Tailwind For Pinterest: More Than Just Scheduling

Tailwind is the most commonly used scheduling tool for Pinterest. While Tailwind as a scheduling app is widely known the analytics part of Tailwind seems to get a little less attention.

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Time for us to take a closer look at Tailwind and its features for Pinterest.

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If you are looking for a tool to help you make your pinning routine more efficient, save you time and allow you to be active on Pinterest when you are busy with other stuff – or on holiday – Tailwind is the one tool that most pinners will recommend to you.

If you want to decide if Tailwind is worth the money, you should also consider the other features of Tailwind which are:

  • Scheduling
  • Looping
  • Profile Performance
  • Board Insights
  • Pin Inspector
  • Tribes

Some of the Tailwind features can be accessed with the free account – some will only be available to you if you go for a paid account.

Plans start at around 15$/months.

Scheduling Pins from Tailwind

Scheduling is part of the paid features of Tailwind. The monthly plan allows you to schedule 400 pins per month – if you pay a year in advance you can schedule an unlimited amount of pins.

Scheduling on Pinterest is fairly simple: You set a schedule when you want your pins to get pinned – and then you start filling your schedule with pins. Tailwind will then make sure that your pins are pinned at the time that you set.

You can easily add or remove time slots for scheduled pins.

The easiest way to add a pin to your schedule is via the Tailwind browser extension which you can install via this guide.

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The browser extension will allow you to schedule pins directly from any website as easy as pinning it to Pinterest. Simply hover with the mouse over an image on a website and click the Tailwind symbol that will open.

A new window will open that allows you to choose boards and change the pin description.

But… if you schedule one pin at a time when you are supposed to pin multiple pins per day will make it fairly time-consuming. Even if you add multiple boards to any pin that you schedule, it still takes a ton of time.

It gets quicker if you use board lists. You can create any number of board lists. This way you can group all boards on one topic together – this way you can for instance schedule all pins related to blogging to all your blogging boards.

If you schedule the same pin multiple times to various boards with Tailwind, you should use the „Shuffle“ feature, to make sure that you pin various pins instead of the same pin over and over again.

Bonus Tip: If you are on a tight budget and not yet sure if you want to invest money into a paid Tailwind account, you may still want to use Tailwind scheduling. While you will not be able to actually send the pins to Pinterest automatically on the free account, you can still “schedule” the pins and then log into Tailwind a couple of times a day and send the pins to Pinterest manually using the “pin now” button.

This way you can do the rather time-consuming “scheduling” once a week or however often your queue runs empty and the actual pinning will only take a couple of minutes per day.


Scheduling on Tailwind asks you to schedule new pins every other day. However many pins you schedule, there will come a day when your schedule runs empty.

That is where the „Looping“ feature called SmartLoop comes into the game.

You can use loops for your evergreen content and schedule the same pins to the same board over and over again. Tailwind will make sure that you do not repeat the pins too fast. Depending on the number of pins in your loop you can set a schedule for the loop like:

  • pin once a day
  • pin three times a week

Smartloop is a paid feature. With the basic (paid) Tailwind account you get a limited amount of pins you can loop. If you want to loop more pins, you can buy SmartLoop Powerups.

Profile Performance

With this report you get a ton of information about your Pinterest profile without having to count followers, pins an repins.

You can see

  • the follower growth of your account
  • the number of pins you made
  • the number of repins you earned.Tailwind is the most commonly used scheduling tool for Pinterest. While Tailwind as a scheduling app is widely known the analytics part of Tailwind seems to get a little less attention. #tailwind #pinterest #pinterestscheduling #scheduling #socialmedia #socialmediatips #pinteresttips #bloggingtools #socialmediatools #pinteresttools

Tailwind also gives you some statistics on your past account performance:

  • Virality Score: The average number of repins your pins get
  • Engagement Score: The average number of repins per follower per pin
  • Engagement Rate: The percentage of pins with at least one repin.

Don‘t panic if your account performance factors are not very high – especially not if your account is already a little older.

Tailwind takes into consideration ALL pins you made in the past while Pinterest looks more closely on the more recent account performance. While old underperforming pins can keep your Tailwind factors low, good performing recent pins will have Pinterest make your pins more visible.

These factors are good indicators if your activity on Pinterest is working to build an audience and traffic: If the factors are growing, you are doing something right.

Board Insights

For Pinterest marketing success, you want your boards to earn a high number of repins – no matter if they are your own boards or group boards.

Tailwind gives you some very helpful „Board Insights.“ With a free account, you only get board insights for your own boards and not the full numbers. With a paid account you also get Board insights for group boards.

To give you a quick impression on how well a board is doing on Pinterest, Tailwind gives you two factors:

  • Virality score: The number of repins per pin
  • Engagement Score: The number of repins per follower per pin

The problem with these factors is that they take every old pin on a board into account. If a board used to be engaged and active with a ton of repins, this may not be the case today – or the other way round but the engagement factors on Tailwind may still be low or high no matter the recent activity on the board.

This makes these factors a little hard to interpret.

But the board Insights still tell you a lot about the activity of a board. You can see the number of new pins and new repins from the past 7 days for each board. If the number of repins is lower than the number of pins, not every new pin gets at least one repin.

You are looking for boards where the number of repins is considerably higher than the number of pins. On these boards, your new pins have a chance of „heating up.“

Pin Inspector

Tailwind also gives you a list of your best-performing pins. You can learn wich pins from which boards earned many repins.

This is a paid feature.

This will, for instance, help you to figure out which of your pins get a lot of repins and on which group boards your pins get repins.


Tailwind tribes are a kind of share for share group. If you are a member of a tribe, you can add some of your pins to the tribe and „ask“ other tribe members for shares of this pin. In return, you have to share some pins from the tribe to your own boards. How many pins you have to share to earn the right to add one of your pins to the tribe varies a little. Most tribes ask you to share one or two pins for each pin you add to the tribe.

There are a couple of ways to find tribes from your niche:

  • search on Tailwind
  • look for blog posts with lists of tribes

When you are new to the Pinterest game, Tailwind tribes are a good opportunity to get your content and website out to a larger audience and earn a couple of pins.

But using tribes is fairly time-consuming. You need to watch your tribes and see how the members of the tribe react to your pins. Only keep using tribes that give you new pins for your content. Some tribes will not work for you – don‘t waste your time on them.

If you are already seeing some success from your Pinterest efforts, you should question if the time you have to invest in using Tailwind tribes pays off.

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Final words on Tailwind for Pinterest

Using Tailwind will certainly make your Pinterest life a lot easier and help to save you a huge amount of time while growing your audience and traffic from Pinterest. However, if your budget is very low you can still use Tailwind to help to schedule your pins with a little manual action from your end.

The paid account gives you a lot more than just the scheduling feature. Especially when you are new to the game and still figuring out what works in your favor and what does not, Tailwind can help you to grow faster.

Tailwind is the most used tools for Pinterest. Here is what you need to know about features and possibilities of Tailwind for Pinterest. Pinterest tools make your daily Pinterest routine much easier. #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinteresttools #pintereststrategy