• Tasia Gonsalves-Barriero

    Wow! Never thought of Twitter for some of these ideas. Will definitely check them out.


  • mattdyor

    Totally agree – Twitter is a great communication and market research service. Amazing how much value it creates 140 characters at a time. Thanks for the post.

  • http://www.stokeseo.co.uk DarylGreen

    Geo targeting conversations is a new one for me – very useful for local business owners with retail stores

  • I know


  • Jim Katzaman

    Not long after I got into Twitter, I picked up on lists. Now I swear by them to the point I hardly ever look at my main timeline.

  • Josh Harmon

    Great article. I agree, lists are great. I have one I made consisting of all my verified followers simply by making a list using socialrank.com Also, when networking local on Twitter I like to search for a reputable local (relevant to my brand/interests) business and began to follow their followers. I’ve easily built quality Twitter handles for small or local business many times and I agree, there are many strategies and depending on what type of brand or business you represent, some strategies may yield great results and some might not. Being creative is always the best approach.

  • http://robynwilliamswriter.blogspot.com.au/ Robyn Williams

    You have some great ideas on this list. I will definitely try them out. I’m not sure how you favourite things though. Haha.

  • Jodi Graham

    Wow great post Susanne! It’s been a long time since I read a “How To Use Twitter” post that has unique ideas I didn’t already know about. I’m so all over the lists and going to check out TweetDeck too (something else I’ve never heard of)! Thanks so much.

  • Kshitij

    Hi Susana , what about direct messaging? How to use it as an effective tool?