turn Information from A Couple Of Posts Into A Freebie

Just yesterday we had a discussion what would make a good freebie to give away in exchange for an email signup. Why not turn information from one or a couple of your best blog posts into a pdf that your new signups can download in exchange for their email address. Of course, the more information you offer in your freebie the better will be your conversion rate – most of the time. But a post or a list of posts turned into a pdf may just be a good start.

5. Read Your Blog Post Aloud And Turn It Into A Podcast

Have you ever dreamed about having your own podcast? Why not start with simply turning some of your best blog posts into a podcast. What you need is a simple setup for recording the podcast. Maybe you want to tweak the text a little to make it better for spoken words. And you are ready to go.

6. Create A SlideDeck for SlideShare

Turning a simple blog post into a SlideShare can easily boost new life in your old blog post. You should embed the Slideshare presentation into your post and link to the post from within the presentation and from SlideShare. The SlideShare will add visuals to your post which will, in turn, make it easier to consume. But SlideShare also comes with its own audience – and done right you can access this audience and use it to drive more traffic to your original post.

Ana Hofman from Traffic Generation Cafe did this and you should check out her post on how she achieved over 200k views and over 1400 clicks back to her blog Traffic Generation Cafe.

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Basically, every list post is a great starting point to create your own SlideShare.

7. Create An Infographics out Of Your Post

Of course, you can also turn a list post or a post that includes some data into an Infographic – there are several tools out there that will help you create your own awesome Infographic.

If you already created your SlideShare presentation, creating an Infographic may even get easier by simply stringing the slides together.


8. Turn One Or Several Blog Posts into A Webinar

You have a post that your audience loves? They are craving for more information on a certain topic? Why not offer a Webinar on that topic. A list of tips or even a SlideShare you already created may be a great starting point.Repurposing content is a great way to be more efficient. Here are 13 ideas to repurpose content to create new content or bring new life to old content. learn how you can use your existing content to easily create new marketing content. #bloggingtips #contentmarketing #blogcontent #contentcreation

Slides for a Webinar don’t have to have the best design, they simply have to offer information that your audience wants to have.

9. Turn Your Webinar Into A Video Tutorial

You already had a Webinar – it was a ton of work and now the slides sit there, unused and rotting? Why not turn your Webinar into a video tutorial? Hopefully, you made a recording of your webinar – but you can also record the video afterward, using the slides and recording your voice.

10. Turn Interviews Into An Expert Advice Handbook

I have already written about how great interviews are as content on your blog. If you conduct a couple of expert interviews on one topic, you can then turn the interview series into an Expert advice handbook.

When we were still running the publishing platform exploreB2B, we ran a series of expert interviews on SEO, content marketing, and social business. We then turned these interviews into a whitepaper „The expert’s guide to Online Marketing.“ Unfortunately, the whitepaper went down when we closed exploreB2B.

11. Turn A Quora Q&A into a BlogPost

A Quora question and the answers to it can make for an awesome blog post. Be creative about it!

If you need an example, Jonathan has done it with a question on Quora that kind of turned viral.

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12. Turn Statistics into Twitter Posts – Or Pins

Have you ever used statistics or data in your posts? Thes make for awesome visual continfographics-more-sharesent that you can use on Twitter – or Pinterest. Simply create an image, for instance with Canva. You can then set up Click-To-Tweets with the statistic that include the image.


13. Syndicate Your Content To Quora, LinkedIn, Medium or Other Sites

You have a post that runs really well with your audience? Have you thought about republishing to a new outlet and a new audience? There are several outlets that let you syndicate your content. This way your content has a new chance for publicity and fame.

Simply write a new introduction – and link back to the original post with something like „an earlier version of this post appeared on my blog LINK“.Repurposing content is a great way to be more efficient. Here are 13 ideas to repurpose content to create new content or bring new life to old content.

Final Words

The above ideas to repurpose content are just that: ideas. You should ever regard a topic as finished, just because you published a post on it. There are so many ways that this post can be re-used or the knowledge repurposed. You should also re-share evergreen content on social media – and consider updating older posts with new information.

Repurposing content is a great way to be more efficient with content creation, to find new content ideas and bring new life to older content.