• Carmen Palomino Marced

    Hi Susanna,

    Not a bad post at all!
    However, you can check if a user is on a list very easily e.g.:

    And to check whether a user is buying followers you can use Twitter Counter to check out their follower growth. If there are massive peaks then yeap they’re buying.

    • HorseSister’s Clairese Yuhasz

      So the author has no profile, or location & look! NO avatar! Broke 3 of their own 6 tweet rules. No mention of proofreading either, which is a shame as this was one of the most poorly written articles I’ve ever read on Twitter.

  • Gregory Allan

    I never thought of the number 4 item before, now that I think about it you are right. If they have more than a few hundred followers they should be on a few lists by then.

  • http://www.annees-de-pelerinage.com/ norman

    ah..you finally changed your layout – favicon still old, but you are finally getting better. (not sure if content and headline font work well together – but its a start. hope your doign some a/b testing on all those changes (even tho it will probably hard to get them significant)

    But more on topic I guess the key on twitter is being emotional. The follow-for-follow strategy is quite (not almost) useless, if you don’t cocnect with a few of those who follow back. If you don’t you can expect your average conversion rates around 0,1 to 1 Percent. Mean for each 1000 followers one will accidently decide your content is worth it. With all the automation that is going on, that is acceptable.

    but there are a few acounts who do it right and that usualyl boils down to no automation but actually using the platform.

  • http://www.base.at/ www_base_at

    great article. maybe you can help me. there is a strange bvehaviour at twitter now. people follow, their post are interesting so I follow back but 1-2 days later they unfollow. this stratagy makes no sense because twitter apps help me to view who likes and unlikes within a short period. it makes no sense, it#s just strange.



    • TheSocialMarketers

      Hi Wolfgang,

      Sorry, late with a reply.

      My best guess is that people either only listened half way through when someone explained to them how the follow/unfollow thing works or that someone decided that follow unfollow is enough.

      Allthough, another reason might be that you are spamming them with bad content. I assume you don’t, but haven’t checked. But unfollowing because of bad content/spam is known to happen.



      • http://www.base.at/ www_base_at

        dear Jonathan,
        we do not spam or produce bad content. we are a label and we post label relevant stuff. we retweet what we think is relevant for us and our followers. 30 – 40 tweets a month is our average output.

        we wanna have real followers, those who are interested in what we do. a hard job but for us it is the only way to get something out of our twitter activity.

        thanks for your feedback.


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  • http://whatidreamof.com/ What I Dream Of Blog

    I’m glad to say I am not guilty of any of these, at least I try not to be.

  • narender sangwan

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