Top 10 Content Writing Tools for Your Small Business Website

The following is a guest post by Robert Morris. Robert Morris is an online editor and content writer who lives in NYC. He is also a Yoga lover and Asia traveler. Follow Robert on Google+!

If you intend to attract a larger audience with your small business website, These 10 content writing tools are very simple to use. Use them to improve readability, for better written content + improve the aesthetics of your pageyou’ll have to focus on developing top-notch content. You need to convince your potential customers that your products or services solve their problems, but you should also make the content appealing for search engines. That’s not an easy goal to achieve. Check out these 10 content writing tools; they will support you on this mission!

1. ZenPen

You don’t need tons of features and formatting tools to get your content written. Too many icons will only distract you from the text. ZenPen is a minimalist writing zone that blocks out all potential distractions and enables you to focus on the writing process. As a small business owner, you undoubtedly have a million other things ving for your attention. ZenPen will at least offer you a temporary sanctuatry so you can find the time to write distraction-free.


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2. Ninja Essays (NinjaEssays Review)

Do you lack the writing skills that would improve the SEO ranking of your website? Don’t despair; you can get assistance from the professional writers of this custom writing service. The writers at Ninja Essays are educated in different niches, so you’ll get focused help that will meet your expectations. The website is collaborative, so you’ll have control over the completion process. If you are having trouble keeping the pace with your editorial content calendar, Ninja Essays can take away some of the stress.


3. Hipster Ipsum

If your website is ready, but you still don’t have enough content to feature on the pages, don’t worry. Forget about the plain old Lorem Ipsum; Hipster Ipsum is so much cooler. It’s a generator that gives you dummy text full of random hipster expressions that people will actually want to read. Hipster Ipsum is still pretty new, so you can be among the first to use this fun technology!


4. Soovle (Soovle Review)

As you write your website content, it’s important to incorporate SEO keywords, or keywords that ill help your website place better on Google’s search page. Thanks to Soovle, you can discover effective keywords not only for Google, but also for Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Just type in a keyword for your business, and watch as each search engine shows you the most used keywords form their site.


5. Unsplash

You weren’t planning to launch a small business website full of boring text and articles, right? Of course, you need beautiful images! Instead of spending too much money on Getty or Shutterstock, you can get copyright-free images at this website. Unfortunately, the site only posts 10 new photos every day. But if you’re diligent in your search, you just might find the perfect photo!


6. The Readability Test Tool

When you get into writing mode, you can get carried away with technical terms and complex sentences that your readers won’t easily understand. Since you want to stick to simplicity, it’s always wise to check the readability levels of your content before making it public. Use The Readability Test Tool for that purpose. It will tell you the average age and grade level at which people can easily ready your content. Aim for about grade 9. You don’t want your content to sound too “dumbed down,” but you also don’t want to alienate your audience.


7. PlagTracker (PlagTracker Review)

When you’re working on a small business website, you want to avoid plagiarism under any and all circumstances. A mistake of this type would get your site removed from search engine results, not to mention the fact that your credibility and reputation would take a serious hit. PlagTracker is an effective plagiarism checking service with multiple functionalities. It will enable you to get rid of copied content, but you can also ask for editing assistance or writing consulting from the team to replace the content with new, original content.


8. Unsuck It

Business jargon may be acceptable when you’re talking to your business partner or a few highly educated customers, but your online audience won’t find it appealing! Unsuck It is a great tool that enables you to find alternative expressions that will make your content cleaner. You type in the “terrible business jargon that you need unsucked,” and Unsuck It gives you a simple explanation that you can share with your readers.


9. RhymeZone (RhymeZone Review)

Depending on the content and style of your website, it might make sense to add some fun rhymes. A simple rhyme can add instant appeal to a lengthy article. You can use the search function to find rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and more. You can even search for the text in Shakespeare’s works or other quotations. It’s sort of one stop shopping for word play.


10. Guardian and Observer Style Guide

Are you having doubts about a certain word or expression in your content? Don’t think too much about it; just find the relevant rule in the list provided at this website. When you have some free time on your hands, explore the rules of the Style Guide. They will help you write correctly and clearly.


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All 10 content writing tools listed above are very simple to use. You can use them to improve your readability, generate better-written content, or improve the aesthetics of your page; all of these things will contribute to better viewership and more conversions. Try them out and you’ll instantly make your small business website better!

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    Thanks for sharing, Robert! Soolve is new for me, I will take a look on it. Besides, I will add Unsplash to my collection of websites with free images. Really indispensable thing for every freelance writer!

    I support your concern about plagiarism on websites, as Google could penalize websites with duplicated content (this has been known for a long time). Anyway, now there’re many plagiarism detection tools. I prefer to check my writing with plagiarism checker, but I heard some good reviews on and PlagTracker as well.

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