How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Outreach Success

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The following is a guest post by Charles Ebert. Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Charles is a lead expert at Professional Resume Solutions. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin Twitter, Facebook & Google+.

LinkedIn has recently become one of the most popular social media platforms. Today, the overall number of registered accounts exceeded 433 million, and this number continues to grow. Each second, two new members registered. The popularity of LinkedIn can only be compared to Facebook. However, they are not the competitors as they have different objectives, and people who come here have different intentions. LinkedIn keeps being the most popular professional networks with the possibility to build your own brand, show yourself as a specialist in a certain field, find a new job or establish partnership relations with other companies.LinkedIn is great for business. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and get many possibilities for personal development, new opportunities, career moves. Use these LinkedIn tips to find more business opportunities through your LinkedIn profile. #linkedin #linkedintips #linkedinstrategy #linkedinprofile

LinkedIn is great for business, but it is also great for individuals. By optimizing your profile, you can meet a lot of possibilities for your personal development, find new opportunities, and make a long-awaited career move. However, nothing comes easy. To enjoy all the benefits, you are to create an effective page that will attract more visitors and will help you to demonstrate all your strengths.

Here is your guide on how to make LinkedIn work for you. Follow the recommendations and you will definitely get the desired result.

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Basic preparations: how to make people find your profile

When working on your page for outreach success, you should remember some details that will help you with making a page visible for more visitors.

1. Page name

If you want to make your page just like a personal brand, you are to change a random URL to a custom one. This can easily be made in profile settings.

2. Your name and position

Let’s be clear from the very beginning: if you want to use LinkedIn as a professional profile, you need to make it look professional. Add your relevant personal details like name and your current position.

3. Add your photo

Here is your guide on how to make LinkedIn work for you. Follow the recommendations and you will definitely get the desired result. #linkedin #socialmedia #linkedntips #socialmediatipsOf course, your appearance does not matter. But to make your profile work for you, you need to add your real photo. In this way, you will appear in the Recommended feed more frequently, and people will definitely visit your page.

These are three basic steps that you are to make. If you skip them, all other steps will be useless.

5 tips for better optimization

4. Working experience

The first thing people will pay attention to your LinkedIn profile is your working experience. This is a basic proof of your professional expertise, one of the main requirements of headhunters, and the most effective way to show that you are a person dedicated to work.

This is not a resume that you send to a manager, so you don’t even need to order resume writing services or to define which of the experience is the most relevant to your application. Here, add all the companies where you worked. A good move will be also to include the details about your responsibilities, your achievements and your growth within the position or company.

5. Certificates and education

Your experience is the most important thing, but companies also like people who keep working on their skills and knowledge. If you want to show that you never stop with your education and regularly visit different seminars, workshops and courses, add this information as well.

If you have got any certificates, but still visited some classes, feel free to add this info. In some cases, you can indicate the number of the certificate, if you have one, to prove that you really have it.

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LinkedIn allows attaching photos to your profile so you can attach photos of your certificates as well.

6. Skill endorsement

Your connections can help you improve your reach. They just need to endorse your skills. This will show other LinkedIn members that you are really good with them and use those skills in your work.

If you have no idea how to get more endorsements, you may choose one of the following ways:

  • To ask your connections to endorse you
  • Start endorsing your connections, and in most cases, you will get some endorsements back

7. Recommendations

Recommendations work even better than connections and your working experience. However, it is more difficult to get them. You cannot ask anyone to leave a recommendation for you, as people will not just know what to write about you.Here is your guide on how to make LinkedIn work for you. Follow the recommendations and you will definitely get the desired result. #linkedin #socialmediamarketing #linkedintips #socialmediatips

If you want to make your profile look stronger, it will be better to ask your colleagues or ex-colleagues to write a couple of sentences of your work, experience, and achievements. It will be nice if your boss or ex-boss leave a recommendation for you as well.

Recommendations work in two ways. First, they increase the visibility of your profile. You will appear more frequently in the search if you have some recommendations. Secondly, people tend to trust those who have been recommended by someone else.

A good thing is that to get a noticeable effect, it will be enough to get just one recommendation.

8. Contribute content

If you want to prove your personal expertise and start to attract people to your profile, become a content contributor. In LinkedIn, you may write posts for the feed, that will be seen by your connections. This is a good way to get promoted if you have enough active LinkedIn members among your friends.

The second way is to add a presentation to SlideShare. In this way, you can also promote your business. All slides will be available for search in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines so your reach will be rather expensive.

The last way is to write posts. This is perhaps the most effective way to establish contacts in certain niches and demonstrate that you are not just an employee, but a person who has strong analytical and research skill. Fortunately, LinkedIn allows publishing posts for different spheres. For example, you may write about marketing, sales, or even share some industry insights. You will definitely find your audience.

Additionally, your articles will also be available in search engines, therefore, you will be able to attract not only LinkedIn members, but also other people.

Do remember that writing a post and sharing an article is different. You need to be well-prepared not to make a mistake that will lead you to nothing.

LinkedIn can really be used as a platform for your building your personal brand, finding new clients, growing your business, and searching for new opportunities. Everything depends on you and your intentions on how to make your page work for you.

LinkedIn, as well as any other social media or even a blog requires your permanent attention and regular updates. If you want to keep attracting people, you need to keep working on your profile. Publish posts regularly, add articles and encourage your friends and connections to engage them, and do remember to grow your connection list.

The tips that we included in this article will be effective both for personal and for company branding. If you want to make the most out of LinkedIn, follow them, and you will see that your online presence become stronger and you start to reach more people.

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LinkedIn is great for business. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and get many possibilities for personal development, new opportunities, career moves.

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