How to Leave your Readers no Other Choice but to Tweet your Content

The following is a guest post by Nick Churick. Nick is a copywriter as well as an experienced Content & Social Media marketer. After several years of working for different companies, he is finally on his own way to success. Let’s wish him luck! You can always drop him a message on Twitter @NickChurick.

Did you know that each and every second, on average, almost 6,000 tweets appear on Twitter? This makes 360,000 tweets per minute and 500 million tweets per day. Impressive numbers? So shouldn’t this be one of the most powerful weapons of your Content Marketing strategy? Yet some bloggers have a lukewarm attitude to promoting their content on Twitter.

And here’s the reason why:

A study by Rand Fishkin from MOZ revealed that an average CTR (click-through rate) of the links you tweet is only about 1%. To put it simply, if you have, say, 1,000 followers, you will only get 10 visitors from your tweet. More followers – more visitors (but no more than 1%… OK maybe 2%).

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Now these stats are not too impressive… Really, why bother for this 1%?

Hey! Don’t surrender to despair, we’re just getting started. You can get this 1% not only from your Twitter followers. There’s another promising option:

Make your visitors tweet your content.

OK, you have a post, and sure thing you shared it on Twitter. But when someone else shares your content, 1% of his followers now become your visitors. And now the traffic from Twitter will depend on the number of people, who shared your content, and, sure thing, on the number of their followers. The more the merrier!

Easier said than done, ha? But there are some tips to put this into life. And I’m willing to share them with you.

1. Magnetic headlines

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

-David OgilvyMagnet

For my money, a headline is the last (but never the least) thing to be polished in a post. The approach may be different but you must remember 2 things:

  • A poor-headlined post will not even be opened
  • Headline is the only informative thing people will see on Twitter

Now someone has tweeted your post. The headline will be the thing to grab his follower’s attention. And there are only 2 options for this tweet: it will either instantly motivate a person to click it and check the article, or it will be ignored.

If you have an awesome headline and it catches attention, some people will retweet it even without checking the article itself – just because they like your headline that much.

There are tons of advice on how to create cool headlines for your articles on the Web. The best piece I’ve seen so far is the Headline Hacks Report, created by Jon Morrow (ex-editor of Copyblogger).

This video may give you some ideas as well.

Important notice! Since you’re optimizing your posts to go viral on Twitter, make sure your headlines fit the twitter window. This means as well that you have to leave enough space for people to express their opinion in a tweet (e.g. to say how great your post is) or add some additional info. So don’t make your headlines longer than 100 characters.

2. Find a proven idea to be your post’s foundation

What has been will be again,   what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9

In no way I’m telling you to grab the existing content and give it away as your own. The idea is to find out (research), what content tends to be shared. I commend to use a powerful tool by Ahrefs called Content Explorer. With it you’ll be able to see how many times the relevant content has been shared via different Social Networks. Just type in the keywords and phrases you’ve been thinking of and play with them a bit.


What you will see is that some things get shared a lot, while some perform quite poor. Hundreds and thousands of Tweets and Facebook shares is what you’re looking for. Of course you may have your own outstanding idea that will be the first one to be shared like hell. Please let me know what it is (no sarcasm).

3. Content with benefits

Every reader expects to get some use of what he or she is viewing. Once the content appears useful for your reader, most definitely it will be shared (unless yogreenur reader is a cheapskate and will not share a penny with those in need). The trick here is that by sharing something useful, a person adds value to himself in front of all of his followers. So the ideal content shall result in a share with a comment like “Look what I just found!”

Sharing the content, which is actually useful, allows people to position themselves as wise and experienced buddies in the eyes of their followers. So focus on really helpful things in your content, making your readers share it with others. Such kind of content simply promotes itself with no effort from your side.

4. Shareable sound bites

Naturally by no means all of your readers will feel the urge to share your content immediately. However there may be some small piece in it that catches them. Ant they are ready to share it. Just think of it “They want to share, but they can’t!”. So give the readers an opportunity to share a bite of your content, not only the whole post.

Shareable visuals and tweetable quotes is what you need.

There is a bunch of tools to make an image shareable within your post. For WordPress, for instance, Shareaholic plugin is a neat tool. I’d also recommend a Slingpic plugin. They are pretty simple but bring more chances for your content to be shared.

As for the tweetable quotes, Click To Tweet and TweetDis plugins for WordPress come to your aid. With these tools you will have a simple way to add tweetability to any text you want in your post. This may be the words of a famous artist or writer, a quote from the influencer in your field, your own wise words or just some text you’d like to emphasize.

While Click to tweet is free and simple, TweedDis has a bunch of options and nice templates, plus it can make images tweetable. Here’s a fine sample of what you can get:


What you should also see is a post by Kathryn Aragon, managing editor of the Crazy Egg blog, for click-to-tweet plugins review. Tweetable quotes are getting more and more popular, obviously because they work.

Every tweet of a sound bite like this will have a link to your post or website, giving more chances for your content to be viewed again.

5. Don’t be shy to ask!

So you want your content to be shared? Then ask for it! A single simple sentence at the bottom of the post can be the last (or even the only) straw, and suddenly you get another share.


Take a look at the Twitter stats by HubSpot. You can see the increase of Retweets, brought by call-to-action.

Your content is awesome, and you just remind your readers to share it, in case they forgot. Will you lose anything if you ask? Definitely not! If asking hurts your dignity and honor, it’s up to you. If you want a result – just ask.

I’m sure you will make a good thing of this post. May Twitter and your readers serve you well. Is there anything I’ve missed? Share more ideas of how to make your visitors share your content in comments. And after what you’ve read, I expect you to share this post 😉

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Getting your readers to share your content is half of Social Media success. Here are several methods to get them to tweet your content.

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  • Susie Lindau

    I am receiving way less than 1% click through on my tweets. According to your article, I should be getting 120 views per blog post. GAH! I need to do something different.

  • Mandy Rosse

    My best tip: Share other’s content and they will love you and share your stuff too.

  • Cynthia Fox

    Fantastic article and information to put right to work!

  • Don Niam

    This might just be me, but I do not like to ask people to share, but I don’t mind letting them be the hero. Thanks for reading and if you have a friend or someone just starting with WordPress or “A Caching Plugin” that may benefit or save them time and money feel free to share. When people want what you have, you never have to ask, because they want to be the first one to send out the hot news. I am generally slightly offended at the delivery of how so many ask to share, or Like my page on facebook or follow me on facebook. The delivery tends to be a “me, I my”. From most inquiries I receive off my website through a information form or just a basic contact form, the serious buyers are calling or communicating fast and want answers right now. Obviously every business is not structured to utilize the phone as easy, but we are a mobile society. Building trust through the internet does not happen overnight. Personally I do not have anyone I would share any tech type content with, it goes so far over their head, they would be like why does he keep sending me this stuff I do not understand. LOL But I am on the one man team program. Nice article though and some good points made.

  • Tarun Jagwani

    Great read, had questions about re tweeting though,
    I just had one of my tweet be re tweeted 15 times, that a lot of me, since i am just starting out.
    Of which only 1 person actually clicked the link.
    But isnt the end game to get someone on my email list?
    is re tweeting the first step before someone actually signs up for my content in their email list?

    • DL Stickler

      Good question. Sharing is good, but having a clear reason to want people to share is better. If that is your goal in using twitter, then create a funnel to your sign up page. Some people (like me) just like to share what we know. If someone benefits great. If not, oh well. My point is that you may want to consider your specific goals and then create a path for your followers to the accomplishment of those goals.

  • authorsmart

    Awesome post. I read your post to know what it is that you know different than me. Nice work.