How To Create Awesome Blog Posts That Get Traffic, Shares, And Interaction

When I look back and read some blog posts I wrote a couple of years ago, I realize how far we have come. There is so much I did not know about creating content and optimizing it for more impact…

I just wrote. And the content was not half bad. That was not the problem. Although I do believe that my writing also has improved a lot since those early days of writing blog posts.

And the posts worked: I got traffic, I managed to get guest posts published on some major blogs from our niche.

There is much more to a perfect blog post that brings in traffic, leads - and even makes money, than writing this post. Here is what pro bloggers do to make their blog posts spread like hell and get awesome traffic. create blog posts, blogging tips, start a blog, blogging for beginners, blog creation, blog writing

But in many ways, my old blog posts still sucked. And there were little things showing what I lacked:

  • When Jeff Bullas accepted my first guest post for his blog, he simply changed the title. Because I had no clue about awesome headlines that convert. Do you?
  • During the past years of blogging, I went back to a couple of our older blog posts, to add visuals and social media images. Because when we started out, we did not pay enough attention to images. Do you?
  • When we started this blog my keyword research was basically non-existent. We were not counting on SEO for much traffic, due to the fact that we are in the most competitive niche on the web: marketing. But we learned since then that even in the most competitive niche there are some topics and keywords for which you can still rank. We did. Do you?
  • We ran against writer’s block a couple of times. But we found a couple of ways to find more topics and even types of posts that you can easily write, even when you are not up for writing. Do you know how to do that?

There is so much more to an awesome blog post that has what it takes to make an impact, attract awesome traffic, generate leads – and even make you some money. It is hard to bring it all together when you are just starting out and lack a couple of years of blogging experience.

But that does not have to be this way. Because there is no art or magic to creating a perfect blog post for maximum impact. You simply need someone to tell you step-by-step what you should do to make your blog posts perfect: From researching the topic to finally hitting on the “publish” button.

And doing your homework on the blog creation process will also help you to look more professional as a blogger right from the start!

So what does it take for your blog post to be perfect?

First, you need a topic. And not just a topic YOU like. But a topic your audience craves for. And you can research that. And as a side effect, this research will not only give you ONE blog post idea but help you to fill your content calendar for weeks or even months.

You will also have to decide what kind of storytelling you are going to use and what type of post you are going to create. For this decision, it helps tremendously to know that some types like list posts run well on social media and other types like interviews have the power to help with your SEO.

Then there is the above-mentioned problem of the headline: Some headlines have immense power – others have failure already in their DNA. It is a fact that only one fifth the number of people who read your headline will ever see your post. But it is up to you, to get MORE people to your content.

By now you probably realized how much there is to the perfect blog post. Do you want to create the perfect posts? Let me show you how: