5 Essentials to Twitter Marketing Success – Keep Growing

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Last week, I told you my story about how I had to become a marketer to lead our startup to growth and how “Twitter made me a marketing pro.” Thank you for listening to my story and for being interested in Twitter marketing success. By recognizing the significance of Twitter in the marketing space, you already are on a good way to your marketing success. Many have underestimated the power of Twitter – I have been one of them for far too long. It took me almost two years to identify Twitter as the key to unlocking social media marketing power for our startup and all the ventures still to come.Learn how to get a basic understanding of Twitter, and how it works, that will help you get even more out of it and find your voice with your activity. #twitter #socialmedia #socialmediaforblogging #socialmediaforbusiness #twitterforbusiness #twittertips #socialmediatips

So, one of our aims here at The Social Ms is to tell you all about the benefits of Twitter and how to utilize them. Do not fall into the same trap, we experienced: You do not have to struggle endlessly for attention on Twitter. There are quite straightforward and repeatable processes which guarantee success – and most influencers and big-time marketers have used exactly these methods. You just have to know how it all works and can grow an audience and utilize this audience for the benefit of your business.

In my last post, I told you about the essential facts that make Twitter such a great starting place for marketing. The most important point to success on Twitter is: It is there for everyone to grab, even you! You do not need to be famous, you do not need a huge marketing budget, you do not require any special skills or requirements that not everybody has. Twitter marketing follows some general rules – knowing these you can easily get your success in the form of more followers, more traffic, more attention for your brand.

You simply need a little knowledge about the fundamental processes on Twitter and how to give your account the initial visibility in your target audience. And the truth is: Most of the influencers on Twitter used exactly these processes when they started out. And while you are setting your Twitter account on the right path to growth, you will learn more and more about Twitter and get a basic understanding of Twitter, and how it works, that will help you get even more out of it and find your voice with your activity.

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1. Make your Twitter account worth to be followed

Far too many Twitter users are paying not enough attention to making their Twitter account worth to be followed. And then they spend hours on Twitter trying to tweak their activity to see some results and nothing happens. I still see far too many Twitter accounts with the Twitter egg as an avatar and either a meaningless bio or any bio at all. Add some promotional tweets to that and you can be reasonably sure that no one in his/her right mind is going to follow you.The most important fact about Twitter marketing success is: It is there for everyone to grab, even you!

Be honest: Would you follow such an account that at first glance expresses that the owner does not care? I won’t.

It should be one of your first actions on Twitter to upload a vivid avatar picture: Either a personal image or a logo for a business account. Fill out your Twitter bio and tell your potential followers what they can expect from following you.

2. Provide Value

Providing value is what many people get wrong on Twitter. Twitter marketing success is not about talking about your product all the time. Most of the time people do not follow you to get information about your product. Talking about products or services might work for brands like Apple or Starbucks. Most of us “normal” people need to forget about our product and what we want to sell for about 99% of our tweets. If you want people to follow you then you need to tweet information your target group wants to get: Share valuable content – your own and curated content, answer questions and be helpful. If you provide enough value on your Twitter account, people will start to listen to you. And an attentive audience is what you are looking for if you are looking for Twitter marketing success.

3. Get visible

Are you still waiting for other Twitter users to notice you? Do not wait any longer, start taking action!
When you are starting out, you can provide all the value you want on your Twitter account: If no one knows your account exists no one will follow you. You have it in your hands to make your account visible. Simply sitting back and waiting for other people to find and notice you is not the way to go.

There are several ways to make your account visible on Twitter and outside of Twitter. On Twitter you can follow people from your target group, you can join conversations, you can like tweets around topics from your niche, you can add people from your target group to lists, etc. When you start to connect actively with other people and join conversations, you will soon notice how much effort and time this takes. To make this work you should look for the aid of tools.

Outside of Twitter, you can add your Twitter account to your blog or website and provide a follow button. You can comment on blogs, some of these allow adding your Twitter handle. When you engage in guest posting, add your Twitter handle to your author bio. If you already have a larger presence in another social network, you can include your Twitter account in the bio on that network.

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4. Connect

You have probably heard before that conversation is the real art of social media marketing. On Twitter, you can quickly join in conversations about many topics from your niche. A simple search can be a starting point – monitoring different keywords or keyphrases can quickly provide you with multiple chances for connecting via conversations.

Twitter is the one social network where you can talk to anybody even celebrities and influencers. Do not be offended if someone does not answer – it might simply be that he/her missed your tweet. But overall there is no better network to get into a conversation even with people who otherwise seem fairly unreachable.
This first contact may be loose but it is your chance of starting the conversation and to get on the radar of people who could be significant for your business success. Whether you want to connect to influencers or find guest posting opportunities, Twitter may well be the door opener you need for your Twitter marketing success.

5. Targeting

Targeting is the key to unlocking Twitter marketing success. You can spend years on Twitter without any measurable impact on your business if your targeting is off. Targeting is one of the most underrated disciplines in Social media marketing – and one of the most important.

On Twitter targeting starts with tweeting the right content that is of value to people from your target audience. You need to follow the right people – from your niche. And you need to include all other relevant information you have on your target group like locality, language, and preferred content form into your targeting. And check your targeting results in Twitter analytics – if your targeting is not perfect yet: optimize.

Nobody has started a Twitter pro! Even if the processes to get on track to Twitter marketing success are pretty straightforward, there are always tweaks and twists to get even better results. For instance, if your targeting is spot on, but you still get no engagement on Twitter: What account sizes did you target? Large Twitter accounts are usually very unresponsive, for the simple reason that there is so much going on in their feed. Try targeting accounts with fewer followers (100 – 2000) and the engagement and response rate should instantly get higher.

There is a lot more to Twitter success than just building a following. There are many additional functions like Direct Messages (no they are not always spam), Twitter polls and how to use them for your marketing success. Once you have figured out the basics of Twitter marketing success, you can head for optimization with images, hashtags or better Tweet texts. And once your account starts to grow, you will be more than happy to use one or more tools to help you stay on top of all your Twitter conversations and activities. 

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