8 Blog Post Ideas You Can Write And Publish Today

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Have you ever been sitting in front of your computer in search of a blog post idea that you can quickly write – and that will still provide a ton of value for your audience? You don’t have much time, but your blog needs a new post? And your brain simply does not cough up a number of quick and easy blog post ideas?

I’ve been there – more than once. It is more than likely that every blogger has been there over and over again. Writer’s block is real and sometimes hard to overcome. But there is a solution to that. There are some blog post types that can help you fill the gap.Here are 8 blog post ideas for posts that you will be able to create, even if your creativity is on holiday or you have a mild version of writer’s block. Some types of blog posts can help you to fill your blog with new content when you do not have much time. blog creation, blog posts #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #blogposts #startablog

Of course, I cannot give you a list of topics that will work for every niche. But I can give you blog post ideas for various types of posts that you will be able to create, even if your creativity is on holiday, you have a mild version of writer’s block, or you simply are in a hurry and all other ideas you can come up with will take more time to research and create.

Here are 8 blog post ideas that you can create any time where you have access to the internet to do your homework:

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1. List posts

Apart from the fact that list posts often resonate brilliantly with most audiences – especially on social media – there is another reason why list posts are one of the most often used types of blog posts: They are easy to create.

List posts come with a built-in structure. That makes them easy to create – and easy to read. And once you have a topic, they are even easy to research.

If you have a topic idea, you can easily do a Google search for your topic. The search results will probably give you multiple lists for your topic. You can easily get inspiration from the existing lists and create your own version.

(No, I am not suggesting to copy existing content, I am suggesting to get ideas!)

For instance, if you think about creating a list of tools for a problem. You instantly can think of 5 tools, but you would like to create a list of at least 10 tools: Search for „Tools PROBLEM“ and see what comes up. Choose your favorite 5 tools from all the lists you find and complete your post.

2. Content RoundUp

All bloggers that I know read a lot. And you can put all that reading to good use for your audience.

If you don’t have any ideas for a post, or you simply don’t have the time to write a post, you can still collect a couple of articles from other blogs on a topic that your audience is interested in. Now simply write an introduction then list the posts with a small paragraph on each of the posts and wrap it up.

That is your post!

For instance, Mari Smith, famous for Facebook marketing advice, has a weekly Facebook roundup called Social Scoop. In this, she collects articles around Facebook topics that her audience would love.

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Image Source: Mari Smith Blog

3. Answer a question

Some of my best article ideas have come from questions I got. Some topics I would not have thought about myself, but YOU gave me the idea.

Some questions I get via email, some are asked in the comments to this blog – or in the chat of our Webinar. And some questions come up in personal conversations, with clients, fellow bloggers, friends and business contacts.

And these answers don’t always have to be very long.

If you hear the question once, you can be fairly sure that some more people from your audience have the same question but simply did not dare to ask or did not know how to ask.

Here is an answer to a question that came up in the comments to one of my Twitter articles.

4. Respond to a post, action or opinion

Did you read something that you found interesting? Do you have your own take to add to the mix? Write a post about it.

This can be a tool someone likes, and maybe you don’t like? Or you have some other uses for a tool that are not commonly known? You totally disagree with something you read?

Discussion posts are great to open the conversation. They often get a ton of engagement.

Even though it has been a couple of years since it happened. I still think Jon Loomer did an awesome job of responding to Copyblogger killing their Facebook page. Just take a look at the comments!

Jonathan did something similar in this post – and we got comments from Sonia Simone and Demian Farnworth from Copyblogger to a blog that was just over 2 months old.

5. Join a hot discussion with your own take

This works best if there already is a controversial discussion going on. An example from the marketing niche would have been taking Mark Schafer’s post about Content Shock in Early 2014 and the response Sonia Simone wrote on Copyblogger a couple of days later. You could have written your own take looking at both sides – the controversial discussion was going on anyway and the topic was burning hot at the time.

Image Source: BusinessesGrow

6. Talk about yourself

Well, that is not the usual tip we give for a blog post. But it is totally legitimate to talk about your services once in a while. A good start can be a customer story, case study – or interview with a customer.

Every blogger knows the situation: You need a new blog post but you do not know what you should write about. Here are ideas for blog posts when you do not have any ideas. #blogpostideas #bloggingtips #blogcontent #bloggingforbeginnersThe question is always HOW you talk about what you offer. A blog post should not be an endless stream of „I am awesome, my product rocks.“ But telling a story about how you helped a customer, how a customer found a solution to a problem with the help of your products or something similar can offer huge value to other people from your audience.

7. How to

You struggled with a problem but you found a solution? Great!

Now, you can write an awesome post: How I found the solution to the problem. As with list posts, this type of post usually resonates well with a social audience. People like to learn from others rather than from a manual. And if it worked for you – why should it not work for them?

8. A ReviewHere are 8 blog post ideas for posts that you will be able to create, even if your creativity is on holiday or you have a mild version of writer’s block

You recently discovered a new tool? Write about it! Tell your audience, why you recommend this tool – or why you don’t. Add some special features and how you use them, and your post is ready.

If you like and recommend using this tool and the tool offers an affiliate program, you can even use this review post and make some money on the side.

Final Words

I admit, that some of the above ideas are not always done as quickly as I would like. Sometimes it all depends on your passion for a topic. But for me, this list of blog post ideas often helps me to find a new topic for a post when I am totally out of ideas.

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