7 Reasons To Start A Blog In 2016 You May Not Have Thought Of

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Start a blog – now. Blogging has a lot of benefits if you decide to get in. Not all of these are about money, in fact, blogging has very little to do with getting rich and famous. This is the first article in an ongoing series of posts – the next post will tell you exactly how to start a blog. But today I want to just give a few reasons for starting a blog that are different from what you hear all the time!Blogging has a lot of benefits if you decide to get in. Not all of these are about money. Here are some very good reasons why you should start a blog that you may not have been aware of. #startablog #bloggingforbeginners #whyshouldyoublog #reasonsntoblog #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners

1. A Blog Is A Business Asset That Is Totally Yours

When you start a blog, then this is yours. You can do whatever you want on it (within reason). If you manage to build an audience – that is your audience. When you change jobs, you get to take it with you. When you decide to monetize – you decide what you want to sell or advertise.

Many people still see blogging as purely a hobby. But even if you don’t monetize your blog, it still has the power to bring multiple bonuses to your professional and personal life. You learn to write better, to communicate better, you learn about marketing, and you improve your social skills. And you have the online presence to show all those skills to others. A blog always is an asset for you personally and professionally.

2. Your Job Might Not Be As Safe As You Might Think

Start a blog - is your job safe?The coming 30 years will bring a lot of changes to the human community. And while I believe that these changes will bring a lot of positive aspects to our daily lives – a lot of jobs will disappear. Take for instance driving: Let’s say you are a truck driver: Will you still be needed in 30 years? Automatic driving is not in the distant future – all car companies are developing systems that will be able to drive better than you in just a couple of years. The same applies to almost any aspect of modern life: Automation will take over in production, for instance.

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Now, it is important to understand that this doesn’t mean there will be less jobs in total in the future – it just means that those jobs will be different!

Creative and educational jobs will take a larger part in the overall demographic. And that is the activity that you are getting into with blogging. Blogging is a creative and educational task – which is getting you ready for a future when mechanical and technical jobs are going to disappear.

3. A Blog Is A Professional Profile That Says More About You Than Any CV

Let’s say you apply for a job that requires you to be active publically.

In the old world you would have sent a CV and a cover letter to apply – what did those really say about your ability to act publically? That’s right… nothing.

What if you could add a blog (or even better: a blog with an audience) to the mix? Your new employer could see how you handle public tasks in real life! Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t you stand out from all the other applicants?

4. What Do You Want To Teach Your Kids?

Start A Blog to teach your kidsMarketing yourself is an activity that is rapidly becoming one of the most important skills in the modern world. Blogging is a way to do that.

Now, this trend won’t stop – and for your children it is going to be uber-important! And as their parent it’s your task to prepare them for it. So you want to get yourself prepared for that. You want to teach them how to market themselves – how to advertise their skills. When you start a blog, it allows you to prepare yourself – which you will need to do before you can teach them.

5. When You Start A Blog, It Can Make Your Life Better – Now

When you start a blog, you should always at least in a big part write about what you like and enjoy. If you like playing soccer – you can blog about playing soccer.

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And to have the ability to write more and better content on your blog you will have to leave the couch.

The point is that blogging isn’t just about writing about something you like – it’s about experiencing what you like and then writing about it. To spend less time watching TV (unless that’s what your blog is about…)

6. Blogging Is A Smart Way To Practice Persistence And Concentration

Start A Blog - ConcentrateIf you want to perform well, build your audience and create a great blog that people love to read, you need to consistently work on it. Blogging is not a task that get’s you to significant successes by investing 8 hours a day for a week. Instead, you are much better off when you work on it 1 hour every day for 8 weeks.

There is no big success at once in blogging – but when you start a blog there are many small successes that can motivate you: Every single blog post for instance. Your first 500 Twitter followers. Being featured by another blogger. Being interviewed by another blogger. …

These little successes have the power to motivate you along the road and to keep you on it. You will practice staying persistent and concentrated on an endless project. Which is a precious skill to have in the modern world.

7. Blogging Let’s You Walk The World With Open Eyes

Blogging lets you see things you otherwise would miss - because you need them to be able to generate blog content. When you write about beautiful paintings - you need to see them first. Click on the image to read more!Blogging lets you see things you otherwise would miss – because you need them to be able to generate blog content. When you write about beautiful paintings – you need to see them first. Not just know they exist – you need to start understanding what makes these paintings beautiful for you.

Or when you write about the technical aspects of car engines – you need to understand them. When your topic is soccer – you need to understand the game.

By seeing things this way you will improve your skills – and you will get better at them with every post. Blogging is building expertise around the things you love – and seeing the stories behind the world you publish about.

Wouldn’t you want to see more of the world around you?

Final Words

The intention of this post was to highlight the hidden value of starting a blog. Value that doesn’t necessarily provide you with a monetary reward – but that does provide you with huge rewards for your personal and professional life.

I hope you found that this was a valuable read. What are your thoughts? What values do you see in blogging?

What’s keeping you from starting a blog?

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