8 Ways to Boost Traffic and Sales Through Facebook

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The following is a guest post by Jonathan Ohayon: Jonathon Ohayon is the COO of Brilliance.com and has been managing companies and motivating people since the 6th grade. As a proven business leader and gemologist, he is uniquely skilled in navigating the ever changing e-commerce landscape. When he is not answering emails into the wee hours of the night, he can be found spending time with his wife and three children.

It’s become the norm for businesses to have Facebook pages, but do they really help a business’s bottom line? Many marketers are skeptical about what Facebook can do for their brand, but the truth is, there are dozens of ways you can increase your sales through this platform. Here are 8:


Share exclusive offers

Facebook allows businesses to create offers and promote them to a targeted audience of your choice. Take advantage of this and create exclusive offers for Facebook that will encourage people to visit your page, then click through to your website to start shopping.

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Make sure you use a unique promotional code for your Facebook offer so you can track it after it has expired and see how well it performed.

Not only will this help you increase your sales, but it will also build up your fan base since people will like your page to stay up-to-date with these exclusive offers.

Call to action

Switch the call to action

It’s become the norm for businesses to have Facebook pages, but do they really help a business’s bottom line? Many marketers are skeptical about what Facebook can do for their brand, but there are many ways you can increase your sales through this platform. #facebook #facebooktips #facebookmarketing #facebookstrategy #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketingFacebook now has a call to action button on business pages that can direct customers to different places such as a contact us form or an online store.

Whether you are trying to increase subscribers to your newsletter, collect new leads through an online contact form, or just bring shoppers directly into your online store, this button will benefit your business by making it easier for customers to convert.

Test which call to action generates more business for your page by switching it out frequently.

Use “Sign Up” to collect emails for your newsletter, or “Contact Us” to collect reviews about products and general customer feedback. There are dozens of options to choose from, but be sure you tracking the success of each call to action to see how your customers respond.

Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation ads

Facebook has an option to create lead generation ads targeted to a specific audience.

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Businesses can create an ad that links to a sign-up form directly through Facebook so any interested customer can click through, fill out their information, and then go back to browsing through their friends’ status updates.

How is this different from creating a post with a link back to your website’s contact form? It’s much easier for the customer–so it’s much more effective, too.

Plus, you will have the opportunity to collect analytics on this ad as you would any other Facebook promotion, so you are gaining valuable insight into your followers.

Diamond Candles

Click on the image for a remarketing case study!

Remarketing adsNot everything you will lead to instant success on Facebook. Here are 8 creative ways to boost your traffic and make more sales through facebook. Follow these Facebook tips for more success. #facebook #facebooktips #socialmediastrategy #facebookstrategy

Are customers visiting your website but then leaving before they convert?

If so, try a remarketing ad through Facebook. These ads will only target people who have been to your website and left without making a purchase.

You can even target people with an ad that shows them exactly what they were looking at when they left your website.

For example, do you have a customer who was browsing through your shoe selection before bouncing off of the page? Facebook can target this customer with an ad showing the exact pair of shoes that he or she last looked at.

This type of retargeting will remind the customer about your website and encourage him or her to revisit the site to complete the transaction.

Brands should also consider promoting limited-time offers through remarketing ads. When a customer simply browses through your website, target them with a generic remarketing ad encouraging them to come back to your site.

Then with the next round of remarketing ads, offer this customer a slight discount if he or she returns to your site to make a transaction.

Finally, the third round of ads should be a steep discount that is irresistible to a new customer. Although you have to offer your product at a discount, you are converting a customer who probably visited your website just to look around, so it’s still a win for your brand.


Create a Facebook store

Do you have a Shopify online store? Shopify seamlessly integrates with Facebook, so you can upload your products directly into a tab on the social media platform for customers to browse through. This is especially useful if you have already spent time building up your Facebook audience. since you can now introduce them directly to your e-commerce store. Plus, if you are already regularly using Facebook, you will be able to quickly understand analytics that come from your Shopify store.


Use images

Many marketers are skeptical about what Facebook can do for their brand, but the truth is, there are dozens of ways you can increase your sales through this platform. Here are 8 ways to boos traffic and sales from Facebook #facebook #facbooktips #facebookmarketing #socialmedia #trafficgeneration #blogtraffic #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatipsOne of the first steps to increasing your sales through Facebook is building engagement. To create posts that get people talking, use images. When posts contain images, the number of likes is 53% higher and the number of comments is 104% higher compared to posts with strictly text.

Facebook has recently changed how brands can post images.

Whereas before, brands could only post single images or upload an album, now, you can create carousel posts, which feature multiple rotating pictures within the same post.

The opportunities for brands to use this feature are endless. Retailers can show customers different colors, styles or angles of a product to really sell customers who are scrolling through. Why use one picture when you can use 3-5?

FlashPromote a flash sale

Create a 24-hour sale and announce it via Facebook with a promoted post. Make sure that you create a bright and enticing image to go along with the flash sale announcement to grab people’s attention and draw them to your store. When you create a sense of urgency by saying the sale will only last 24 hours, you encourage more people to shop right away before they miss out.

A flash sale is the perfect opportunity to attract new customers, so if you post a flash sale post, consider boosting it to your targeted audience to draw new people in. If there is any time for a new customer to try your brand, it will be when everything is being sold at a discount. Convert these customers now so you can retain them even items go back to full price.


Host a contestIt’s become the norm for businesses to have Facebook pages, but do they really help a business’s bottom line? Here are 8 ways to achieve ROI on Facebook! Facebook marketing, Sales through Facebook, Facebook tips

There’s no better way to get people excited than by hosting a contest where they can possibly win a prize.

Host a contest on Facebook that will drive engagement on your page, such as telling fans they have to share your post in order to be entered to win.

When fans share your post, more people will see it, and you may gain new customers who have never heard of your brand before.

Follow these tips, and your Facebook page will be booming with business in no time!

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