Blogging Success: 7 Reasons New Bloggers Fail

Recently in the comment section of an article on businesses grow by Mark Schaefer (“Why you don’t want to be Chris Brogan“) a discussion between Jay Baer and Jonathan came up if in today’s internet world Jay would still build his business around a blog or if it even would be possible today to really grow a successful blog. From our experience from the past 5 months, we can say: Yes, it is possible to build a successful blog, but there are many reasons why new bloggers fail. Here are 7 of them, you should avoid.

1. Expecting huge results in a short time

Growing an audience takes time. And it is getting harder to get heard in between all the other information that is published online every day. There are only a few and usually rather small niches that are not yet taken. Even if your content is the best there ever was for a chosen topic, the chances are high that no one will notice, that the great content is there – if you do not take success in your own hands and actively spread the word about your content.Is it possible today to really grow a successful blog? Here are 7 mistakes many bloggers make and you should avoid for more blogging success. Why do bloggers fail? blogging success, start a blog, blogging 101, blogging for beginners

You need to build and grow your audience, you need to show consistency and endurance so that you can build trust and readers will stick – and eventually come back for more of your great content. Also, you need to build distribution channels like Email-lists and social media followers. This takes time. Do not expect huge success within weeks – or even months.

2. Being afraid to tell people about your new blog before it is famous

Many people hesitate to spread the word about their new blog. They think they have to finish a few things first, get more readers and comments, and only then when they already are famous they proudly present their blog to other people.

The truth is: It only works if you do it the other way around:

These people have it wrong. You do not need to be perfect. Simply state the blog is new. Many people can still remember how it was to be new at blogging. The people close to you will probably adore you for doing it at all – and if they don’t, who cares. How will you become well-known, if you do not tell anyone that you are there?

3. Being afraid to finish a post

Recently I talked to a friend about blogging and she was curious how we manage to write and publish so many articles (compared to other people we know about – we actually don’t write that much). The simple answer is, we live what we are writing about. We are active in social media, we grow our blog and business – and we write about our experience, our learnings and sometimes the things that happen and leave us close to speechless.

Why do new bloggers fail-She said she loves writing, too – but she never has the feeling she is ready to publish, her article might not be perfect, yet so she keeps working on it. She ends up having one great (long) piece every few months – but that simply is not enough.

There are many reasons why people do not publish a post: They fear their reader’s reaction, they want to include everything and never get the feeling they have it all covered, they get distracted and start a ton of posts but never get to finish them…

You need a set schedule. It should not necessarily be set in stone, but you should try to stick to it – and finish a post at every publication date.

In his post about Blogging in English when it’s Not Your Native Language Jonathan reminded everyone that part of the beauty of blogging is that a blog is personal and that personality always includes imperfection. Your post doesn’t need to be perfect. Blogging is imperfect by design.

4. Thinking their job is finished with publishing

There are multiple bloggers out there who have brilliant content on their blog – but no one knows they exist. It is one of the undying myths that great content would always win in the end.

That is BS.

You are responsible to make your content seen. Even though there might be a time somewhere in the future, when you are so famous that you do not need to market your content anymore, when you are starting out, you have to work your A%&&/ off to get your content to an audience.

The success of new bloggers only partly depends on the quality of the content – to the larger part it depends on how good the blogger is at spreading the word about the content. And that includes a lot of marketing: Identify your audience, identify ways to reach your audience, optimize, grow and repeat.

5. Thinking it is about them

Of course, you can just write for yourself – nothing bad about that. But if you want an audience (even better a targeted audience that gives you something back), you need to consider, what your potential audience is interested in. People will not consume your content to do you a favor (or your BFF and your mum will), people tend to turn to the content that gives them the best value in form of targeted information. Especially in a world that is oversaturated with content. Create the best information for your target audience and they will come back for more.

6. Thinking Blogging success is about writing

Well, it is, in a way – or about podcasting, filming etc. But a successful blog also depends on the technique behind it, about optimizing the blog (layout, design, etc.). It is also about building connections, about marketing yourself and your content.

In today’s world, a blogger is a blogger – and that profession has almost nothing to do with what we think a “writer” does. You are not Tolstoi or J. K. Rowling – there are many successful bloggers out there who would never publish a traditional book. The success of your work as a blogger is not measured in writing perfect works of literary art. Your success is measured in the audience you reach.

7. Thinking blogging is a one-way street

Successful blogging is also about building connections to your readers. Your job does not end with publishing (and marketing) your content. If you find an audience and they show interest, comment on your posts and are willing to connect to you: you need to be there and answer. Stopping the interaction makes you miss out! (and to be honest, we have published quite a few articles, where the comments add to the value of the post, see Jonathan’s post on Copyblogger leaving Facebook as an example.)

Blogging can be fun, but it is even more fun if you are blogging for an audience and get feedback in form of social shares and comments. You can be successful with blogging, it is still possible.

But blogging can also be very frustrating. Because you are new to the game and you have to do everything for the first time. That comes with a ton of insecurities and doubts.

We created our step-by-step guide “Start, Run, And Make Money With A Blog” for you. We show you each step a new blogger has to consider. We answer your new blogger’s questions even before you asked them.

Make sure you start your new blog the right way – check out the book “Start, Run, And Make Money With Your Blog!”

Is it possible today to really grow a successful blog? Here are 7 mistakes many bloggers make and you should avoid for more blogging success. blogging tips, blogging advice, blogging mistakes, blogging for beginners, blogging + business, blogging for money, blogging ideas, blogging for profit, blogging 101

  • Dahlia Drummond

    Great article and some great advice especially for someone like myself who is new to blogging. Thanks a bunch!

  • http://REASONTOUSE.COM/ Ahmad Imran

    I like the real life experiences and people who blog about the real feedback. I myself blog about personal technology with an aim to improve my audience’s personal technology experience. I fully agree that don’t expect miracles in weeks or months. You will have to show endurance and consistency before seeing any benefits. Here is a favourite quote of mine in the blogosphere – Blogging is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Plan long term.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing.

  • Shyama Shankar

    Yeah, you are right. Blogging is not a one way street. The more you get interactive, the more you stand to gain!

  • Rosemond

    True. #3, afraid to finish a post. Great info and good to hear.

  • YoungMrsHealthy

    Fantastic article! My blog is new, and this is great to hear over and over. I can’t wait to exchange buttons with people lol

    -Anastasia Ivy

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    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! If you love quotes about life and love, please check my new blog!

  • Chelsey Bishop

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been inspired to share my content with everyone regardless of the fact that it’s not perfect and I’m not yet famous. Yet, being key!

  • Joanne Galbraith

    Helpful advice for someone (like me!) who has a new blog! I love your notion that personality always includes imperfection.

  • Andika Writers Network

    This is exactly what I needed to get my feet outta the bucket. I have been blogging for the past one and a half years now, and still feel like I haven’t gotten to the pinnacle of it. You can check out my work at

  • Penny Kim Hulks

    I would like to say that this article is very helpful. I have been wondering if I should do a blog, but have no idea where to start. I have been out of employment for 13 yrs, and finding it hard to keep motivated, so trying to get volunteering, so far no luck. So any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

    • Carolynn

      you should start a blog! But do it for fun, or for something to do. Not everyone makes money from blogging. Just my thoughts 🙂

    • Newbie Blogging

      Penny, you should certainly do! It is worth your time invested and it doesn’t cost much to begin with

  • Michelle B

    Nice article thanks for the tips 🙂

  • Stephen C. Schultz

    This is some great info! Thanks. Even though I have been blogging since 2008, I still consider myself new to this medium!

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    Great info for me, because i am new in blogging world, these all information like what i need. Thanks for the nice guide.

  • Lavinia Rojas

    just wondering…. whhat do people accomplish with “blogging”?

    • Carolynn

      I accomplish letting out my anger, also being an extrovert blogging helps me not go crazy since I work at home…it’s also extremely cathartic. And it’s fun to read my past writing and see how I have grown and changed. It’s different for everyone, but this is why I do it!

    • TheSocialMarketers

      Hi Lavinia,


      Sorry for the late reply, your question actually led to a whole new post:

      Hope you like it!

      Jonathan (The Social Ms)

  • Myrna Morris-Young

    Great article. My blog is at I blog about self development

  • Carolynn

    Thank you for this post! Blogging certainly has changed my life. I’d do it even if no one read. My success is found in getting my thoughts into words, not in who I reach. I mean, if a tree falls in a forest it still makes a sound right? 😛 But it’s fun to get feedback, and I love comments just as much as the next person… but if you try to live and think of your worth and success based on your audience, you might be disappointed if it isn’t where you think it should be. 🙂 Writing should also bring you satisfaction, I think.

  • Isabeldora

    With folk telling me how worried they are about my proposed 4 weeks in South Africa (researching background for wip), I have started a blog with the intention of putting their minds at rest. If they are worried enough they can check my progress on the blog, allowing me to just get on with enjoying myself and posting accordingly without wasting hours mired down in FB!

  • Navin K Srivastava

    This blog is very practical because it shows what happens in beginning.

  • Joyce Fugnit

    Afraid to finish a post. Yap! Thanks for these tips!

  • Pretty much valid points. I wrote these 7 points that would put an end to the passion of blogging for a blogger

  • Newbie Blogging

    2. Being afraid to tell people about your new blog before it is famous. This is so true, I had my blog set up 2 weeks ago and I hesitated to share even with friends, as it was raw 🙂 This is a very inspiring post and it’s time to be brave –

  • Lola Balogun

    Lovely post! Finding it a bit of a struggle to reach my audience.

  • LifeInOnlineWorld

    It was such a pleasure reading this post! As a mere beginner in the blogging world I have to admit I really struggle with number 3. I always feel like I haven’t said everything I wanted in a post, then spend hours rewriting it and end up with only one post per week.

    I would also add planning and organizing on the list – I haven’t fully realized the obligation managing a blog is until I wrote down what promoting and working on it fully entails.

  • Ling Tan

    Fab article! All true. I started a travel site for parents by parents, and make every single one of those mistakes! ????????

  • Ally

    Thank you so much for imparting this reassuring assertion: “Blogging is imperfect by design.”

  • FlipA Tip

    Yes many of my past blogs failed since I was writing it as a journal about my life. Basically for me. This time I have other people in mind and so far my blog is growing very well

  • SalesFizz

    Great article about staying consistent and building your audience slowly. is a new blog but I’m determined to help people become better sales professionals. Thank you for the insight to move that goal forward faster.

  • narender sangwan

    your advice to encourage new bloggers is heart warming,interaction and comments as well as social reach is always welcome for all bloggers as it gives them feedback.But this blog concept in age of internet itself is quite empowering as it allows one to publish and create a new media of information,new angle of thought and approach to issues.It’s quite an innovative approach where specialist and a generalist can interact.

  • Bombshell Drawer Blog

    I have discovered these these throughout my blogging till now.. I am happy that I am a new blogger , less than a year! The only mistake I did is .. I didn’t interact with my audience, which makes me feel behind!

    GIG |

  • 4dogsandalittlelady

    Isn’t it interesting that with a few minor changes in the words used, we could be talking about how to build real life friendships? Reading through this article kept making me think, “wow, these are all the things that popular, friendly, engaging people do to nurture irl relationships”

    So treat the people that you want to reach, your target audience, like they are people with which you want to build long term relationships with!

  • Jasmine William

    I agree with this post ,Blogging is not a one day effort that you can achieve ,You have to continue your efforts and keep on the track of patience , Because for making your blog successful and relevant traffic generation you have to stick with your plan and continue your hard work ,soon you will get result.I have experience it with my blog just have a look on it ,I stick with my plan and now i get healthy relevant traffic on daily basis.
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    I must say its an informative post

  • Anne R. Allen

    Here’s #8: Blocking your content with nasty pop-ups. I for one will not be back and I won’t share this post. Pop-ups are a punch in the nose to your visitors.

  • Mohit Chabria

    Bloggers can only succeed if they stay motivated. The first point is the most crucial one as many bloggers expect to get success in a short time frame. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and many platforms are available for bringing more traffic, but it needs lot of patience. Hope to see you at my blog

  • Vox Henderson

    I love blogging—after having only done it for 8 months now. I struggled at first with the marketing part until I realized how I am to share my super awesome creation with the world. Thanks for some great observations and advice.

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    I agree with so many of these points! There’s nothing worse than a blogger who never returns any comments or tries to interact with the community.

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    Everything just begins when you publish the post Susanna. Big time post. Well done.