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The Social Ms was founded back in 2014 by us, siblings Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer. Based on our experience in online and content marketing from the startup world, we offer modern and effective marketing services to our clients.

At The Social Ms, Susanna shows you that there are specific things you can do to get it right on Twitter. She brings a depth of experience to new light, with graceful instruction and uncompromising integrity. Her one-on-one coaching is a must-have resource for business and academic professionals who are navigating the treacherous terrain of digital communication in turbulent times!"

- José I. Rodríguez, Ph.D.-

"If you are looking for an online marketing resource that is always the first to publish all of the latest developments in the niche, as well as the one which provides a bunch of free advice through articles and blog posts, The Social Ms is the right place for you. ..."

- The Blog Herald -

"The Social Ms is one of the best blogs online which is concerned with bringing top-notch advice on how social media works, as well as marketing and creating content. Each article they post is crammed full of useful content, unlike the filler-infused articles you will find on competing websites. ..."

- Startup Savant -

Recent Clients Include:

Wasabi publicity

The Social Ms

The Social Ms were founded in 2014 by siblings Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer. We specialize in modern marketing: Online, social media and content marketing. The Social Ms specialize in effective yet sustainable online marketing campaigns on tight budgets.

In 2015, less than a year after we founded The Social Ms, we got selected as #8 of the most influential social media marketing brands by influencer research company Onalytica. This achievement was made possible by working with the processes we also teach to our clients: Content marketing, social media marketing, blogging, ...

Our Story

Back in 2010 we founded a company called exploreB2B, an international publishing platform for business content. 

While we ultimately failed, the one thing we achieved was marketing success: exploreB2B grew exponentially and the company's social media presence became an internationally well known brand. This lead to a total of 25 Twitter accounts, multiple Facebook pages and further accounts with a total social media audience of well above 1,000,000 fans and followers - all without any marketing budget.

Failure is always the start of something new - and we built The Social Ms on the expertise we acquired when creating exploreB2B. You can read more about our story here: Startup Failure - The First Hand Experience (and what you can learn from it)

Who We Are

Susanna Gebauer

Dr. Susanna Gebauer - Analytical Problem Solver

Susanna holds a PhD in math and has several years of strategy consulting experience for energy and utility corporations. She then founded exploreB2B together with her brother Jonathan, taking the company to exponential growth and marketing success.

You can find Susanna on Twitter: @dreckbaerfrau

You can reach Susanna via

Jonathan Gebauer

Jonathan Gebauer - The Growth Hacker

After studying math and computer science, and involvement in various development projects, Jonathan founded exploreB2B. Jonathan combined product management, growth hacking and online marketing, leading the company to exponential growth.

You can find Jonathan on Twitter: @jogebauer

You can reach Jonathan via

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