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Implement a guest blogging strategy with this step-by-step guide and gain links, traffic, grow your audience and generate sales.

Guest blogging is the most effective tactic to grow your online business - and it's available to everyone. There is no investment needed (other than time) - and you can start to work on it today. Get this easy to follow step-by-step guide now and grow your small business big, today.

What's Inside

Learn how to grow your business through guest blogging with this easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Why Guest Blogging?

Learn why guest blogging is the most effective strategy to grow your business, today.

How to find blogs that fit your profile

Identify blogs and websites that are perfect to send your post to.

How to contact blogs and bloggers

Get in touch with bloggers without being rejected.

How to prepare your posts so they won't get rejected

Learn how to write posts and optimize them so they are great for your target blogs and won't gt rejected.

How to gain the biggest benefit

Your posts also need to be optimized so that they create the biggest benefit for YOU. Learn what you can do to increase the impact of your post.

The tools that can help you streamline your guest blogging activities

We provide a list of tools that make guest blogging more effective and more fun - while increasing your benefit and return on investment (and save you money).

Write. Publish. Grow.

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About the Authors

Meet the masterminds behind Write. Publish. Grow

Siblings Jonathan and Susanna Gebauer have been dominating the Social Media World for years. Together they form The Social M(arketer)s.

Susanna Gebauer
Jonathan Gebauer

Susanna's and Jonathan's social media success didn't come over night. Quite the contrary - before success came despair, failure and the bankruptcy of their company, exploreB2B. 

But through their failures they achieved expertise and through their expertise they achieved success. 

Their current company, The Social Ms was rated the #8 most influential marketing brand on Twitter by Onalytica - less than a year after it was founded. Both Susanna and Jonathan love dogs, being outside, sports and their occasional drinks. 

Write. Publish. Grow.

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