How to Make Your Brand New Blog Or Website Stand Out From The Masses

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The following is a guest post by Leona Hinton. Leona Hinton is a young blogger, educator and freelance writer from Chicago. When she is not busy with projects, Leona enjoys playing piano and horseback riding. Follow her on Twitter!

One of the trickiest things about blogging is how impressing visitors takes more than just posting top-quality contentA new blog need some special attention. You have to make people notice your blog and engage in blog promotion. Use these blogging tips to start your blog the right way. #bloggingtips #blogpromotion #startablog #bloggingforbeginners.

Boosting a new website is not an easy task, especially since blogging competition is fierce, including hundreds of thousands of competitors in any niche. Getting your voice to stand out from such a crowd can feel impossible, but it can be done.

Boosting your brand new website is all about providing your followers with an unforgettable experience and proving that your website is worth not only remembering but constant monitoring, checking for new and exclusive updates and sharing on social media.

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Before We Start, Overcome the Doubts

Your questions are numerous: How is it even possible at all? How can I prove to readers that my brand new website is better than others, as there are so many great blogs that exist and keep high rankings for years?

Firstly, you have to strongly believe in it yourself. Secondly, you need to keep working all the time to grab more followers than competitors and make your blog entirely irresistible. And finally, you need to develop a whole strategy of website improvement, considering such tips from professional bloggers as the ones listed below:

1. Beat the Competitors.

Keep an eye on every move your competitors make, but don’t plagiarize their content. Analyze their weak spots and understand their marketing strategy to find out whether their successes are more significant than yours and why. Evaluate the effectiveness of their content, design, and marketing optimization to get the inspiration you need to create your own strategy. It’s better to build your plan of action on data received from analysis than on your assumptions and doubts. That really works, especially with the help of tools created for analyzing competitors, such as Feedly (choose the topic you’re interested in and discover the most popular articles written about it) and Buzzsumo (pick up the newest social media trends and see if your competitors use them).

2. Transform Content Into Your Main Strength.

Here are some characteristic traits of effective, working content that will boost your brand new blog to supersonic performance:

  • Originality, practical importance, and relevance are what people want;
  • Strong headlines make the whole article readable;
  • Juicy multimedia to diversify your content;
  • Thought-provoking articles generate popularity;
  • Accurateness and exact reporting of your information is a must.

As originality is the main feature of quality content, you can check your articles for similarities using Unplag (check your content for matches with blog posts of your competitors or check articles to be posted against already published ones to avoid self-plagiarism). To create attractive images and infographics, try using Canva or and enjoy a wide range of options suggested by these tools.

Boosting a new website is not an easy task, especially since blogging competition is fierce, including hundreds of thousands of competitors in any niche. Getting your voice to stand out from such a crowd can feel impossible, but you can make new blog stand out. #bloggingtips #blogging101 #bloggingforbeginners #startablog #bloggingsuccess #onlinebusiness Besides these, you can use some tricks to make your content eye-catching and meet the aesthetic needs of your followers, such as the following:

  • Use at least one image;
  • Make your articles long, but helpful;
  • Visualize your content, use infographics and list posts, as they get more shares on social media.

3. Express Your Personality.

Remember that people love following other people, not robots creating boring content. Share your own experiences, don’t be afraid to talk about your own strengths and stay yourself. It’s better to seem different than be very similar to others. Develop a personal writing style, specific and unique design, think of something to be remembered by! In this case, your main tool is your own intellectual power and creativity. Use them effectively!

4. Stay Trendy.

Blogging is a lifestyle that requires constant learning and expanding your knowledge base. The information you give to your users should be maximally useful, practical and, most importantly, up-to-date. Being the first to explore various social media trends is essential for every new website, as people get mad about news stories and share them rapidly, providing you extra traffic. You can use such tools as TrendSpottr to look for popular content, including hashtags, phrases, ideas and topics in general and use them on your website. Also, you can use the most popular keywords in your articles, searching them with the help of Google Keyword Planner or KW Finder.

5. Be Helpful and Practical.

Boosting a new website is not an easy task, especially since blogging competition is fierce, including hundreds of thousands of competitors in any niche. Here is how to make your brand new blog stand out. #bloggingtips #blogging101 #bloggingforbeginners #startablog #bloggingsuccess #newblog #newbloggerRemember, your content should have practical importance, give valuable advice and meet users’ requirements. Ask yourself: Why do people use the Internet? Maybe they have a great number of questions to be answered or because of curiosity? Anyway, they have a lot of questions they want to find the answers to as quickly as possible. Provide a large source of answers for people seeking for advice. They will appreciate and set a high value on it, and you’ll get extra traffic.

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6. Care About Traffic.

Here again, we return to keyword usage and following the trends, something essential for increasing your brand new website traffic. However, there are some more secrets, be sure to use all of the following:

  • Interlink your old posts into new ones;
  • Become SEO friendly, install plugins like All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO to optimize your blog for search engines;
  • Install Google Authorship to make your images popular in search results;
  • Make links to the most favorable sites in your niche.

7. Use Guest Posting Actively.

You should not belittle the importance of guest posting but use it at least once a week. To ease your searching process of the blogs related to your own, try using Wordtracker’s Link Builder. This is a tool created for searching, establishing contacts and analyzing your activity as a guest blogger. Furthermore, you can install Raven Tools – a unique product containing many useful tools for time management, link building, PPC research, social management and more.

8. Stay Within Striking Distance of Readers Impression.Boosting a new blog is not an easy task, especially since blogging competition is fierce, including hundreds of thousands of competitors in any niche.

Create a friendly and interactive atmosphere for your blog, letting your readers communicate via emailing or commenting. It will help you keep in touch with your followers and let them create a friendly community of people unified by the same interests and ideas. In this way, you will shorten the distance between you and your readers and definitely see how your work is valued and for which people it is of most importance. Understand your targeted audience and become their best friend.

9. Regularity + Time Tracking = Super Effectiveness.

Obviously, you shouldn’t post your articles only once a month or at nighttime because you’ll hardly reach even 5% of your target audience. The research from Hubspot proves that websites that publish more than 16 posts monthly get 3.5 times more traffic. Furthermore, researchers show how content posted on Tuesday gets the largest amount of traffic. Additional information about the best time for posting you can search, depending on which result you want to achieve, whether it is commenting, traffic or sharing on social media. As your blog is brand new, you need all possible results to be achieved, so be sure to check the most appropriate time for getting extra commenting, sharing and visiting. Coschedule will ease your searching process and help you understand which time will correspond to your own needs.

10. Be Socially Active.

Popularization in social media will not only give you some extra traffic but also promote your content and provide great opportunities to be closer to your audience. You can use sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Use media scheduling tools like Buffer to manage several accounts simultaneously and plan your posts. You can also create an account on Instagram and blog on Tumblr. Having official pages or blogs on all of these social media platforms will ensure your popularity and multiply it.

11. Never Stop Learning.

Any activity requires effort; it doesn’t really matter what kind of activity it is. If you want to succeed, you need to work on a constant basis. Seek out new knowledge, gather more professional experience, talk to smart people, attend conferences and webinars, and never stop working and loving what you do.

Use all of these points to start a new period of your life – one that is motivated, successful and productive. Doing what you love to do is the greatest happiness possible, isn’t it? Blogging can also become the greatest happiness for you, but only if you use the right strategies and create exact plans of action. By following these easy-to-use tips, you have better chances of boosting the popularity of your website and transform your hobby not only into an enjoyable activity but into the thing you’re most proud of!

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