9 Awesome Digital Marketing Case Studies in B2B

Digital Marketing Case Studies are a great way to learn more about marketing – especially in the B2B sector. But impressive digital marketing case studies are sometimes hard to find. One reason for that is that it’s often hard for a marketer to identify whether these case studies apply to your exact case before you dive into the actual case study itself and whether they provide actionable advice.

Maybe I can help a little: This post will present 9 digital marketing case studies complete with a short outline of the actual case.

I’ve curated these – and I was a bit selective: I wanted to get a list of useful digital marketing case studies that represented very different scenarios, and I believe I have achieved that. The focus of this post is not to present a ridiculous amount of useless case studies, but to present different cases in different scenarios, with enough data available to be useful.

I hope, I’ve succeeded.

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3P Creative Group Digital Marketing Case Study

1. 3P Creative Group: New Jersey Marketing Agency Bets on HubSpot, Inbound Marketing To Generate 20x More Leads In One Year

Digital agency becomes a Certified Hubspot Partner and uses Hubspot to implement and execute their inbound marketing strategy. Results speak for themselves: +969% Website Traffic, +1271% Organic Traffic, 20x more leads, 80% of new business retainer based.

Shipserv - Digital Marketing Case Study

2. Shipserv: Impressing and Early Social Media & Content Marketing Case Study in the Maritime Industry

Shipserv is a leading online marketplace focused on the maritime industry – and social media marketing and online marketing is not what comes to mind first when you think of this industry. Especially not as early as 2008.

Even 8 years later Shipserv’s successful content strategy and marketing success serves as one of the most impressive examples of social media, content and inbound marketing strategies and still is one of my favorite digital marketing case studies. Thanks to Mark Schaefer for documenting it!

9 curated digital marketing case studies to learn from. Cases in various scenarios and different approaches. Some spectacular results!3. Pronto Marketing Agency: How Hootsuite Helped This Agency To Scale Its Services Without Reducing The Offer Or Quality

Pronto handles social media activities for small businesses – and manual tasks often became a nuisance and reduced billable hours. Integrating HootSuite and marketing automation in their workflows allowed them to increase their yearly business by 110% – without reducing the quality of their work.

4. SAP: The Latin America Strategy in Relation to the Global Strategy

This digital marketing case study takes a close look at how SAP Latin America implemented social media marketing and how it related to their global strategy and brand development. The results were impressive: One year after implementing their Latin American strategy, SAP boasted an increase of 900% fans while preserving strong engagement rates.

Cisco Digital Marketing Case Studies

5. Cisco’s Social Media Listening Center

Cisco established a social media listening center which helps them reap 1.5 Million in benefits each year by reducing agency costs and making processes more efficient.

docusign digital marketing case study

6. DocuSign’s Targeted LinkedIn Strategy

Docusign ran a sponsored Email campaign through LinkedIn’s InMail platform. Their campaign was targeted specifically at job titles (VP or director of sales), and the emails were tweaked to be sent from influencers (who had before taken part in webinars sponsored by DocuSign) and didn’t appear to come from DocuSign directly. With dedicated landing pages and an optimized funnel, DocuSign was able to achieve impressive results.

agco digital marketing case study

7. Global Agricultural Manufacturer AGCO Owes a Decent Portion of its 10bn Yearly Revenues to Social

When analyzing their target audience, AGCO found that a huge part of their target audience was already using social media – especially Youtube. The company decided to actively engage users that were already showing company branded equipment online – and build a successful social media strategy from there.

at&t digital marketing case study

8. AT&T Makes 47 Million from a Blog

This one is different from other digital marketing case studies, as it happened in direct cooperation with one of the most popular B2B content marketing influencers, Mark Schaefer.

Back in 2011, AT&T put together a new sales team to recover a former client with whom relations and sales had dried up. With help from Mark Schaefer at Grow, they implemented a content marketing strategy to target specific persons of interest at the former client (a Fortune 100 company btw.)

Within 18 months, they made AT&T 47 million in new business.

Hubspot Digital Marketing Case Study

9. Hubspot Grew Sales by 1193% in 3 Years

This may just be one of the currently best known B2B inbound marketing case studies (and probably of all 9 curated digital marketing case studies to learn from. Cases in various scenarios and different approaches. Some spectacular results! If you are looking for a case study on digital marketing you are in the right place. digital marketing campaign case study, digital marketing strategy case study, what can you learn from digital marketing case studiesdigital marketing case studies). That is because Hubspot dared to go where no one went before. And because Hubspot is awesome. Read up on this to understand the ongoing hype around inbound and content marketing!

Hubspot managed to become a synonym for inbound and content marketing.

Final Words – Were These Digital Marketing Case Studies Helpful?

So, this was it – 9 awesome digital marketing case studies for different B2B scenarios. I hope you learned something for your digital strategy. Would you have selected the same case studies? What are great case studies you’ve encountered? Oh, and if you found this helpful, please share this article!

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9 curated digital marketing case studies to learn from. Cases in various scenarios and different approaches. Some spectacular results!