The Ultimate Twitter Checklist To Get From Failure To Twitter Fame

Twitter is simple. But it is not so simple to get your Twitter account to fame. Far more people face utter Twitter failure than seeing Twitter fame. There is a lot that you have to get right, and even more that you can do to go the extra mile and make your Twitter efforts even more successful.Twitter is simple. But it is not so simple to get your Twitter account to fame. Many people face utter Twitter failure. Here is your Twitter checklist to make sure that you have everything right and did not miss something really important. #twitter #twittertips #twittermarketing #twittersuccess #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing

Here is your Twitter checklist to make sure that you have everything right and did not miss something really important.

1. You chose a good Twitter handle and name

Make sure that people that „know“ you from other places than Twitter are able to find you on Twitter. That means you have to make sure that your Twitter account will show up when people search for you.

A good choice for handle and name usually are your name or the name of your blog or business. For the Twitter handle you probably have to be more creative if your name or blog name is already taken.

2. You filled out your Twitter profile

Make sure that you use the most important keywords in your bio. You can even use relevant hashtags. Let your audience know what they can expect from your tweets. You can also use the Twitter header with text overlay to give some additional information.

Use the link in your bio to link to your blog or website!

3. You provide value on your Twitter account

You have to say goodbye to the idea that your Twitter account is a promotion channel. You want people to follow you. That means you have to provide what people like to get, what they are looking for – and not what you may want to tell them about your awesome products.

Answer questions, give tips – and share content that is useful for your target audience. If you provide enough value, your audience will accept if you also promote some products. But the real sales process should start on your website, where you can bring people from Twitter by providing value.

4. You use images in your Tweets

A couple of years ago a tweet was simply 140 characters that may include a link. Today a tweet without an image will pass by with far less attention than it could get if you add an image it. That means you can easily multiply your Twitter success if you add an image to every tweet.

5. You optimize your tweets for more shares, likes

One tweet of a piece of content may pass by fairly unnoticed bringing you no considerable traffic. Another tweet of the same content may get multiple the attention in form of likes, retweets and clicks. Why?

The tweet text is important – you should test different texts and learn what your audience likes. Asking for a retweet can also multiply the retweets you get. Mentioning other people’s Twitter accounts (only when it is appropriate) can also multiply the reach and reactions to your tweets.

6. You actively grow a targeted following

If your Twitter account is still small it will not grow by magic. If nobody knows your Twitter account exists, how can they even think about following you? You have to make your Twitter account get noticed. There are various things you can do to make people aware of your Twitter account:

  • Let your blog audience know about your Twitter account: Show it on your blog, mention it in your newsletters
  • be active and engage with other people: answer questions, like and retweet other people’s tweets, take part in Twitter chats on related topics
  • mention your Twitter in your guest author bio
  • follow some accounts from your niche – if you get this right, you can boost your follower growth. Stick to Twitter’s rules!

7. You engage with your audience

If people start communicating with your Twitter account you need to be ready and answer them. Monitor your notifications tab on Twitter. Use any mention of your account, reactions to your tweets to actively engage with your audience.

Follow some influencers from your niche, join discussions on their tweets if you have something of value to say.

8. You Tweet enough

Far too many people get everything right on Twitter except for this one: They do not tweet enough. They share every new piece of content on their Twitter account once after they published it, add a piece of curated content to the daily activity and that’s it.

That is not enough.

Keep in mind that the traffic from ONE tweet is never going to be more than a couple of clicks. But the sum of the clicks on ALL tweets that you could send is going to make a difference.

Image Source: Buffer

One tweet per hour of useful content is absolutely not too much. If you wonder what you should tweet, here is your answer: you can tweet your evergreen content over and over again. Just make sure that you do not repeat the same tweet in quick succession. That means you need a ton of different tweets – then you can even set up a recurring queue of the same tweets and keep your account active on autopilot.

The tool that we use to keep our Twitter accounts active and tweet on autopilot is SocialOomph. Check it out!

9. You are consistent

Many people start being active on a social channel for a couple of days or even weeks. And when the big-time success does not show early on, they lose interest and get sloppy with their activity.

Or people tweet about one niche one day and then start losing focus and start tweeting information from a totally different niche.

Whatever you do on Twitter, you have to be consistent. Only change your strategy when you have reason to believe that what you are trying to do does not resonate with your target group.


10. You are open to change and new features

While you do not need to use everything that Twitter tries out and every new feature you could be using, you should still realize that Twitter is evolving and changing. New features open up totally new opportunities. You should be open to try things out and add them to your strategy if they fit your marketing strategy.

In addition, Twitter is fighting against spam and you need to react to changes that affect your daily marketing routine.

For instance, when we started our Twitter journey a tweet did not necessarily have an image – today your tweets need images. New features have also been added to Twitter that can help you to engage with your audience: Have you ever tried Twitter polls? And please, check out the Twitter advanced search!

And if you are into video, you should absolutely consider adding videos to your Twitter marketing strategy.

Keep your eyes open for new features, evaluate, try them out – They could be just what your Twitter activity was missing.

Most social networks look easy to use for marketing when everything is right. But getting some small things wrong can easily cost you all your marketing success. This Twitter checklist should help you to get the most important aspects of Twitter marketing right. And believe me, it is well worth your effort. Twitter can easily turn into your most important traffic channel.

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Twitter is simple. But it is not so simple to get your Twitter account to fame. Here is your Twitter checklist to make sure that you have everything right. twitter marketing strategy, twitter tips, twitter checklist, twitter fame #twitter #twittermarketing #twitterstrategy #twittertips