Live In The Moment: How To Enhance Your Social Marketing With Twitter Moments

Do you think you know everything about Twitter? I seriously doubt it. Twitter seems to be straightforward and simple in features – and basically, it is just that. But there is more to Twitter than meets the eye at first glance: More features and more innovations than most people know.

Twitter moments seem to have passed by more or less unnoticed by many users. But they deserve more attention and more people using them.

What Are Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments were originally introduced in October 2015 as „curated stories showcasing the very best of what’s happening on Twitter.“

The idea was that often people are not interested in what one Twitter user has to say but in an event or news story and want to get all tweets related to this event. It used to be difficult to find all accounts tweeting about this event. You could put these accounts on a list an then hopefully get all important tweets about this event.


Image Source: Twitter

With Moments you can follow an event instead of people and get all related tweets to get the full story. When the event is over you would automatically unfollow.

When Twitter first released Moments, they could be created by select partners for topics like news, sports and entertainment.

Twitter Moments for Everyone

Twitter opened up the „Moments“ feature for everyone to use in August 2016 to give „people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.”

With Twitter moments you can now group related tweets to make tell your own stories and let your followers easily find the related tweets.

Create your own Twitter Moments in 5 steps

  1. Go to your Moments page directly on Twitter.





  1. Click Create Moment



  1. Add Title, Description, and Cover


  1. Add Tweets


  1. Publish or Save for later


Tips from Twitter for perfect Moments

  • Keep your titles short and descriptive
  • Make sure you use the description to give a clear idea of what they will find in your moment
  • Pick a great cover image that people cannot resist
  • Choose the tweets for your moments with care: you can use your own tweets as well as tweets from friends or even strangers
  • Aim for snackable moments, not epic stories: around 10 tweets should be perfect
  • Add photos, GIFs, videos

Source: Twitter

What to do after you created a Moment

Make sure you share your newly created Twitter moment on your Twitter account. Your Twitter Moments will also show up on your Twitter profile in the moments’ section.


Image Source Buffer Blog

Some of the best moments may even get featured in the moment’s section on Twitter’s main navigation or within Twitter search.

How can you use Twitter Moments for Marketing

The Twitter moments feature shows some similarities to the Instagram or Snapchat „stories“ – and you can easily use them in a similar way. But since you can pull tweets from other people into your Twitter moments, you have some more options to use Twitter moments.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate Twitter Moments into your (marketing) activity:

1. Tell a story

140 characters for one tweet often is not enough to tell the whole story. By grouping a couple of tweets together into a moment, you can easily tell stories.

One example would be an article featuring several influencer opinions. We could now tweet one influencer opinion at a time and put the tweets together into one Twitter moment.

2. Group tweets to one topic

For instance, we have had several articles on our blog that were part of a serious tackling one topic. We could now make a Twitter moment, including all the tweets of related articles.

3. Showcase a discussionTwitter moments deserve more attention and more people using them. Here is what they are and how you can use them for your business.

Twitter is a great place for discussions and conversations. While often the discussions are very interesting to followers and fans it is often hard to follow the complete discussion.

Twitter moments allows you to group the tweets related to a discussion and summarize the complete picture into one moment.

4. Announce an event

You can also us Twitter moments to announce an event with several speakers or a panel discussion and us a couple of tweets to announce each of the panelists. Group the tweets together into a Twitter moment and show your followers the complete picture in this moment.

5. Curate news

You can also use a Twitter moment to summarize news from various sources.

6. Make a product demo

Twitter did that when they released Twitter moments. They created several tweets on giving advice and extra tips on how to use Twitter moments. They put these tweets together in one Twitter moment „Tips & tricks for making a great moment“

Now it is up to you

Head on over to Twitter and create your first Twitter moment. Play around and try all the options. And then make a plan on how you can best utilize Twitter moments for your own purposes.

Do you have an idea yet? Or even better: Have you already used Twitter moments? How? Let us know about your Twitter moments in the comments!

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  • Jens Kellersmann


    Thanks for sharing. I personally think that Twitter Moments are a nice opportunity to add value to some the usually heavily cut down messages.
    However, when it comes to marketing, I would love to see some more facts/figures about how Twitter Moments are perceived and accepted.
    So far the unerstanding was that marketing and sales damage your social media results. Is that paradigm not true for Twitter Moments?
    Or is the major difference, that you some room to cleverly wrap your offer into a nice story and pictures? So basically what PR does since decades – only on a different channel.
    What’s your understanding? And do you have figures to get more substantial information about Twitter Moments?