The Social Media Traffic Generation Masterclass – Launch of Part I

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Many times we get asked: „How did you build your social audience?“ „Wow, how can you have 1 Mio. followers on Twitter?“ and „How did you grow traffic and publishers for exploreB2B without a huge marketing budget?“

And then people go on saying: “We do not have the money to spend on advertising with Facebook to build our followers”, “I tried Social Media for a while – it does not work for me”, “Social Media does not work in my niche” and so on.

The Social Media Traffic Generation MasterclassAnd the truth is: It is not magic, you do not need a ton of money to get it started and it is not limited to one special situation or niche. All of you can do it and use Social Media for getting traffic to your site, blog or product page and building an audience. And if you know how, you can use that traffic to your own advantage. You just need to know how it all works.

We know that many entrepreneurs are lacking a huge marketing budget, when they are starting out. We have been in the same situation. But what they have – and what we had when we started – is commitment and eagerness to make it happen with hard work and persistence. And that are perfect conditions for starting out with Social Media Marketing.

Before you read on - we have various resources that show you exactly how to use social networks to gain massive traffic and leads. For instance, check out the following:

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We also have made the experience that even when you as an entrepreneur are willing to spend some of your precious resources for PR or marketing services, often you do not get your money’s worth back. In the end you would have been better off spending time and money on learning how to do marketing yourself. (Yes, we have been there, too.)

So we decided to pass on our knowledge and what we learned about marketing, to enable you to build traffic and attention for your own business. We are going to teach you how to grow a following in social media and traffic from social media to your own site, your business page or products. We show you how to target in social media, how to grow followers in individual networks, we talk about content marketing and how you can save time with automation.

We believe in our methods. It is not only us who use them. Many of the well know Social Media influencers use these methods, too. Everything we teach you, we have tried ourselves. We grew traffic, signups and gained a lot of business with these methods. We are still using these methods. We do not want to rip you off!

And since we know how it feels, when you spent your precious money on something that does not provide you with what it promised – We guarantee you success:

  • We give you a 30 day money back guarantee. If you signed up and realize this course is not right for you: Just write us an Email and we will refund you – no questions asked.
  • We guarantee results! If you finished the course, invested your time and money and still do not see any results: We will examine your specific situation and try to fix this. If we cannot help you, we will refund you completely.

Today we launch the first part of the “Social Media Traffic Generation Masterclass” called “Social Media Growths Basics”. This first part of the Social Media Traffic Generation Masterclass includes:

  • The importance of content for Social Media
  • The three most important rules of Social Media Marketing
  • How to use curated content for Social Media Growth
  • The importance of Twitter for any Social Media Traffic strategy
  • How to bring value to your audience on Twitter
  • How to enforce growth on Twitter
  • How to cross promote different Social Media accounts so you don’t have to start from zero every time
  • How to run a Facebook page
  • How to start implementing your own content strategy – without breaking the bank
  • How to run a blog and publish content consistently without investing too much time

You can find out more about the Social Media Traffic Generation Masterclass here.

For the next six months, we will continue to launch one course per months. The upcoming courses will be:

  • Targeting – Getting the Right Followers/Fans without Ads
  • Individual Networks and How to Get the Best Results from Them
  • In-Depth Content Marketing Course
  • Saving Time with Automation and Tools
  • How to Define KPIs and How to Measure Them

Today with the first launch we are offering you a very special introductory price for the course: Instead of the final prize of 445$ for the complete course and lifetime access to all course material, today you can get this lifetime membership for as little as 89$. This offer is only going to be available for a limited time.

You can Signup for the Social Media Traffic Generation Masterclass here.

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We are building this course for YOU! So please let us know what you think.

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