Marketing Needs to Start BEFORE…

Marketing cannot start too early. Chances are high that you are already late to the game. Don't miss any more time to build your growth. #onlinebusiness #digitalmarketing #marketingstrategy #bloggingtips“Before what?” you ask. Before you actually launch something. Before you sell. Before you are even ready.

If you are going to start something new – the minute you decide that you are going to do it is the right time to start marketing – do not make the mistake of waiting with your marketing until everything else is finished and ready for launch.

Sometimes it starts even earlier – I know people who start their marketing before they ever decide to do something. Just in case.

I recently talked to a couple of young founders. They are in the middle of building a new app which I think I am going to love. I asked them what they plan for market entry, and they told me they are not ready for marketing. They would still need a few weeks to finish the product.

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… I told them they are wrong

These founders are not alone with their take on marketing and postponing the beginning of marketing for far too long. We have had clients calling and saying, we are launching something next week, and we want you to send some tweets to push it.

Launching unprepared and without a headstart in today’s world is not just a mistake – it’s careless.

Well, I can send a couple of tweets for anything, but that won’t get you far if you do not have a strategy and a concept behind it. If you did not start your marketing and started building a brand a while before your launch, most likely the tweets will not sell the way this client expects them to.

There is not only a lot to plan, but there is also a lot to build before you actually launch something – especially if you are new to the market and have no “brand” and fame to build on.

If you want success online you should start your marketing today. There is so much you can do long before you have a blog or business. Or you already have a blog? Even better.

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Marketing is not about an ad campaign or sending some press information to journalists

Social Media marketing is much more than a couple of tweets or a handful of Facebook updates.

Marketing is not about selling something for a few days. If you want to do that – hire a sales person and pay him by the hour.

It is about building something like brand recognition, a reputation, trust, connections, … and building something always takes time.

(It always takes more time than you anticipate or plan.)

And most of these things you need for successful marketing, you can and should actually start building long before your product is ready for selling. The earlier you start marketing (especially building your brand) the better will be your results when it actually comes to selling.

On the other hand: Of course, you can sell without building a brand, a reputation and trust first – it only will be a lot harder and cost you a lot more money.

When I started as an entrepreneur, I really had no clue about Social Media. By the time we had it all figured out, Social Media had turned out to be one of our best marketing channels. And I admit: If I had known what I know now about Social Media, I would have started to grow my accounts, my professional brand and my personal brand on Social Media the day I decided to found a company. Probably even before that. It would have made my life as a founder a lot easier.

Marketing starts a fair time BEFORE you are going to launch a product, it starts long BEFORE you start your advertising campaigns, or start to send out product information. There is a lot you can do BEFORE your product is even there. And the more you do BEFORE, the better are your chances of success.

Here are just a few suggestions, what to do before you are ready with everything else:

  • Define a marketing strategy (Seriously – DO IT!)
  • Start and grow your social accounts
  • Write a blog and build your brand recognition
  • Build an E-mail list of potential customers
  • Test stories, wording, messages, …
  • Connect to potential customers
  • Get the opinion of potential customers and optimize your product accordingly
  • And many more

Happy Marketing!

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If you are going to start something new – the minute you decide that you are going to do it, is the right time to start marketing