Upcoming Webinar: 7 Hacks That Turned Twitter Into A Perfect Sales Channel For Us

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Save your spot in the upcoming free Twitter Webinar: „7 Hacks That Turned Twitter Into A Working Sales Channel For Us“.

The Webinar will take place on Wednesday, June 8, 9 AM PDT.

We know how hard it can be to figure out how all the social networks really work and how to get from social media activity what you really need: traffic, leads, and sales.

When we started with our publishing platform exploreB2B, we knew nothing about social media marketing but we had to make it work. We tried a bit of Facebook, a little tweeting. We participated in LinkedIn Groups and networked wherever we could. Nothing gave us the results we were looking for and needed.

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And then we started to understand Twitter.

First, we learned how to provide value on our accounts and target the right people to follow us with the content we shared. But we also realized that this was not enough to grow a following – especially not when time is crucial, and you need considerable results fast. We figured out what almost all marketing influencers do (or did) but rarely talk about to make their Twitter accounts grow. And we copied that – and guess what? It worked for us, and it could work for you, too.

We share this Twitter hack with you in the upcoming webinar and explain how to make an account valuable and grow a following „fast.“ (Save your spot now).

Now, to be honest, a large following does not really sell anything on its own. On social media, selling is a bit more complicated than tweeting promotional messages to a large audience. You have to earn trust, drive traffic – and eventually make people come back for more.

When we were still running our publishing platform exploreB2B, what we needed the most was traffic, signups and people actually signing up and publish content on the platform. We got all that from Twitter and learned how to scale that with an incredible conversion rate of up to 30%.

In the Webinar, we are going to tell you how to turn Twitter into a traffic generation machine and how to use that traffic to generate leads. We will also give you some tips on automating the traffic process.

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You may have heard that direct messages are kind of the black sheep of marketing on Twitter? We certainly did hear that story. Luckily for us, we did not listen blindly. Twitter direct messages can be an incredible marketing channel if you do it right. Our followers loved our marketing messages – and converted into publishers on exploreB2B.In the Free Twitter Webinar we share the hacks that helped us build two businesses mainly based on Twitter and turn Twitter into a sales channel.

If you do not like promotional direct messages, you do not have to use them. But to make an educated decision for or against them, you need to understand the power they have. We will tell you what to consider with your direct messages and how to stand out from the endless chatter and spam. Direct messages got our publishing platform to exponential growth. So for us, they will never be all bad.

Learn about the power of direct messages in the upcoming webinar. Save your spot here.

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We learned about the power of conversations on Twitter. You cannot only talk to people you can also connect and talk to people who would be otherwise fairly out of reach. Plus Twitter provides some great features to help you get more engagement and social shares from your activity.

We will tell you how to leverage conversations on Twitter in the webinar. Save your spot here.

Now that we learned so much about all the possibilities on Twitter and tried so many different ways to leverage them for our benefit, we needed some way to decide what works and what does not work good enough. Monitoring is the key. And when it comes to Twitter, monitoring the traffic from Twitter in analytics often is not enough.

In the Webinar, we will show you how we used tools and tactics to figure out the best way to use Twitter and how you can analyze your own efforts and results, too.

Save your spot here.

The webinar is free!

We share the hacks that turned us into marketers and made Twitter into our most important marketing channel. If you are active on Twitter, Twitter has the potential to give you better results. The hacks we show you in the webinar are not top secret or relevant only for large corporations with huge marketing budgets. The hacks do not require an investment in ads or expensive tools. And these hacks are likely to be very successful in almost any niche and topic.

The webinar “7 Hacks That Turned Twitter Into A Working Sales Channel For Us” will take place on Wednesday, June 8, 9 AM PDT.

Will I see you on Wednesday?

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