7 Ways Content is Key to Online Business Success

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Before I explain the various aspects that make content so important for your online business success and marketing ventures let me make one thing clear: We are always talking about targeted content and quality content. And it should be a matter of course that you need great content that has value for your audience.content can tremendously help you to grow and thrive and reach online business success - and here are 7 reasons why. #contentmarketng #contentcreation #importanceofcontent #bloggingtips #onlinebusiness #smallbusinessmarketing

There is not much use to create tons of bad content that no one is interested in. The best content answers questions that your target audience has. Then this content can tremendously help you to grow and thrive and reach online business success – and here are 7 reasons why.

1. Content provides you with posts for social media

Many times over I have been asked: What the heck do you post on your social media channels if you are so active? How can you even tweet that often?

The answer is very simple: Because I have loads of evergreen content on our blog that I can share.

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Of course, you can create images and memes special for your social media accounts. And that may even be a good idea. But that is also content.

Without content, you will have a hard time to fill your social accounts with value for your audience. And even if you do not have enough own content, you can fill the gap with content: curated content.

The answer to online business success via social media activity is content!

2. Content helps your SEO

A while back I talked to the new owner of a small business. And he said, well we are not doing much marketing apart from SEO. We have an agency that does some SEO for us. But since the small business did not show any content on their website I said: What kind of SEO is this agency doing for you if you do not have content? For which keywords are you even planning to rank?

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If you want to earn traffic from search engines, the first thing you need is content.

  • Content that uses relevant keywords.
  • Content that can earn backlinks.
  • Content that can be shared via social media.
  • Content that people want to consume when they find your website.

Content is the key to good SEO and growing traffic from search engines. And traffic from search engines is one of the highest converting traffic sources.

3. Content helps to connect to your audience

Content can inspire comments and engagement. Not everybody will agree with what you write, but that is not bad. Opinions inspire comments.

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Discussions, comments, and engagement can not only help you to spread the word about your content, but they will also add to the value of the content and help to explain some things.

content can tremendously help you to grow and thrive and reach online business success - and here are 7 reasons why. #contentcreation #blogpostcreation #contentmarketing #contentdistrobution #bloggingtips #blogging101By making your content a little more personal you can make it easier for your audience, to understand who you are and feel connected. These people are much more likely to buy from you than disconnected chance visitors.

Content is the place to show individuality, be a little personal and show that you are approachable. Your audience will react and connect – and help your online business grow.

4. Content builds your brand reputation and shows expertise

Content is a great way to show that you know what you are doing and have the answers to the questions and problems your target audience are facing.

Do not just copy answers or collect expertise from others. Make sure that your audience understands that you are the best person to help them with their questions.

From choosing the right topics to writing readable and easy-to-understand advice: Your content is key to showing that you have the knowledge it takes to help your audience solve their problems. Use it.

5. Content creates trust

Buying from any individual or business takes one thing: Trust. The more expensive your products, the more trust do you have to build before your audience will buy. And your content is the best place to build trust.

A trusting audience is a buying audience. Build trust and succeed with your online business.

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Keep in mind that email newsletters that you create are also content – and they are the best place to build trust.

6. Content can boost engagement

When our blog was still fairly new, Copyblogger did a very surprising thing. They deleted their Facebook page.Many business owners still underestimate the power of content in their marketing and business ventures. It may take a while to build online business success upon this power, it is not like “create one piece of content and harvest a big success. #contentmarketing #blogcontent #blogpostcreation #blogwriting #contentcreation #bloggingtips #blogging101

Jonathan created an article discussing this topic. This article not only inspired many comments, but it also got some people from Copyblogger to our blog taking the time to post thoughtful and comprehensive explanations of why they did it. For a new blog, this type of engagement is huge. It helps to build credibility, it enhances the value of the blog post and it makes the content far more interesting to consume for the audience.

Not every piece of content will inspire the most active discussion. But some content has the power to inspire many comments and interaction. As a content creator you have the chance to create content with engagement in mind:

  • Discuss a relevant topic from your niche and ask for opinions
  • Take a famous belief and contradict it
  • Mention several other bloggers from your niche and state their hopefully diverse opinions on one topic

If you create this type of content, make sure the cited people know about your post. You can, for instance, mention them on Twitter and ask them for a comment – some may take the time to comment.

7. Content can build relationships (interviews, mentions, endorsements)

There are more types of content that can help you to grow your blog or business. A simple list of the best marketing blogs earned us a share on the Facebook page of ContentMarketingInstitute and tons of traffic a while back. Interviews with established marketers earned us blogging connections and a couple of guest posts on established websites.

  • Interviews and blogger roundups can inspire comments, shares and mentions
  • Awards and Top Lists can inspire shares and thank yous

All the above types of content also have the power to earn you backlinks.

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Final words on the power of content for online business success

Many business owners still underestimate the power of content in their marketing and business ventures. It may take a while to build online business success upon this power, it is not like “create one piece of content and harvest a big success.” The power of content is a slower but steadily growing power. You have to keep going and be persistent to find big success with content.

I have seen businesses shy away from the commitment into creating content – only to regret not having started early on a couple of weeks, months or even years later.

Online business success without content is possible but a lot harder than investing in some content early on.

Online business success gets a lot easier to achieve with content. Here are 7 important reasons why you need content for online business success. Content is important in many ways. You have blog content: put it to use and grow your online business with it. #onlinebusiness #bloggingsuccess #contentmarketing #contentcreation

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