A Rant About A Rant (Facebook And Twitter Related) – The Traffic Generation Podcast – Episode 12

Ok, here we are again – another episode of the Traffic Generation Podcast by The Social Ms.

Today, I got angry about Techcrunch – specifically about a video rant they posted. So I decided to rant a bout the rant. What do you call that? A counter rant?

Anyway – their video rant was about Facebook’s Instant Articles and Twitter’s Moments. They don’t like these features – and they feel that it is bad for publishers. They are absolutely wrong! Why?

Listen to the podcast:

Rant (1)If you don’t really know what Facebook Instant Articles and Twitter Moments are – they are brand new features:

Facebook Instant Articles

Twitter Moments

Here is the original video by Techcrunch:

Techcrunch: A Rant About How Facebook And Twitter Are Burrying Publishers

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This one is a short episode – but I loved doing this episode. What do you think? Please subscribe if you like it and please write an honest review on Itunes!