Devices Here, There, and Everywhere: Why You Need Cross-Device Marketing

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The following is a guest post by Devin Morrissey. Devin writes in his garage and examines car parts in his office.  He aspires to be an eternal student, writing wherever the web takes him. 

The world is changing at an incredible pace, and your business can suffer each minute you remain static in your marketing efforts. People change with the times, and businesses need to do so as well. Sticking with past campaigns and routines will lead to many missed opportunities that come with technological advancements.

As technology progresses, the number of devices a person owns increases too. Each device is a way to interact with a customer on a personal and unique level. This is where cross-device marketing comes in.

Instead of targeting just one single device, cross-device marketing utilizes marketing opportunities across many electronic devices. The companies that take advantage of this new marketing strategy are the ones that will stand the test of time. Will your company be one of them? Let’s find out.

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What Is Cross-Device Marketing?

In the past, most online interaction was through a person’s desktop computer. With one centralized meeting place, online marketing was a much simpler feat. However, today is a much different story.

Now people spread their internet searching over many devices, with mobile devices reigning supreme. This is why cross-device marketing has become so important. With people switching from device to device during the purchasing process, it’s vital that a company’s website be responsive.

When employing cross-device marketing, research is put into which devices are used most by certain groups of people. Also, content is optimized so that it can be viewed and read no matter which device is being used. However, there are some challenges with using cross-device marketing.  

The biggest difficulty is the tracking of customers. When using a computer, tracking cookies helps to identify the customer that’s on a particular site. However, cookies cannot be used across all devices.

This makes it hard to pinpoint whether a specific person prefers one device over another. Some companies have gotten around this by using the deterministic approach. This is when companies ask people using their mobile app to log in.

Companies can also use the probabilistic approach by applying an algorithm to large quantities of data to predict who the customer is. No matter which approach is used, the importance of cross-device marketing cannot be overstated. With people owning three or more devices now, boundless opportunities await.

Cross-Device Strategies for the Win

Now that you have a better understanding of cross-device marketing, it’s time to get some customers. There’s no point in having a business if you can’t attract new people. Businesses need to go where the customers are, which is where a marketing strategy comes in handy.cross-device marketing considers which devices your target audience uses and if they prefer one over the other. Once you know the devices to target, forming a marketing plan and finding success is that much easier. #crossdevicemarketing #digitalmarketing #onlinebusiness #marketingstrategy

Cross-device marketing is a different beast altogether when it comes to other forms of this practice. With people owning multiple devices they regularly use, the need for a different approach is becoming greater and greater. Not sure where to start? Here are some strategies to help you narrow cross-device target:

  • As with any marketing strategy, you need to know who your target audience is. Research must be done to see which devices they use the most and how they progress from one device from another. Making the customer journey as seamless as possible when switching devices is the top goal of any cross-device marketing campaign.
  • That being said, customers want to see a consistent look no matter what device they’re on. However, you don’t have to use the exact same web design for each device. Emails, websites, and mobile apps are not the same and should not look the same. Play on the strengths of each and be creative in design and user experience. You will receive more engagement from your customers when each platform is specifically optimized for that device.
  • Take advantage of second-screen engagement. This means promoting more in-depth brand interactions from one device to another. One example of this is to have a mobile ad with more detailed information go off at the same time you have TV ad running. This helps drive your message home and gives your ads a better chance of getting your customers’ attention.
  • Personalize your marketing strategy for each individual. No matter what device a customer is on, data from previous activities should inform which ads to appear and the kind of online experience they prefer. By taking the personalized approach, customers will appreciate the customized experience and will respond more positively than a one size fits all strategy.

Media Frenzy

Media is the bread and butter of cross-device marketing. It’s what this kind of marketing is all about. Using the strengths and weaknesses of each device and finding ways that they can overlap with each other is what makes this strategy so lucrative. Marketing displays, social media platforms, and online apps are just some of the go-tos for marketers nowadays, and each has their own benefits in a cross-device campaign.

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As technology progresses, the number of devices a person owns increases too. Each device is a way to interact with a customer on a personal and unique level. This is where cross-device marketing comes in. #digitalmarketing #onlinemarketing #mobilemarketing #marketingstrategy #smallbusinessmarketingDisplay signs are making a comeback in a huge way with the integration of digital signs. This can definitely be seen in the restaurant business as digital signage has been revolutionizing the food industry. These signs not only display an up-to-date menu but also help the wait in line go faster by showing the restaurant’s story while also displaying positive live social media reviews, giving customers a way to directly interact with the restaurant. 

Speaking of social media, social media marketing should definitely have a role in your cross-device strategy. Pretty much everyone is on social media now. It would be crazy not to take advantage of this marketing treasure trove. Plus, many platforms can be accessed across multiple devices, doing some of the cross-device work for you. However, hard work and effort still need to be put in to build a following. You need to consistently post content of value that can easily be shared.

Online apps are also a digital marketer’s best friend. Mobile phones are making a definite impact on the marketing landscape and is one of the most pivotal devices on a customer’s cross-device journey. Not only is it a wise choice to have a mobile app for your company, but to also use apps to organize any and all of your marketing efforts. There are plenty of apps that help with managing your social media posts, blogs, and file sharing.

Trends are changing every day. What’s popular now may not be so later. If you don’t keep your eyes open, your business can experience some major losses.

However, cross-device marketing will keep you up to date on the devices your target audience use and if they prefer one over the other. Once you know the devices to target, forming a marketing plan and finding success is that much easier.

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Technology progresses, the number of devices a person owns increases. This is where cross-device marketing comes in. Multiple devices - multiple chances! digital marketing trends, digital marketing tips

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