The Truth about Marketing Influencers – Podcast Episode

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If you’re a skeptic when listening to marketing influencers and their products, this episode of Marketing in Minutes is for you.

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In this episode of Marketing in Minutes I will talk about when to trust Marketing Influencers. You will learn:

  • When marketing influencers can help you
  • How to evaluate whether a product or service by a marketing influencer is worth your time
  • When not to trust marketing influencers (including myself)

Do you have a couple of minutes? Then listen to it now 😉


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Episode Transcript

The full transcript of today’s episode is below.

The Truth about Marketing Influencers

Have you ever been skeptical about what a marketing influencer is telling you?

You’re right to be a skeptic.

I’m Jonathan Gebauer and you’re listening to Marketing in Minutes.Have you ever been skeptical about what a marketing influencer is telling you? You're right to be a skeptic. #marketinginfluencer #influencermarketing #digitalmarketing #microinfluencer

Welcome to Marketing in Minutes – the podcast that gives you everything you need to know about one marketing topic per episode.

I’m Jonathan Gebauer and today, let’s talk about why and how to check whether a marketing influencer is worth listening to.


There was a time when I was new to running an online business. And back then I sucked up every piece of marketing knowledge I could find.

Most of that wasn’t worth my time.

It was knowledge, that was either outdated, required investments I wasn’t able to make, didn’t apply to my situation, or was simply wrong.

The truth is, marketing influencers want you to make an investment into them – either by hiring them, or by buying some of their products.

That includes me – I have to make a living just as anybody else.

And more often then not, beginners are blinded by promises, and end up buying products they don’t need.

That’s easier to avoid then you think.

Before you hire a marketing influencer like me, or buy one of our products, the first thing you need to do is check whether that marketing influencer can help you.

Here is how you do that.


One of the first things I had to learn when starting out online is that every business is different. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy – and what marketers teach doesn’t apply to everyone the same way.

I learned that the hard way when I started to understand Twitter.

Because what we did and achieved with Twitter for our first online business went against almost any marketing wisdom any marketing influencer told us.

Our Twitter strategy works for us to this day – and if something gives you results, then you should keep doing it.

But still, a lot of people tell us that we are doing Twitter wrong. Today we ignore that.

All influencers specialize in a specific area of online marketing.

Some concentrate on specific advertising systems – like Jon Loomer for instance. Others, like Neil Patel, focus on SEO. Again others – like me, focus on low-cost marketing or in other words: Marketing that works without relying on advertising and third-party services.

So when you are checking out which online course system to buy for instance, or where to get coaching, read what those influencers specialize on, and ask yourself whether that is really what can help you!

Most if not all marketers give out very valuable content for free – so check that content out as well.

And don’t just check it out – try it out. Give it a go, check out whether what you’ve received can get you some results.

Because the truth is – if you cannot get results from the free content, you won’t get any from the stuff you pay for.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean that what this influencer is giving you is bad, it just means it doesn’t apply to you or your current situation.

For instance: If an influencer is focusing on tactics that only work in the B2B space, then it’s very unlikely that this person can help you when you are selling… I don’t know… cocktail dresses for instance.


So before you invest in the product a marketing influencer is offering you, you should always check whether it applies to your situation.

That might seem common sense to you – but what you shouldn’t underestimate is that we are talking about marketing pros… And that means that you are talking about a group of people that have made a profession out of praising there products as being the solution you need.

And many of us marketers are really good at that. It’s our job, and it’s how we got where we are.

Just remember that, when you check out a product we are offering.

But there is another thing you need to remember before you invest in a high-ticket product a marketing influencer is offering.


And that is the quantity of the information you are getting.

I’m not a big fan of video courses myself – which is why we here at The Social Ms are not offering our Online Growth Masterclass as a video course.

Although, to tell the full truth we are actually planning to add some video to it where it makes sense.

But the truth is, that when someone is offering you for instance 3 to 5 hours of video lessons for a couple of hundred Dollars, that is bound to be a lot less useful content then you think!

The thing about video lessons is that they move very slowly – and therefore provide a way of bloating up the amount of information you actually buy.

And that is what you have realize – when you are buying an online course that you pay hundreds or even thousands of Dollars for, what you pay for is an amount of information. It’s not that important in which form that amount of information is presented.

Our Online Growth Masterclass is comes mostly as text content – but it gives you 9 courses focusing on all areas of low-budget marketing.

I could easily create a 5-hour video course from any of these 9 courses and sell each for a higher price point, but that isn’t what our business is for. What we want to do is give our audience a one-stop course that will really allow them to build their business.

Our courses may not look as polished from the outside as others. But there is some information that you can not easily turn into an easy to follow video – it just works better in text courses.

So that is why we are presenting the Online Growth Masterclass this way!


So there you have it – before you decide to trust a specific marketing influencer, you should evaluate whether their focus is on the right topics and marketing tactics that will allow you to use them for your benefit.

But you should also evaluate the amount of information you are really buying.

And when a marketing influencer is trying to sell you that one piece of information that will easily make you a marketing pro and your business a success, then it’s probably either a hoax, or at least a very specialized tactic that will only work in a small variety of situations.

Do your homework or you are bound to be frustrated after you buy something.


That was another episode of Marketing in Minutes – the podcast by The Social Ms.

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I’m Jonathan Gebauer and you’ve been listening to Marketing in Minutes.

That’s it for today, take care, bye.

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