Is social media marketing for you? – Podcast Episode

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Social media marketing is a very powerful marketing tool. But is it right for you and your business? That’s what this episode of Marketing in Minutes will help you with!

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In this episode of Marketing in Minutes you will learn:

  • When you should focus on social media marketing.
  • When you shouldn’t focus on social media marketing.
  • Which data indicated that social media marketing is not right for you (right now).

All in under 10 minutes!

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Episode Transcript

Below is the full transcript of this episode of Marketing in Minutes – if you prefer reading to listening!



Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool.

But is it for everyone?

Let’s find out.

I’m Jonathan Gebauer and you are listening to Marketing in Minutes.

Welcome back to Marketing in Minutes – the podcast that gives you everything you need to know on one marketing topic in every episode.Social media marketing is a very powerful marketing tool. But is it right for you and your business? #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips

Today: Is social media marketing right for everyone? And more importantly – is it right for you?

Susanna and I started our blog back in 2014. And in the beginning, our focus was mostly social media marketing and content marketing.

That’s where our name comes from – The Social Marketers, or in short The Social Ms.

Today we focus on all low-cost online marketing topics – but social media marketing is still very important to us.

Social media marketing is still the one area of online marketing that allows small players to play the big game. It’s still the one online marketing tool that allows many small businesses to compete with the high budgets of bigger companies.

Right now – and without needing to invest months into content and preparation.

With that said – not every business needs social media marketing. And not every business needs to be social.

But do you need social media marketing?

I recently talked to a business which had a 50 percent conversion rate on leads acquired through cold calling.

Now, that’s something.

If you translate that into terms that everyone understands, that means you open the phone book, search for people within your target audience, and then call them.

And moving those leads through your sales process, 50 percent end up being clients.

That’s a crazy success rate. And it means that you should look twice before you focus all your marketing activity on social media.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that acquiring clients is easy – you still have to sell to them.

But it does mean that there is a high opportunity to grab people by their need.

Social media marketing success, on the other hand, is based on slow progression, brand building, sales funnels, community, and so on.

If you can just present a solution and get clients – you might be missing out on an opportunity if you focus your marketing activity on something else.

It doesn’t mean that social media marketing will never be on the table for you. But given your limited resources, you should focus on the opportunities that present themselves to you right now.

A business like that has many options – and social media marketing is one of them. But other opportunities are for instance:

Search engine advertising. If people are that desperate for your solution, they might already be searching for it – and the competition is probably very low.

And Search engine advertising could be coupled with SEO – Search engine optimization. And if you want to know more about that, please listen to episodes 5 and 6 of this podcast.

Another opportunity that comes to mind is old-fashioned public relations – or in short PR. I’m not a fan of this – but since the data suggests that the problem you are talking about is very pressing for many people, this might be an interesting story to tell through traditional media.

And these are just some of the examples that come to mind – there are many more.
For a business like that, social media is one of many marketing options. And the data suggests that they may not want to take this route.

Today there are literally hundreds of different options for doing your marketing. Many of them are low-cost – and available to almost everyone.

But they all require time and effort to work.

Social media marketing is a very powerful marketing tool. But is it right for you and your business? #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #marketinginminutesIn marketing, it is very important to qualify your options. Not everything you can do is something you should do.

If you try to do everything at once, nothing will really work for you. And you are going to be frustrated by your results.

What you should do instead is find data points that suggest how to proceed.

Examine what works about your existing marketing efforts and scrap what doesn’t lead to results. Focus on what works and scale it.

If you try to do everything, it would mean focusing less on what already works for you.

Now, this all sounds like I’m only recommending social media in very few cases… But that’s not my intention.

Quite the contrary – social media is very important for most modern marketing strategies.

But in the above example, a working marketing strategy would have lost the focus it deserved.

That would just be dumb.

If the existing and working marketing efforts and data already suggest opportunities that will allow the business to strive – then you should use the data you have!

Social media can still be beneficial to that company – but whether it can help them to scale at the same rate as other strategies right now is doubtful.

They already have data points that suggest very specific opportunities.

If they wouldn’t have had that data already, the story would be different.

Social media is a very valuable marketing tool5 – and when you use social media right from the start, it will probably stay a valuable part of your marketing mix for a long time.

But if you started out a different way and found data points that already suggest a strategy that will work for you, it would be dumb to not to take the opportunity.

So, to sum things up:

If your resources are limited, and your data already suggests a clear path to marketing success, then you should take this route.

But if your marketing activities are stuck or you are starting out – social media marketing can probably help you.

This was today’s episode of marketing in minutes – I hope you learned something.


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That’s it for today, please return for the next episode. Take care, Bye!

Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool, but is it right for you and your business? Listen to this episode of Marketing in Minutes to find out! social media marketing strategy, online marketing, grow your blog, blog traffic, social media tips #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #onlinebusiness #blogtraffic

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