Social Media Campaigns in 2017 – 5 Examples to Learn From

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The popularity of social media is well-known, and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are significantly more popular with younger adults. For example, as many as 90 percent of adults between the ages of 18 to 29 use social media platforms. This is compared to approximately 35 percent of adults over the age of 65 using social media networks.Social media engagement can bring more attention to your brand. It can build loyalty and trust. Here are some great social media campaigns to learn from. See what it takes for a social media post to go viral. #socialmediapost #socialmediatip #socialmediamarketing #socialmediacampaign #socialmediastrategy

As a business owner or manager, it is important to understand how these statistics can affect your marketing efforts and abilities. Remember that social media marketing allows you to more easily connect with your customers on a personal level. Many people are interested in doing business with other people rather than with a company façade, and social media gives you the ability to showcase the personal and human side of your business.

This type of engagement can bring more attention to your brand. It can also build loyalty and trust. Approximately 53 percent of Americans who follow their favorite brands on social media networks are increasingly likely to make future purchases with them. Here are some of the great social media marketing campaigns we’ve seen so far.

1. Worldwide Breast Cancer – #KnowYourLemons

The “Know Your Lemons” campaign launched by Worldwide Breast Cancer used different shapes and sizes of lemons to showcase the 12 unique signs of breast cancer. The lemons represented breasts in a way that bypassed censors in a tasteful way.

The campaign took a lighthearted approach to provide women with valuable information about cancer warning signs that they may have not previously known. It also enabled them to share stories and ask questions in an interactive and supportive environment. These posts were thoroughly viewed and shared; more than 7.3 million people saw them within a relatively short period of time.

2. Ted Baker – #MeetTheBakers

Ted Baker is a popular fashion brand in Great Britain that has enjoyed great results from its use of social media marketing. One of the more popular campaigns it hosted is the “Keeping Up With the Bakers” soap opera.

This campaign notably used a dramatic yet comedic storytelling approach on multiple Instagram posts to create episodes over the course of eight days. It also used digital window displays that gave shoppers the opportunity to explore products thoroughly online before making a buying decision.

Storytelling has long been a popular marketing strategy to use, and this campaign is a classic example of how this method can work effectively on a social media platform.

3. Nusret Gökçe – #SaltBae

Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe used the visual elements in Instagram to attract attention in a viral campaign. The initial post features him sensually slicing and salting meat. The unique approach taken in the Instagram post gained immediate attention, and more than 2.4 million views and 8,700 unique comments were received in only two days.

To further draw attention to the brand, many people began to parody the original Instagram picture and used a related hashtag when posting their own videos to the Internet or to social media platforms. This is the perfect example of how a low-cost and creative approach can go viral and generate better results through social media campaigns than big budget campaigns can.

4. Heineken – #OpenYourWorld

Another excellent example of a thoughtful social media marketing campaign is Heineken’s “Open Your World” campaign. This campaign featured three very unique individuals from different backgrounds completing different tasks together. After their tasks were completed, they enjoyed a beer together to learn about their backgrounds.

This innovative campaign made a bold cultural statement and brought people of different cultures and political beliefs together to enjoy a drink together. However, it was notably released shortly after Pepsi’s botched attempt at the same type of campaign. Both campaigns should be carefully analyzed to learn more about how you should and should not approach this type of social media marketing campaign.

5. Mr Clean

Mr. Clean took an entirely different approach with one of its recent campaigns. The brand used social media to tease viewers before the release of a major Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day campaign. For a week before the big television commercial launched, trailers and teasers were unveiled through Facebook and Twitter that showed the newer and more sensual side of Mr. Clean.

An astounding 11,700 mentions of Mr. Clean were tallied within a single minute of the campaign launching, and the commercial has enjoyed more than 17 million YouTube views since its launch. This is a great example of how social media can be used strategically to create a buzz about a big launch to magnify its results for greater traction.

As you can see, marketers have creatively used social media in different ways to expand their reach and generate more cost-effective results. There are a few excellent tips you can follow to maximize your use of social media to engage your customers. For example, you can ask creative or poignant questions for your audience to respond to. You can also run a contest that encourages active participation, tag other people to draw attention, ask your customers to share their own content or videos, and more.

Each of these ideas will yield a different type of result, and they should be studied carefully. If you are preparing to launch a new social media campaign, consider how you can use the lessons learned from these effective social media campaigns to your benefit.

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Social media engagement can bring more attention to your brand. It can build loyalty and trust. Here are some great social media campaigns to learn from. social media case studies, social media examples, social media marketing tips