All You Need To Know About Twitter Marketing (In More Than Just One Post)

I have written countless articles about how to use Twitter to grow your business. We have published articles about starting with Twitter, how to get into growth mode, how to optimize your tweets for better results and how to use Twitter to drive tons of traffic to your blog.

Still, we get a lot of questions how to do this and how to achieve that (no offense – we love to get these questions, keep asking). But to make your Twitter life easier, today I am going to present you with a collection of the most important articles from Th Social Ms about Twitter and how to use it to drive traffic and generate leads for a blog or business.

Here is the ultimate list of blog posts about Twitter that you need to read to get your Twitter marketing right on track.

Why Twitter

Let’s start with some very good reasons why Twitter can be the key to your marketing success. Twitter is not only pure marketing gold for small businesses. Twitter can also help you grow a blog audience and drive traffic to your blog on autopilot.

So here are some very good reasons why you should consider integrating Twitter into your (online) marketing strategy – or even better, choose Twitter as the first social network for your online marketing. Twitter will pay you back with traffic and leads.

Here are some very good reasons why Twitter should be your first choice for marketing.

Getting Started on Twitter

If you now think about using Twitter, the next questions are: How should you start? What should be your first steps on Twitter? What are the basics you need to get right? If you don’t get the basics right, you will most likely not see the results you are looking for.

Here is how to get started on Twitter and get your Twitter account on the right track to turn Twitter into a traffic generation powerhouse.

Twitter and Content: The Key ToReliable Social Media Traffic

While it is possible to see some success with Twitter marketing when you don’t have a ton of content, the best results for traffic and lead generation you will see when you use Twitter in combination with content. That is the number one reason why Twitter is such a great social network for marketing your blog posts – or use it as a distribution channel for your content marketing.

So, here is your explanation on how to use Twitter to market your content and drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog or content.

Getting into growth mode

There is no denying that a larger following on Twitter has the power to bring you more traffic – if it is a targeted audience. And there is a simple process that will help you grow a targeted audience on Twitter. And many of the top social media influencers have used exactly this process to grow their Twitter following.

Here is the process that brought Twitter marketing success to many of the top social media marketing influencers – and some tips, limits and best practices you should know if you want to use this process to get your Twitter account into growth mode.

Tweet better

The hard truth is that one person may see huge success from Twitter and someone else will see no success at all even if the audience of the two is comparable. Even if you do have a targeted following, there is a lot you can get right – or wrong – with your tweets that can bring you better results or cause utter failure of your Twitter marketing

Here are some easy to follow tips which can multiply your Twitter marketing success. And you will not need to invest a ton of time or money to put these tips into action!

Generate Leads from Twitter

So far, I have presented a ton of articles about growing an audience on Twitter and getting traffic to your content. But the question you should now have is: Can you generate leads from your Twitter activity? Even if you don’t have sooo much content?

The answer is: Sure, you can get leads from Twitter- and here is how you can do it.

Twitter Marketing Automation

I know that marketing automation is not a favorite with some social media people. But the truth is, we not only have a life outside of social media: family, kids, dogs, hobbies etc. Most of us also have a job besides marketing. We are not full-time marketers that get paid a ton of money to talk to people on Twitter all day long. We have a business to run, blog posts to write – and for many of us, marketing is a side hustle that we have to fit between everything else that we have on our plates.

And that is where marketing automation is more than appreciated. A lot of the daily marketing tasks are repetitive and boring. And using tools and automation to perform these tasks helps us get better results – and free up time for conversations, engagement, and our life.

While you should „learn“ marketing first, once you know what you are doing and what works, you should take a look at marketing automation.

And here are my favorite tools that I use for automating my Twitter marketing.

Recurring Queues

If you have a ton of evergreen content, you can use Twitter to drive traffic to that content on autopilot with recurring queues. Here is how we use recurring queues for our Twitter marketing.

Measuring Success

Never should you be flying blind in your marketing. And there are two analytics tools you get absolutely for free – and that you should absolutely watch: Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics.

Conversations on Twitter

Twitter is not a one-way channel. The best results often come from engagement, interaction, and conversations. There are many different types of conversations taking place on Twitter and the power of the conversations is often underestimated.

If you want to dive into the targeted conversations and use them for your blog or business, here is how to find them.

Twitter Features you should know

I have talked a lot about how to use Twitter to share content and use it to drive traffic to your blog. But Twitter has a lot more features and you should definitely know about some of them – and decide yourself, which features you want to use in your marketing.

Here are some Twitter features you should know – which ones are you going to use?

Final words about Twitter marketing

Some of you may know our story. When we started out with our first startup we had no clue about marketing. And it was Twitter that brought us the marketing success that we needed to grow fast. And it was Twitter that taught me social media marketing.

If you are interested, here is how Twitter turned me into a marketing pro – and how you can become a marketing expert too.

This is the first time I have done a write-up like this, where I kind of curated our own content into a list of information about one topic. Please let me know if you like this type of post!

If you want to learn everything about growing an audience on Twitter and how to turn that audience into leads and customers, we have a book for you. We created “Grow Your Twitter Account Like A Pro” to teach people like you how to get awesome and targeted traffic for free – from Twitter.

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Here is the ultimate list of blog posts about Twitter that you need to read to get your Twitter marketing right on track. twitter marketing tips, twitter traffic generation, blog traffic from twitter