• Elena Galey-Pride

    You might want to fill in Jeff Bullas’ xx% 😉

    • TheSocialMarketers

      Hi Elena,

      Thanks for the hint! Oops 😉


  • Mikaela Pierre

    Thanks for the Article Susanna.

  • https://bytetodc.com Jude

    Great article, I needed this. What’s a great (and hopefully free) automation tool for tweets?

    • Oliver Acton

      I use a platform called Meet Edgar (http://meetedgar.com/), you can upload all of your content and it’ll keep circulating it on a schedule that you choose. Not free unfortunately, but worth trying for a month to see how you go.

  • DrMabuse2009

    Does that work with Fiverr gigs?

    • Kyetchup

      Hello, you can DM me on Twitter @AeonRiver.

      Fiverr doesn’t work, I knew someone from YouTube providing experiment in this.