7 Tips to Write the Most Effective Call-to-Actions

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When people click on your website, you are hoping for some action. You may want them to subscribe to your mailing list, go through your products and make a purchase. But how do you engage the visitor to perform these actions is a big question. Here, this is the hardest question for the marketer on how to force the customer to perform a desirable action.

What is a Call-To-Action (CTA)?

A Call-To-Action is designed to get the customer do what is expected of them. A good Call-To-Action is one which compels the visitor to move towards a purchase process.

Elements of a Call-To-Action:

  1. The action that people must make on visiting
  2. The words used
  3. The design of a Call-To-Action

A good Call-To-Action is one which develops a sense of urgency and tells the customer what is expected of them and what should be the next action. Marketers need to create an engaging call to action instead of adding colors to your design. Even a good marketing effort shall fail, if the Call-To-Action is not defined clearly. The Call-To-Action is very crucial because it keeps the customers stay hooked to the product or a service being offered to them.

Here are a few tips on creating an engaging Call-To-Action:A Call-To-Action gets the customer do what is expected of them. A good Call-To-Action compels the visitor to move towards a purchase process.

1. Be direct yet appealing

You need to stop making wrong choices. The website is here to make business for you. You need to be directive in your actions where your website tells concisely about your business to the visitor and how each of the parties can earn benefits. Don’t play around guessing games with the customer where they become clueless about their next course of action.

2. Get more clicks with a smaller copy

Short words and sentences make it more effective as it adds urgency to your Call-To-Action. Use active words to show more urgency rather than being passive about your call. By this technique, the customer will be more attracted and will be using the button instantly.

3. Get attention through the dimensions

None of us has the time to go through the entire Call-To-Action email, so make sure that things are easy to find. Make things easier to click. Also, it has been noticed that people avoid clicking buttons that have sharp edges, so make sure that you use rounded shapes or those with round edges. The buttons however need to be big enough so that they can be clicked easily on a Smartphone. If the buttons are not big enough and makes it difficult for the user to click it, they will probably not remember to come to it later. A good Call-To-Action is one which can be differentiated from the rest of the page and design. The Call-To-Action must pop out and this can be done using contrasting colors.

4. The Call-To-Action – The star

For more clicks and conversations, make sure that your Call-To-Action is the hero, and is not hiding somewhere in a large amount of content. Here, use your logic and place the button where it easily gets the attention of the user.

5. Keep testing for its viability

Keep testing and learning from your successes and failures. Use an endless number of combinations and keep testing for the usability of your Call-To-Action button.

6. Make it easy for the visitor

The way from making a call to a task being performed must be easy enough. A complicated one may fail as it may divulge the customer and they may move to another one. The customers must know everything they need to know. If you are offering the call for free, the prospective customer must have knowledge about it already.

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7. Make sure that the offer is posted multiple times

You may not want to bombard your customer with buy now buttons every now and then, but make sure that you give them a good offer many times in the content. Try to put the Call-To-Action button at various places on the website or put it on the toolbar to be accessed easily. For instance, if there is a blog post about a product that is intended to be sold, make sure that the button is placed both at the top and the bottom. The first button shall engage the customer, and when they are finished reading, they will be prepared to take their next course of action.

Thus, from the tips above you must have understood that creating an effective Call-To-Action requires time, money and some thoughtful actions. The message must be clearly understood by the customer, and they must know what you expect them to do. Call-To-Actions must be designed in accordance with the target customers. The products offered must be described clearly and respondents must know everything they need.  Success depends on a good Call-To-Action! Keep testing and experimenting to fulfill the need of your audience.


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A Call-To-Action gets the customer do what is expected of them. A good Call-To-Action compels the visitor to move towards a purchase process.