7 Ideas To Promote Content You May Not Have Thought Of

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We all know by now that the real success in content marketing comes when you actively spread the word about your content.You know that your online success depends on your ability to promote your content. Here are 7 ideas to give a special piece of content an extra boost. #contentpromotion #contentmarketing #blogpromotion #onlinesuccess

Some pieces of content need some extra attention and effort to spread the word. Most of us routinely share every piece of content in our social channels. If we have an email list, we may send out information about our new piece of content to our subscribers via an email newsletter. And there may be some groups or forums where we are active in and who are interested in our new piece of content.

But sometimes that is not enough. Some pieces of content like whitepapers, infographics, ebooks or research papers we may want to go the extra mile. We want to have some additional attention, which we do not use for every single piece of content. Here are some ideas to get a little extra visitors and readers to our particular content.

Here are 7 ideas to give a special piece of content an extra boost:

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1. Include Links in your Social Profiles

If you want to promote a particular piece of content, you can include it in your Social Profile. For instance, you could link to it in your Twitter bio: ”Download my new ebook for free: LINK”.

Many people take a look at your social profiles when they first find you in a social network and are looking for more information. These people will get to see your promoted piece of content in a very unobtrusive way.

Also include some links to exclusive content in your LinkedIn Profile. Obviously, this is not for every blog post you write, but a Whitepaper, ebook or research is a good way to build trust and show some pieces of your work directly on your LinkedIn profile.

On Facebook and Google+ there is an extra section “websites” where you can include links to your most relevant content.

2. Pin the most important posts in your Social Feeds

On Twitter and Facebook, you can pin a post to the top of your feed. You can use this to get some extra attention to your most important pieces of content. Especially if many people visit your profile page, this is a good way to give some extra boost to a special piece of content. If your content is exceptionally helpful, a pinned post will usually also attract some additional shares and favorites/likes.

3. Use your Email Signature

Especially if you are corresponding a lot via Email, this is a good way to promote a piece of content. Make it a special gem of content to help you build your reputation with your email contacts and include it in your email signature. This is a very un-spammy way of promoting content.

4. Promote content in answers to questions

If your content is helpful and useful and hopefully gives some answers to questions, you can search for matching questions and post a reply containing a link to your content. Do not only post the link and state the answer would be given in the piece of content you are promoting. This way many people would consider your response spammy. Instead, give a thorough answer and only link to your content as a source for more information. Be helpful in your complete answer and not only promoting.

Questions can be found in groups, forums, Quora, Reddit or even within Twitter conversations.

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5. Blogger Roundup, Newsletters

Many bloggers post regular collections of their favorite pieces of content from their niche. If you have a special piece of content you want to promote, it may make sense to research the best-fitting bloggers and contact them with an explanation why you think your piece of content would be a great addition to their roundup.

Also, some industry newsletters regularly send out a collection of relevant information. Some of them are always on the lookout for great additions to the content they share with their audience.

I admit I would use this very carefully and only outstanding pieces of content. We get a ton of emails requesting us to mention a post, tool, service, or tweeting about a campaign, a post, an idea… And most of them are not a good fit for us and our audience. When it is not a fit, you are rather burning your chances than achieving anything. And let us be honest researching and contacting bloggers with content is a rather time-consuming task.

However, I have had a lot of success with promoting a white paper and getting it included in several newsletters about matching topics. And it was absolutely worth the effort, giving us a lot of downloads from another audience we would otherwise not have reached.

If you want someone else to help you spread the word, your chances of success are better if you are spreading other peoples’ content, i.e. writing a roundup and include some pieces of content from other bloggers you want to connect to and who would be a good fit for sharing your content.

For blogging and content marketing success you have to promote your content.Here are 7 ideas to give a special piece of content an extra boost. #contentpromotion #blogpromotion #bloggingtips #contentmarketing #blogging101 #bloggingforbeginnersWhenever you try to get other people to promote your content, keep in mind that they do not really have a reason to do your work. Your content better is really, really good to give a good reason for someone else to help you promote it.

6. Promote new content with your old content

All bloggers have some posts that are best sellers. They produce a ton of traffic for ages and never seem to grow cold. These articles are great places to promote your newly created great piece of content.

Most bloggers do promote old content within new articles simply by linking to already existing articles covering similar or related topics.

But using your old, evergreen and best-running pieces to give your new content an extra boost is something not everybody seems to think of. Simply research which of your articles still get the most traffic. Choose the ones that are related to your new piece you want to push. Include a small explanation, why the audience of the old piece should visit your new piece and a link to your new content.

7. Build relationships

To be honest, the best way to give your particular piece of content an extra push is probably to have some great relationships with other people who are active in Social Media and who are willing to help you spread the word. While these friends and business relations may not be ready to share all your blog posts all the time, they may well be happy to help you out in a special situation. I am more than willing to send out some tweets if a friend is launching a product I like or if a business partner asks me for help. (Now, do not bombard me with requests to share your stuff – I am talking about building relationships here).

There are multiple ways to share and promote content. Most of them are well known and used by everyone who is actively using online marketing and social media to spread the word about content. Some of them cost a ton of money.

This article is meant to share some of the less known methods which may seem small but often produce excellent results. Not all of them can be used for just any blog post. Some are rather for special pieces of content. Still, you can never have enough ideas for how to get more attention to content and make it really spread.

When we started our blog, we had no money. We could never afford to pay for growing our blog. We needed a process that worked fast and mainly cost us the time to work on it and some tools to make it easier for us. It worked. And it saved our new business.

If you are struggling to promote your content, our step-by-step advice is exactly what you need to see results fast! Do you want to promote your content with social media? Grow traffic and leads? Check out our ebook “The Social Traffic Code!

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There are multiple ways of to share and promote content. Some of them are well known and some are hidden gems that help you go the extra mile. content marketing tips, blogging tips, content distribution

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