5 Things You Are NOT Doing – But Should Be Doing For Your Blog To Succeed

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As a blogger, life can sometimes be lonely. No, I am not talking about your personal life. But blogging is a special job. Blogging success is not easy to achieve. Your job is not comparable to being an employee, coming home after office hours and forgetting about your job. You face challenges and frustrations only other bloggers can understand.blogging is a special job. Blogging success is not easy to achieve. You face challenges and frustrations only other bloggers can understand. Here are 9 things you may not have on your radar but should consider to make blogging easier - and more fun. #bloggingtips #bloggingsuccess #bloggingforbeginners #startablog

As a blogger, especially when you are starting out, you have to find solutions to problems that are not part of the life of most of your friends. And that can make you feel kind of lonely.

So, you should see that you connect and interact with like-minded people. People who can understand, be sympathetic and at best even suggest solutions when you hit some problems or setbacks. These people will help you get the blogging success you want.

You can actively look out for like-minded people. Even if you are living in the middle of nowhere, the Internet and social media offer you more than enough chances to find, connect and interact with people who are in a similar situation as you.

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1. Meet in real life

If you have a chance, there is nothing better than to form a motivational group of like-minded people that meet regularly for coffee or something else to discuss challenges, frustration or other questions you have on your mind.

As said before that might not always be possible. Living in the German startup city Berlin, I may have a little advantage over other people living in more rural areas. But from my experience, I can say that it helps to meet with other people that can comprehend the situation you are in.

But I have a warning for you: It does not help to meet with other people only to show a shiny front without honestly discussion challenges. You are not meeting to brag, you are meeting to find sympathy, motivation, and help.

I have met too many founders and bloggers who would never admit if anything was not running as planned. That is not what you are looking for. So, you have to look for people you like, respect and trust.

But being a blogger or solopreneur can be lonely. In times of frustration or when you need new ideas, talking to like-minded people will be what you need.

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2. Join Facebook groups

Many young bloggers are on Facebook or other social networks. But many bloggers are not aware of the hidden power of Facebook groups.

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And I am not talking about spamming Facebook groups with your blog posts. Even though you might as an add-on find some interested readers for your blogs.

Today, I am talking about Facebook groups of like-minded people. Bloggers and solopreneurs who can understand you and give you tips how to find your way through the hard months when you are new to the game, everything is overwhelming and you have to fight hard for every reader of your blog.

In these Facebook groups, you can get a lot of tips, you may be able to find guest post opportunities or some people to interview for your own blog. And sometimes someone from the group may turn into a customer, but that should not be your sole purpose why you are in the group. The main advantage of such a Facebook group is that you can talk freely about the challenges you face, get tips, advice, and understanding from people who face similar challenges and understand the stages of frustration, anxiety or happiness you are going through. Because that is what these groups are for.

3. Subscribe to newsletters

Of course, it is great to subscribe to newsletters to get special information that you need to grow your blog.

But there is another reason to subscribe to newsletters. And these newsletters do not even have to be newsletters with information that is helpful for you.

I am suggesting to subscribe to newsletters from bloggers who „have made it.“ Newsletters from bloggers that you like and admire for the simple reason that you want to know what they are doing in their newsletters. What are they sending to their subscribers, how are they engaging and nurturing their audience to finally turn them into customers?

Image Source: Copyblogger

You can learn sooo much from other people’s efforts that you should listen to some of them.

4. Read other people’s blogs (from your niche)

Famous author Steven Kind recommends reading a lot if you want to become a better writer. In order to learn to write good stuff and get more ideas what to write about and what kind of content you can create that your audience will love, you should know what other people from your niche do.

But you can also learn a lot from reading blogs that might not have anything to do with your niche. Some bloggers have an awesome unique personal voice on their blog. And in order to find your own voice and still write for your audience, it can tremendously help if you read a lot of blogs.

Also, from reading blogs you can learn how they turn a blog into a business: How do they get subscribers, what kind of content upgrades or lead magnets do they use, what topics do they cover, what types of content do they use.

Get inspired – don’t figure it all out on your own. There is no shame in learning from others!

5. Create or join a mastermind group

If you have the opportunity to start or join a mastermind group for bloggers: do it. Mastermind groups are groups of people that meet for the purpose of helping each other solve current problems. Every person in the group gets a fixed time in which to present a problem he/she is working on and everybody in the groups gives tips and ideas on how to solve the problem.

Image Source: Passion For Business

Don't go your blogging journey alone. It is neither necessary nor is it the best and fastest way to go. Connect with like-minded people, ask for help if you need it and enjoy sharing your success and achievements. #bloggingsuccess #bloggingtips #bloggingforbeginners #startablogThis way everybody in the group profits from the knowledge, experience, and expertise of the others in the group. The best mastermind groups are formed from people at a similar stage in their business and with similar goals.

For bloggers and solopreneurs who often lack the chance to get a second opinion or input from other creative minds as you can get in a team of people, a mastermind can easily be a game-changer.

Final Words

Don’t go your blogging journey alone. It is neither necessary nor is it the best and fastest way to go. Connect with like-minded people, ask for help if you need it and enjoy sharing your success and achievements.

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