Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 You Should Not Miss Out on

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The following is a guest post by David Koller. David is a passionate blogger and copywriter for Media Gurus, mainly interested in SEO and Digital Marketing.

With another year behind us, it’s time to look ahead and see what to expect. Digital marketing is certainly going to be one of the most observed points due to its importance for any business entity. New trends in the market and ever-present need to reach more customers, digital marketing will offer some new and improved strategies.

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Over the last 20 years, digital marketing has gone through some big changes. In addition, it’s still changing and evolving. Knowing the trends and following them will create fertile grounds for developing high-quality digital marketing. So let’s observe what you should watch for in 2018 and use it in your digital marketing campaign.

1.   It’s still all about the content

Content marketing will still be the focus of digital campaigns in 2018. However, this time it will be all about personalized user experience. The main goal will be to create a smart content to fit different types of the target audience. Until now, all content was written to fit all customers, and it worked just fine. Nevertheless, just like the audience evolves, so does their expectations. They want to know that your business addresses them personally and understands their needs.

Videos will be the easiest to use for this purpose since they can quickly adapt to any topic and style. However, today’s expectations are more than just a person talking to a camera. So make sure that all the contents are prepared for the video narration, as well as editing and sound effects. If you don’t catch your audience’s attention right away, they will click “stop” and leave.

Content is all about the storytelling. Even when you think that there isn’t one, there actually is. Whatever media you choose to tell your story, make sure that it’s formed accordingly to the rules and features of that resource. Give your creativity a chance and incorporate stories into your content marketing strategy. This will certainly show a different approach towards your brand.

2.   Smart native advertising

Native advertising is actually used by businesses and mostly online. It is usually a video or an article with a purpose to promote a product. And in 2018, the native advertising needs to be smart. Its form and style must match other content approved by the editorial staff. The point is to create the native ads which will blend in and not interrupt the experience of your audience.

The effective native ads are impossible to discover and the audience will see it as part of your content. Instead of using disruptive ads which can annoy the users, try providing personalize content through the native advertising.

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3.   Turn your customers into influencers

Your loyal customers are perfect candidates for influencers. So treat them that way. Give them useful, practical and relevant services, like solutions for their problems or information needed to resolve an issue. It’s already made clear that the quality of communication you have with your customers will help you with brand identity. However, your fiercest critics are always your most loyal customers. One of the ways to create influencers is if you listen to your customers.

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Word-of-mouth is still part of the marketing strategies and considered the most powerful one by most. If you want to create positive brand awareness then you have to turn your loyal customers into influencers. Create the environment which will inspire them to talk about your brand and increase the interest in your products or services. However, don’t underestimate them. Their loyalty is directly connected to the quality of your product, and changing that will change their opinion.

4.   Use accurate data

Providing feedback to your customers is important. They want to know where they put their trust and money. That’s why accurate data about your brand will be an important part of your marketing strategy in 2018. More closely, you will have to examine all the data and find the type you need to implement in your marketing campaign. Furthermore, using data in your marketing strategy will go hand-in-hand with personalized content in 2018.

5.   Mobile before all

As SEO experts, GWM Company says: “… fine-tuning the process of search engine optimization to give you the best and best possible outcome.” This is exactly what you’ll have to pay attention to in 2018. Since Google started mobile-first indexing, all rankings from now on will be based on the mobile presence.

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Even though the importance of mobile websites was always potentiated, in 2018 it will be the imperative if you want to get high rankings. People turned from desktop search to using their mobile phones to browse the internet, make purchases and publish material. You have to remember that competition is fierce and that bad mobile website can chase your audience away. Statistics say that 60% of users with bad mobile experience will avoid that brand in the future.

6.   Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising has created quite a buzz. This type of marketing uses artificial intelligence and real-time bidding to create a personalized experience. An algorithm looks for the appropriate advertising space and buys it. The whole process is data-driven and will save your budget. All you need to do is enter the goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) into the program and it will do all the work.

Simply put, the program examines behavior data of customers and concludes which ad is right to which person at the specific moment on what device. Based on eMarketer, only in the USA, 85% of mobile digital ads will be taken over by the programmatic advertising by 2019.

7.   Geofencing

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Geofencing is part of the geotargeting process intended to bring advertising to people within the specific location. This is not a new technique but is the one which will be on the rise in 2018. This is due to the high number of mobile users who use their phones to find desired products. Geofencing is perfect for businesses with a location, like stores for example.

The moment a potential customer enters your perimeter you can send them targeted mobile content through an app, webpage, text or ad. Since people rely on their smartphones, this will be a very effective way to get to them whenever you want.


Even though some marketing trends may appear too intrusive, the business world today revolves around reaching the customers. An average consumer wants to find what they’re looking for quickly and effortlessly. And digital marketing trends for 2018 are all about that. They place the consumer in the center and revolve the strategy around their wants and needs.

This kind of approach will help businesses to improve their products and approach towards the market. On the other hand, the consumers will be respected for deciding to trust a certain brand.

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Over the last 20 years, digital marketing has gone through some big changes. Here are the digital marketing trends you need to consider in 2018, digital marketing ideas, digital marketing tips, digital marketing strategy, digital marketing plan

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