The Return of The Traffic Generation Podcast – The Traffic Generation Podcast

Today¬†marks the return of the Traffic Generation Podcast… after what may be described in history books the longest week ever.

After half a year I decided to pick up podcasting again. Todays episode describes why I stopped in the first place, why I’m relaunching this program and where I would like this program to go in the future. The goals this time around are a little different from last time and maybe even different from 99% of other podcasts out there.

Why? Because my primary goal for this podcast is not to reach a huge audience – that’s what the blog is for. With the podcast I want to build a platform where I can say the things that I cannot say on a platform that is primarily built for reach.

Confused – you can listen to me enlightening you in the podcast (hopefully).

I mention an article in the podcast that I released last week: The Influencer Trap – How Modern Marketing Becomes Unsustainable

Have a look at the article and decide for yourself if it is as confusing as Mark Schaefer said it is.

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