7 Twitter Analytics to Guide YOU To Success

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Many people try Twitter for a while, and then they leave it again, because they have no clue, if they are getting anywhere. Since success on Twitter takes a while to become (or may even never become) visible, a lot of these people on Twitter give up their activity again, for the simple reason that they are not able to figure out what works and what does not. Or if it is worth the effort at all. They do not know where to look for the first signs that their activity will put them on the road to success.

(even worse, some do not even know, what kind of success they are looking for with their Twitter activity – but that is a different story.)

Today I want to talk a little about numbers to monitor if you are going to grow a Twitter account and some other indicators which can help you figure out if your time is well spent. And I am going to tell you where to find the numbers you need.

Let us look at some indicators you need to watch for your Twitter account. The numbers you want to watch carefully will usually change if your account starts to grow and your account will become more mature. While Followers are a good number for the start when interactions and conversions are sparse, later on, Followers will not be the most significant number to watch.

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Here are metrics and analytics you want to watch out for and some ideas about what they can tell you:

1. FollowersSuccess on Twitter is not always straight forward. Twitter Analytics help to decide if you are on the right track and what you can and should change. Twitter marketing tips, how to use twitter analytics

If you want to achieve anything on Twitter, you will have to succeed in attracting an audience to your account and make sure they listen to you.

But while a large number of Twitter followers may be good for your ego, growing as many followers as you can do not guarantee your success on Twitter.

To watch the number of followers is important when you are starting out on Twitter – later on, some other numbers should become more important.

You can monitor this number easily yourself.

2. Number of Interactions with your Tweets

When you are starting out the number of reactions to your tweets in the form of retweets, favorites, mentions will probably be rare. With your account maturing and your audience growing you certainly want to see this number grow. The number of reactions per tweet will vary, depending on other things like the topics you tweet and the text in the actual tweet. There will be tweets with more reactions than others. It is the sum of the reactions to your tweets for a fixed period which you should watch and see if it grows. If it does not, you will have to change some of your activity: Your targeting may be wrong. The content you share may not be of interest for your audience – or only the text of your tweets is dull and does not attract attention.

If you are using Buffer to share (and schedule) your tweets you can easily monitor the number of interactions per tweet in the analytics section.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-20 um 14.08.44Twitter Analytics gives you a little more information as insights into which of your tweets inspire the most interaction – and which do not inspire any at all. You can easily take this information and optimize your activity accordingly.

3. Number of Impressions

When interactions on Twitter stay lower than you expected, you should take a look at the number of impressions for your tweets. Many people, who are new to Twitter, get confused with the number of followers an account has and the number of individuals who have seen a tweet.

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There is a huge difference between the two.Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-20 um 13.46.54

The lifespan of a tweet is short, Twitter’s news feed is fast. Most people who follow more than a handful of Twitter accounts get so many updates to their feed that they can only see a fraction of them. Whether your followers see your tweet at all depends on many factors as the number of people they follow themselves, if they have you on a list which they monitor, how often and how long are they actually on Twitter and some more.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-20 um 13.47.07Twitter Analytics can tell you the number of impressions a Tweet gained – plus it can show you how many impressions all your tweets for a fixed period got. Overall you want this number to grow.

4. Traffic to your site from Twitter

Twitter provides you with some interesting data and analytics. Here are metrics and analytics you want to watch out for and some ideas about what they can tell you. Did you know that you can find all this in Twitter analytics? #twitteranalytics #twitter #twittertools #twitterfeatures #twittertips #twittermarketing #socialmedia Now, this is an interesting number because it tells you if you manage to interest your Twitter audience enough to get them to visit your site – or click on the content links you share on Twitter.

You can use your Analytics tool which you use for your site, like Google Analytics to monitor this. Most of the Twitter tools which help you with scheduling tweets also provide some numbers on the number of time someone clicked on a link you shared on Twitter.

5. Conversions from Twitter

Whatever you want to achieve with your activity on Twitter, conversions are one of the most significant numbers to watch. Whether it is signups or products sold, if you get this right, you probably do not care so much about many of the other numbers.

Most of the time, the other numbers will not go entirely wrong if you manage to get conversions.

To monitor this, you will have to use your analytics tool on your site and monitor how many of the conversions originate from Twitter.

6. Your Followers’ interests

Now it is time to start looking at some other indicators, which are not numbers. If you have an audience in the form of Twitter followers, but they do neither interact or click on the links you share, and you do not get the kind of conversions you are looking for, maybe your targeting is off.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-20 um 13.58.55

A good indicator if you are attracting the right or wrong audience is the interests of your followers. If you are talking about sports but all your audience wants to know is music, that may well be the reason your results are not what you expect them to be.

Twitter Analytics provides you with an overview of the primary interests of your followers. Take a look and decide if it matches the audience you are looking for – if not change your activity accordingly.

7. The locale of your audience

If you are getting reactBildschirmfoto 2015-09-20 um 14.02.58ions to your tweets, but conversions will not come, maybe it is time to look at the locale, where your audience is from. If you are in the US and targeting (or selling to) US citizens but your audience is in India or Africa, then this can well be the reason why your results are not what you are looking for. And it is probably high time to change something in your targeting.

To figure out where your followers are located, again you can use Twitter Analytics.

All the tools and statistics mentioned in this post are free for everyone to use.Here are metrics and analytics you want to watch out for and some ideas about what they can tell you. #twitter #twitteranalytics #analytics #marketingmetrics #twittertips #twittermarketing #socialmedia #socialmediatips

Of course, the Buffer for business statistics gives you many more numbers than the ones I mentioned in this post.

The Twitter Analytics also provides a lot more, which you can analyze, especially when you download the report and compile your numbers like reach, impressions, clicks, and retweets by the time of day, or engagement by day.

But what you want to do with all the numbers you can get depends on your goals and situation. The above-mentioned indicators more or less apply to anyone using Twitter for business. And they make a good starting point to grow on Twitter based on numbers.

You can access your Twitter analytics here: https://analytics.twitter.com

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Success on Twitter is not always straight forward. Twitter Analytics help to decide if you are on the right track and what you can and should change. Twitter marketing tips, how to use twitter analytics

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