Twitter Marketing That Doesn’t Suck: ManageFlitter

by Jonathan Gebauer (@jogebauer)

If you read my recent article about social media strategy or Susanna’s recent article on how to grow followers, then you know that we (like anybody else successful on Twitter) rely heavily on the Follow-Unfollow-Strategy.

Basically this strategy means you follow people and then unfollow those who didn’t follow back after a while. I won’t go into details here, just remember to start slow and only do up to 20 follows at a time when you are starting out. Once your account grows, gradually increase.

With large accounts, this gets complicated and I wouldn’t be able to do this sensibly in a reasonable amount of time by just using the Twitter site or standard tools like Tweetdeck.

Well, this is the main use case for ManageFlitter. And it performs great.

How ManageFlitter works

ManageFlitter allows you to use advanced search features and selection features to perform the actions for the above strategy. For people to follow, you can search Twitter for accounts matching combinations of keywords in their bio, amount of followers, … You can also look at the Followers for a specific account or the people following it.

For unfollowing people you can analyse your Twitter tribe and find spammers, inactives, people not following back, accounts tweeting in a different language, …

In the old days, ManageFlitter allowed you to select 100 accounts at a time and then follow or unfollow them in bulk. Due to a change made by Twitter, this cannot be done any more.

What you do now is select the actions you want to perform and then “process” them manually. When you are following people, you select the accounts, queue them and then receive a list of follows to do. Whenever you click on a Follow button, the account disappears, and the next account moves into the place where it was.

This allows you (with a bit of practice) to do at least 100 accounts per minute. The same system applies for unfollows and other actions.

If this sounds like you could train a monkey to do a large part of social media marketing (the clicking) – well, that’s true. What is also true, is that this strategy works really great. And a monkey still won’t tweet for you.

Fun to use?ManageFlitter manages to deliver a Twitter tool that not only works but is also fun to use. It makes growing a Twitter account easy.

ManageFlitter has a well thought out design and manages to squeeze as much fun into the process as possible and produce an easy to use tool. This is an achievement, as most advanced Twitter marketing tools I know and depend on… well, most of them suck. They are hard to use, and the reason I use them is because there are no competitors. ManageFlitter is different. It is well thought out.

Even when it sometimes slows down a bit (not often) it displays humorous messages. There is an “entertainment mode” that let’s you watch videos while clicking. They manage to make you smile from time to time. With the dry and repetitive tasks that you perform with it, that is also an achievement.

Other useful features

ManageFlitter can do more. You can analyse your account and activity. You can send “Power Posts” – scheduled Tweets at times when most of your followers are online. You can handle multiple accounts. I use many of these features – other tools offer them as well, but they don’t offer them with the same user friendly UI.

List of all features.

Pricing – free version or paid?

The free version might get you started for a small account. You can follow fifty people at a time using basic search features. Unfortunately you cannot directly access followers of specific accounts.

But once your accounts grow, you really need one of their paid offerings.

If you are serious about growing your Twitter accounts, this tool pays for itself rapidly. Pricing starts at 12$/month, but there are higher business accounts available.

ManageFlitter Pricing.

ManageFlitter really is highly recommended.

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  • Nick Gelso (@CLNS_Nick)

    How does this application rate vs JustUnfollow? Seems to be virtually the same, only JustUnFollow has mobile capabilities. In 2014…ummm… I mean 2015, mobile is a must. Please lmk if this program has mobile app. Thanks. PS- hmu on Twitter. 😉

  • iPankajS

    Hey there @jogebauer

    Definitely Managefliter is a wonderful tool and I used in the journey of reaching 10,000 followers in 4 months through organic methods.

    I’m a huge fan of Productivity and Automation in Social Media & Marketing tools! I got featured in Inc Magazine by a CEO and Guest Editor through How to run effective meetings . I landed on your website while researching my next post on using Automation in Social Media Marketing. Information on blog post is really intriguing and I loved it from core of my heart. However using a free version of manageflitter did not get more much options. I used the option to “Unfollow those who were not following me after a certain time”. Batch processing is great advantage to do things at one go. I wrote about it in my post about how to get 10,000 followers on twitter. You may find it interesting.

    Thank you, Pankaj!

  • Stickdogg

    Sounds like a good tool to me. The pricing sounds a little too expensive to me though. I pay $10 a month for Buffer to send my message to 10 accounts at once. Tweepi is around $5 a month for similar sounding analytics, and the Klout app and site give me the info and ability to schedule “Power Tweets” for free. Am I far off with this thinking ? Does it offer enough value to warrant paying more than $12 every month Ann replace those other apps? Besides the only obvious of putting those abilities in one place ? .