6 Places You Can Start Your Blog Traffic Generation Today

The best and most accessible sources for free blog traffic develop and even change with time.

Some sources get very crowded like search engines – but are still important for free traffic. Some platforms that used to bring considerable amounts of traffic simply close down – like StumbleUpon did in 2018. Some traffic sources get less accessible without paying for advertising like Facebook. And some traffic sources that were hidden gems used by some of the most important brands seem to be on a straight path to insignificance as for instance Slideshare.

But as some traffic sources lose impact other traffic sources grow and rise in importance. And bloggers are always up front in finding new sources of high value and high converting traffic.

Here are the most important places you should consider for your blog traffic generation in 2019:

1. Guest Blogging

When you are new to the blogging game, you will not have a ton of readers to your own blog. The one way to make yourself known and noticed is to publish guest posts on other people’s blogs.

There are some bloggers that claim that when your own blog audience is still fairly non-existent, you should rather spend your time on publishing to an audience on other people’ s blogs than on your own blog. And that means you should engage in guest blogging.

While it may sound rather extreme to only publish your awesome content on other peoples’ blogs when all you want is to grow your own blog. So you should also publish at least some content on your blog as well.

But there is a lot of truth to the power of guest blogging and will help your own blog in the long run.

Guest blogging is a relevant way to grow your reputation, audience, social media followers and traffic. Also, you will earn credible links back to your website.

All considered you can only win by publishing guest posts on relevant blogs from your niche.

2. Get your blog ready for SEO

It may take a while to make your blog noticed and rank in Google search. It may also be true that your niche is already crowded and many keywords are already taken.

But… SEO should never be neglected or underestimated. Traffic from search engines is still a major source for (free) traffic.

If you do not make your blog ready for SEO in the first place, you do not have any chance of ever getting free traffic from Google search even if you happen to stumble on a keyword that could produce some clicks for free.

3. Build a Twitter audience and use your content

While some social media managers seem to look down on Twitter for marketing purposes, it has been the key to major traffic for many bloggers and social media influencers – including Jeff Bullas and us.

If you know what you have to do to grow an audience and traffic from Twitter, it can be a very reliable and accessible source for free social media traffic. In fact, Twitter has been our traffic source number one for years and famous bloggers like Jeff Bullas get around 60% of their social media traffic from Twitter.

Image Source: Jeff Bullas

Plus: It works for almost any niche since every niche has an active audience o Twitter. And there is more conversation going on on Twitter than you might think!

Even if you are considering to pay for traffic, you may want to consider Twitter, too.

4. Consider Pinterest

Yes, Pinterest!

If you are looking for free traffic, you should consider Pinterest. On Pinterest, there are some very active niches like travel, food, and lifestyle but other niches also get some major traffic from Pinterest. It is a fact that many bloggers have built their business solely on Pinterest traffic.

There are some advantages to traffic from Pinterest:

  • The traffic is often highly converting.
  • The traffic from Pinterest is fairly independent of the number of your followers.
  • Once you manage to get some traffic from Pinterest, this traffic is usually persistent without much effort from your side.
  • Many people get buying inspiration on Pinterest – even for offline purchases.

5. Facebook Groups

If you have not given up on free traffic from Facebook, check out some groups from your niche. While you have to pay hard money to earn visibility for your fanpage, some groups are still not only active they also get a lot of discussions and engagement on contributions.

Make sure you know the group rules and follow them as far as possible. Often simple promoting of your blog posts is not well received in active groups. Rather join the discussions and start from there.

6. Content for Keywords

Keywords are important in more aspects than just for SEO.

Speaking the right language and using the keywords that your readers expect are important to make them understand what you are writing about – and to keep them on your website and interested.

Keywords play an important role in earning visibility: Google uses keywords to understand who might be interested in the content. But even on platforms like Pinterest a large part of the traffic you could get relies on using the right keywords not only on your website but also in the descriptions of your posts (pins) and even the names of the images.

What else for blog traffic

So what about other traffic sources like advertising and Facebook fanpages? The traffic sources that so many “marketers” are still talking about?

There are some traffic sources that simply won’t work as well or as easy as they used to in the past. And Facebook fanpages are one of them. While Facebook as a traffic source is still relevant, your fanpage may just not the best place to start if you are looking for major traffic – especially if you are new to the game and do not yet have an active and engaged audience.

It is getting harder to gain fans and reach any kind of visibility on Facebook without paying for it.

Which leads to the other traffic source you may want to consider: advertising.

Even if you are starting out, advertising can bring you some quick traffic, true. But when you are new to the game, the chances are also high that you do not have a proven funnel in place. And while you may be able to pay your way to traffic success the big question is if you are able to turn that traffic into some money to pay off the advertising budget that you invested: most of the time the answer is no.

And that is why we usually do not recommend to start out with advertising as a traffic source. Advertising is relevant and can be the answer. Most of the time it will first be a waste of money that you do not have.

There are always other niche traffic sources that you should have on your radar. For some niches, there are highly frequented discussion forums. In some niches, you might have a huge opportunity to tell your stories to magazines and other publications – and should give Press a chance.

Keep an open mind for more traffic opportunities and new platforms on the rise. You do not need to jump on every new traffic train. But if you hear or read about a new magic solution to your traffic questions, figure out if it is a path you want to try out.

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