New Marketing Podcast by The Social Ms: Marketing in Minutes

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Hey, we’ve got a short announcement to make. Starting Wednesday, we have a new podcast. And, drumroll please, it is called Marketing in Minutes.

The show will be hosted by me (Jonathan Gebauer) and produced by my sister Susanna Gebauer and myself.

And if you are asking yourself why the world would need another Marketing podcast, here is why this show will be a little different. This show will focus on explaining one marketing topic per episode in easy to understand words in just a couple of minutes. Each episode will be heavily scripted and shorter than 10 minutes.

Listen to the announcement below.

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If you can’t see the embedded player above you can go directly to the episode here.

Marketing in Minutes is currently being submitted to iTunes, Stitcher and all other Podcast directories. To subscribe on any of these platforms as they become available, please open this page!

Episodes of Marketing in Minutes will be released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tune in on Wednesday for the first full episode called The Blogging Masterplan.

I hope you come along for the ride!

Those of you who’ve been here for more than 2 years may remember that I had a marketing podcast before. It was called the Traffic Generation Podcast it was also a Marketing Podcast, and I only published 10 episodes. Yeah, it fell short. Back then I was trying out the medium, getting used to talking into a microphone, and tried to find out whether podcasting would work for me at all.

Today’s announcement is a bit different because I know exactly where I want to go with this. I have a plan. I have content for the first 10 episodes. And I think we have a niche to find enough listeners to make this a powerful marketing podcast. This podcast will not fall short.

Come back on Wednesday – and learn about all things marketing in our new Marketing Podcast.

I’m Jonathan and this is Marketing in Minutes.

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