6 Amazing Facebook Marketing Case Studies

Even though Facebook still seems to be first on the mind of many people thinking about social media marketing – Facebook is not easy to master.

Sure, you can buy visibility fairly cheap, you can shout your offers at a (hopefully) targeted audience. But to get your share of Facebook’s marketing and branding superpowers you have to understand how Facebook works. You need to figure out what your target audience likes – and you have to find the trigger to make them engage with your updates.

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Image Source: Sprout Social

If you are not going to spend thousands of dollars on advertising that gets even harder – and the more important, it is to understand how it all works.

Here are 6 examples of brands that win big with their Facebook marketing. Even if your situation is different, your budget not even worth mentioning and your existing fanbase a fraction of the brands in question – you can still learn from these amazing Facebook marketing case studies!

1. Nike

Sure, Nike has a corporate page on Facebook. But Nike has so much more. They have specialized Fanpages for various sports like basketball, football, running, tennis, etc. Also, Nike has some pages for activity like the Nike+ Run Club. They have Nike Women. Plus they have several accounts for various products.

Why are they splitting up their marketing power this way?

Because it lets them target their audience much better. They can provide more value to the people. The sports channels give you news from your favorite sports without annoying half the audience with news from sports they are not interested in.

I have been part of the running initiative a while back when Nike hat Women’s runs in various cities including my home town Berlin. These runs were perfectly organized inbound marketing campaigns that encouraged the participants to share photos and videos from the event all over social media. Nike even provided several on-location photo booths to make sure there where thousands of branded photos being passed around social media. And sure I was a fan of the related Fanpage eager awaiting updates on the next run.

With all these accounts – what is Nike talking about all day? Not their products – or not only their products. The Nike products have a minor role in all this branding effort. No need to be overly promotional. A large number of updates is about news from the sports or athletes.

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Image Source NikeCourt on Facebook

2. TOMS One-For-One Strategy

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Image Source: TOMS on Facebook

The One-For-One Strategy is incorporated into TOMS: For each pair of shoes someone buys at TOMS, they will give another pair to someone in need. The same goes for eyewear. For a bag, TOMS will finance one secure birth for a mother and child.Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-16 um 11.52.44

This strategy gives a lot of possibilities for stories to tell – each product in itself is a call-to-action to do something good. And this works on Facebook. They can announce new partnerships and products – people will like them, simply for the good deed that is always included.

3. State Bicycle

Maybe it is because I am into sports myself – I love how State Bicycle work their Facebook page: Sure they have product updates. They also have announcements for races and news from the biking world.

What really gets their engagement going are photo contests, photo shoots and photos they share.

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Image source: State Bicycle on Facebook

If you want to learn more about this Facebook marketing case study, you can find more details in this report.

4. Tough Mudder

I am not so sure whether I first heard about Tough Mudder from friends – or if I first saw an ad from them on Facebook. Maybe it is because I know people who participated, or because Jonathan may take part one day. But they surely caught my attention on Facebook.

Tough Mudder is an obstacle course challenge that takes place all over the world. And they rock Facebook.

They are using several country accounts besides the main Facebook Fanpage.

They post a mixture of videos, images, and articles around the tough mudder races. Of course, they have the huge advantage of video footage directly from the challenges. And these videos surely get a ton of engagement – who does not admire those tough mudders?

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Image Source: Tough Mudder on Facebook

Also, they use Facebook advertising – as said before, I saw those ads multiple times. And maybe one day I will dare to go for one of the challenges… Let me first finish the Berlin Marathon in September 🙂

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Image Source: Tough Mudder Marketing Case Study

5. FitBit

This is more an example of content marketing with the aid of Facebook. FitBit mainly shares their own blog posts on their Facebook fanpage. And they manage to get high engagement. Nothing going viral but solid likes and shares.

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Image source: FitBit on Facebook

How they do it? They do not concentrate on their products. They share posts from the FitBit blog that cover everything fitness and healthy living related. And that topic simply rocks on Facebook.

Plus they are responsive in the comments. Whenever a fan shares a story or personal experience in the comments, FitBit is there to comment and appreciate the openness.

That kind of interaction scores high with fans.

6. Always #LikeAGirl

I can still remember seeing this campaign for the first time. And it lured me in – as thousands and millions of others.

Always offers sanitary products for women, and in 2014 they decided to change the meaning of #likeagirl. At the center of their campaign was this powerful video.

Facebook is not easy to master for social media marketing success. Here are 6 Facebook marketing case studies for you to learn from and get inspirationThe campaign achieved what it was meant to achieve: it connected the brand „Always“ with millions of teenage girls and young female adults with a strong message that empowered them and made them proud to be #LikeAGirl.

Final Words about Facebook marketing case studies

There are thousands of brands successful on Facebook. And not all of them base their success solely on the size of their advertising budget. They succeed because they understand how Facebook works – and what their audience on Facebook wants and likes.

Before you jump into Facebook marketing and spend thousands on advertising because you read somewhere that Facebook marketing can only be successful if you pay for it – take a close look at some of these case studies and figure out what really makes them successful. It is the content they use, the engagement they drive and fit between their updates and their target audience. That is what Facebook marketing success is based on!

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