How To Set Up Recurring Queues For Twitter With SocialOomph (And Why)

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When talking to bloggers and young business owners, some of the first questions are: How much time do I need to invest to keep my Twitter account running and growing? How can I set up my social accounts so that I can manage them and still get my regular work done?One of the most effective ways to automate your Twitter account is to set up recurring queues for Twitter with SocialOomph - here is how to get it right. Twitter automation is a great way to automate your Twitter marketing and get more Twitter traffic without more work. #twitter #twittertips #twitterautomation #twittertools

The answer is „it depends.“

Twitter marketing automation is a key to any efficient Twitter marketing strategy. The reason is that for Twitter marketing success, you need to tweet a lot, you need to spread out your tweets over the time when your audience is online, and you have to repurpose (=tweet again) your older content if it is still relevant – or you will be running out of content to tweet very fast, while your awesome content does not get the attention it deserves.

But there is a lot you can do to optimize your accounts and your activity so that all recurring tasks get less time consuming and you can (and should) put that time to better use. Like growing your account some more, trying some new ideas, start a new social network and so on.

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Twitter marketing can get especially overwhelming – and boring. But there are a ton of tools that can help you be more efficient in your Twitter marketing. And you should consider adding some tools to your Twitter marketing, to make your tweeting more effective and still leave you some time to concentrate on your day job – or simply give you back some time to have a life 🙂

The most effective way to automate your tweets is to set up recurring queues for Twitter. That means you have a (long) list of tweets that you send out via a tool like SocialOomph to your Twitter account – and once all the tweets are sent, you simply (re-)start tweeting at the beginning of your list.

This is also an awesome way to send traffic to your older blog posts!

What you absolutely need for recurring queues for Twitter

The most effective way to automate your tweets is to set up recurring queues for Twitter. This automation method allows you to automate the boring tweeting and free up your time to engage with your audience. This is also an awesome way to send traffic to your older blog posts! #twitterautomation #marketingautomation #socialmediamarketing #twitter #twittertips #socialmediaautomationYou should not attempt using recurring queues on your Twitter account when you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of evergreen content. Recurring queues for Twitter should only be used if you have a long list of content that you can tweet. This list needs to be long enough, to make sure that you will not repeat the same handful of tweets over and over again in quick succession – and really annoy your audience.

What you can do, if you don’t have a ton of content

You can still use recurring queues of tweets if you don’t have enough content to ONLY tweet from your list. Simply make the interval between the tweets from the recurring queue larger – and add tweets in between, for instance, some curated content that you schedule via Buffer so that it fills up the long gaps in your recurring content.

Why we recommend SocialOomph for recurring queues

There are not many social media scheduling tools that offer recurring queues for Twitter. When we started using recurring queues, SocialOomph was more or less the only choice we had – the only other tool we knew that could do recurring queues needed a server running on our end all the time – plus the tool wasn’t a favorite with Twitter and using it meant risking your Twitter account getting banned.

Today, there are other tools that can do recurring Twitter queues like for instance Sendible. While we used Sendible before for sending automated direct messages, we stopped using it before they offered the recurring queue feature – so I have no experience with the queue feature of Sendible. Years back we had some really bad experience with Sendible’s customer support, which made us cancel our subscription – but that was ages ago. If I cannot convince you to use SocialOomph, feel free to check out Sendible.

How to set up recurring queues in SocialOomph

SocialOomph will never be the most beautifully designed Twitter tool that you will encounter. But once you found your way through their ugly user interface, setting up recurring queues is fairly easy…

Here is how to do it:

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1. Register with SocialOomph

Recurring queues with SocialOomph do not come for free – but SocialOomph offers  7-day free trial:

SocialOomph Free Trial

If you decide to use recurring queues you can either choose the Twitter Unlimited or the Professional account. Since we only recommend using SocialOomph for Twitter, we recommend the Twitter Unlimited subscription for $6,97 every two weeks. (Yes, SocialOomph is the only social media tool I know that has a 2-week billing period). You can cancel the subscription anytime.

2. Go to „Posting“ –> „Queue Reservoirs“

When you are using SocialOomph for the first time, it might be a little confusing to find the feature you are looking for. Here is how to go to the „queues“ for Twitter:

3. Create a new queue

Since you don’t have a queue for your tweets yet, you need to create a new queue

Choose a name for your new queue and choose a time interval that you want to have between your tweets – I don’t recommend using the random interval option since you want to know what is happening on your Twitter account.

You have more options for your queue, like choosing days when you want to tweet. For instance, for some businesses, it may make sense to either only tweet on weekdays – or just on weekends.

I also recommend activating the „recycle updates“ option. This will make sure that the queue never runs empty but simply restarts at the beginning once all updates are tweeted.

4. Add Updates To your queue

Go to „Posting–>Create Updates“.

Since you should always have an image in your tweet, you now have two options: a text tweet or a tweet with an image. If you have activated Twitter cards for our website, you can add a simple Tweet with text, it will pull the Twitter card from your website and look like this (This is a Twitter Summary Card – you can find more on the different types of Twitter cards here):

If you don’t have Twitter cards for your website, you should go for the „New image & text“ option and add an image to your tweet. Choose the „Don’t schedule, just add this image & text to my queue reservoir(s).” option.

You now have to repeat this for all the tweets you want to have in your queue.

5. Alternative “Bulk Upload”

If you already have all your tweets in a file, you can upload the complete file and add the tweets to your queue. The file needs to be a plain text file (.txt).

I have not used the bulk upload option so far – adding images to the tweets looks a little too complicated for my taste.

6. Additional tips

You can use more than one queue for on Twitter account. For instance, you can add a second queue with seasonal updates that you can stop when the season is over. By using a second queue you will avoid mixing up evergreen and seasonal updates.

Make sure your tweets are not too long, The image and the link takes some characters in SocialOomph, even though Twitter allows you to tweet 140 characters plus link plus image. If the tweet is too long from the SocialOomph perspective, it will fail to add to the queue.

Check if SocialOomph actually sends the tweets. For that, you should check „Networks–>Manage Connected Accounts“


You will get a list of your connected Twitter accounts and by clicking on the “published” field, you will get a list of the tweets that were recently published via SocialOomph. Check back to this regularly to see if your queue is still running as you set it up.

As mentioned before, if you don’t have so much evergreen content, you should choose a longer time interval for your queues – and add curated content via Buffer in between.The most effective way to automate your tweets is to set up recurring queues for Twitter. This automation method allows you to automate the boring tweeting and free up your time to engage with your audience. This is also an awesome way to send traffic to your older blog posts! #twitterautomation #marketingautomation #socialmediamarketing #twitter #twittertips #socialmediaautomation

But if you have been blogging for a while, you should have a sufficient number of posts that you can tweet to set up recurring queues and keep your Twitter account active, while you are busy working on totally different things.


An automated recurring queue for Twitter with SocialOomph is not the same as an active and engaging Twitter account. You still need to regularly visit your Twitter account, check your notifications tab and take part in conversations!

If you need help with starting your Twitter account, read this first!

But recurring queues for Twitter with SocialOomph allow you to use Twitter more efficiently – automate the tedious and time-consuming task of setting up the same tweets over and over again, and use the free time to engage more into conversations!

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One of the most effective ways to automate your Twitter account is to set up recurring queues for Twitter with SocialOomph - here is how to get it right. - twitter marketing automation, twitter marketing tips, social media marketing, marketing automation

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