5 Types of Posts on Instagram You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

If you are active on Instagram you probably know that you need to come up with new posts all the time. In order to grow your account, some social media marketing professionals advise you to post a lot: Neil Patel, for instance, recommends you to post 1-2 photos, 5-30 stories, 1 video per dayThere is more to Instagram than sharing simple images. Here are 5 types of posts on Instagram that you should consider for more engagement and success.. If you manage to do that, that is awesome!

So we all run around and take pictures, make quote images and other great images that hopefully get a ton of engagement on Instagram. And you will probably see some success: Especially if you use the best hashtags for your niche, you will see some engagement as likes and comments flock to your updates.

But there is more to Instagram than sharing simple images. Do you use all the other types of updates that Instagram offers? The least is that you have probably seen some of them on your Instagram feed. Have you wondered how people are doing that?

Here are 5 types of posts on Instagram that you should consider to spice up your Instagram activity.

1. Photos:

Ok, this is where we all started. We take pictures with our phone, apply some of the awesome filter options to make the picture look even more stunning, add a caption and a couple of hashtags and share it with our community on Instagram.Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-12 um 10.11.59

Even with this simples of Instagram’s posting features you can be a little more creative for more engagement. What usually works well are behind-the-scene photos, quotes from your niche or some statistics and numbers put on an image or even a joke can work well. If you want to get some ideas to mix it up on your Instagram account with the single image post, check out this list of ideas on the Hubspot blog.

Images Source: Hubspot Blog


Reposting other people’s Instagram updates is a great way to appreciate your customers or connect with your audience. The best way to find images to repost is to look for posts that have tagged you. If no one tagged you – do not go around and randomly repost stuff from others. In fact, you should never repost anything without asking for permission first.

IBildschirmfoto 2017-04-12 um 10.21.07f you repost other people’s posts, make sure you pay credit and mention the original source in your caption – this way the source gets something out of it, will most likely like your update and often even comment on it.

Some brands use reposting other posts as their main source for updates. And it works very well for them.

If you want to make a habit out of reposting photos you can state in the caption or your bio how people can get your attention to get featured on your account.

Reposting is not an original feature of Instagram You either have to take a screenshot and crop it afterward or you need a tool to do it. If you want to go for it, check out Repost for Instagram.

3. Videos

I admit it, I often am too slow, to capture on a video what I see and deem worth a shot. For instance, when walking with dogs and friends, the dogs are often so funny – but they are also so fast, that the scene is over long before I got out my mobile and found the record button.

If you are more apt with recording videos, they are a huge opportunity to bring more life to your Instagram account. And since Instagram added the opportunity to upload videos that you shot beforehand, that opens a whole new world of opportunities to tell stories, especially for marketers.

While originally videos on Instagram were only allowed a length of 15 sec, Instagram recently announced that they will roll out 60 sec videos to all users in the next couple of weeks.

You can upload any video that you have in the library on your mobile phone. That means you can edit your video beforehand – and use Instagram to add filters.

4. Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a feature where you can string together a series of photos or videos in a kind of slideshow format for an overall length of 15 sec. Filter options for stories on Instagram include text, drawings, and stickers.

Like stories on Snapchat, Instagram’s stories also disappear after 24 hours. Stories have their own place on your feed – they are not going to clutter your profile.

You can also use the story feature to live stream directly to Instagram.Screenshot_20170412-105117

Why should you consider using Stories? Instagram stories have an exposed spot right on top of your feed, it is easy to see when new stories are up. Plus stories are easy to discover via search. But there is more to stories, not only are they tremendously popular between Instagrammers, they also get a lot of engagement and may often result in direct contact via direct messages.

If you want to try out Instagram stories, here you go:

  1. Go to your Instagram Home screen and click on the Instagram stories camera in the top left corner atop your feed.
  2. Capture a photo or video
  3. Edit your story
  4. Trash or save
  5. Post your creation

If you need a more thorough description of what you can do with stories, check out this guide to Instagram stories by Hootsuite.

5. Multi-photo or -video Slideshow

Earlier this year Instagram introduced a new type of post: Slideshows. You can either add multiple photos or videos and combine up to 10 to a slideshow-like album that you can publish as one Instagram post.

Screenshot_20170412-120930To create an album choose the + symbol that you always use to start creating an update on Instagram. But instead of just choosing one photo, this time you „select multiple“ and then mark several images from your library. On the select screen, the number on the top right corner of the image you selected tells you the position the image will have in your album.

There are multiple scenarios where this album feature gives you a unique opportunity to tell a story. Here are some ideas that I can instantly think of: Document your cooking venture step-by-step, map your hike, run or a bike trip with several pictures you take along the way. Companies can use the feature to walk their customers through a mini-tutorial.

Final words

While in the beginning, Instagram was all about sharing photos, Instagram has since added a lot of features and options to give their users a ton more opportunities to engage, connect and interact. And users are appreciating the new features. And mixing up the types of posts in your feed is one step towards growing an audience on Instagram – and marketing your blog.

Instagram keeps innovating and adding to the app. Recently they added live videos to the story feature. While posting photos on your feed is still great, there is so much more to discover and try out!

There is more to Instagram than sharing simple images. Here are 5 types of posts on Instagram that you should consider for more engagement and success. instagram post, instagram marketing tips, instagram features